• May 9, 2017

Flooring 101: The Best Types of Carpet for Pets

Families love pets and treat them as furry, feathery, scaly or even slithery friends. Domestic pals like cats, dogs, ferrets and guinea pigs are commonly found living in people’s homes.

Picking the right carpet for your pets

Finding the Best Carpet for Pets

When homeowners wish to enjoy having carpeting and a family pet, they may want to explore the best kind of carpet for pets. Pet-friendly carpet is odor and stain-resistant, yet still durable. Low-quality carpeting can result in a lot of headaches and even early replacement, which is why it’s important to find the best carpet for your pets.

When finding the best carpet for pets, consider these five common occurrences:

1. Pet accidents stain and soil your carpet
2. Pet urine and dander create odors
3. Pets bring dirt indoors with them
4. Pets may get a hold of food and get it on the carpet
5. Pets may spill their water bowls

Carpet to Go understands that you want the best of both worlds – a resilient carpet and your family pet. We offer some of the best rugs for dogs and other household pets. Our products include stain-resistant carpeting with a protectant spray to help keep spills or other accidents from soiling the carpet. We also have carpeting that repels moisture and dirt.

An additional pet-friendly carpet pad can help you with pet urine problems. Our carpeting, padding, and applications are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and your family.


Best Stain-Resistant Carpet

Our stain-resistant carpeting is designed specifically for households with furry friends. In addition to urine and other accidents, family pets walk and run around on carpeting, causing wear on your carpet faster than normal.


Why Is Carpet A Safe Choice for Homes With Pets?

Carpet flooring is comfortable for cats, dogs, and other pets as well as for the homeowner. Pets frequently spend their days napping, sitting or walking on the floor. A flooring option like carpeting is warm and relaxing, and a safe option for pets because it prevents damage to their paws (unlike hardwood or concrete). Carpet also provides the benefit of noise reduction carpeting provides so you are not hearing the constant pitter-patter of paws.


Best Carpeting to Limit Pet Dander and Allergies

Some families may have concerns that carpet can contribute to allergies and asthma attacks. In reality, carpet traps allergens and is an ideal option for allergy and asthma suffers. Nevertheless, regardless of your carpeting type you should clean your carpet routinely with a HEPA-filter vacuum.

After you have your newly installed, pet-friendly carpet, it is vital that you care for it. Vacuum and clean your carpeting regularly. Keep it dry to prevent mold growth.


Best Type of Material for Pet Carpeting

Most carpeting is made using natural fibers like wool, or synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and olefin. Wool, which is a flame-retardant, is the softest option but is much more expensive. Synthetic fibers are also more stain-resistant than wool. Nylon carpeting is more affordable than wool and lasts longer, which is why nylon carpeting is the most popular choice for households with families and pets. Olefin and polyester are the cheapest choice, but these materials do not last as long as nylon.


Are VOC’s A Concern For Carpeting For Pets?

Organic compounds contain carbons and exist in every living thing. VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, are compounds that can quickly become vapors or gas. VOC’s are frequently found in many household items including personal care products, cleaners, air fresheners, furniture, and carpeting.
VOC’s can enter your system through breathing, touching or swallowing items containing them. Whether or not they affect you depends on the type of chemical and the amount and length of time you are exposed to it. VOCs may make you dizzy, drowsy, nauseous or give you a headache. While exposure can only cause harm in large quantities, manufacturers are producing carpets with lower and lower VOC levels, making them safe for your family and pets.


Color and Style

If you want to hide the prominence of pet hair when you install carpeting, ask your carpet professional to provide you with samples to help you decide. Samples give you a variety of colors and styles to consider what carpet will work best in your pet-friendly home.


How Do I Find Pet-Friendly Carpet?

Carpets to Go offers a full array of pet-friendly carpet options, and we’re always ready to help you choose the type of carpeting that will work best for you. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.


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