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Did you know that you can spend less than $50 and only an hour of time to repair your carpet all by yourself? I didn’t, but TV host and do-it-yourself homemaker Amy Matthews says you can in this quick article! She walks through 9 simple steps that make your carpet look great once again.


Reading her article, I was surprised at how little you need to do this project from start to finish. Using only 4 simple materials and 4 household tools, you can fix your own carpets. How so? The procedure in nutshell involves putting an upside-down can or jar over the damaged spot, cutting around the jar to remove the bad carpet, and replacing it with a new piece of carpeting – all using simple tools and a fraction of your morning or afternoon.


Three tips to make this job even easier

  1. Save your carpet snippets! When you have carpet installed, be sure to save extra pieces that are left from installation. This will allow you to have the exact carpeting you need for your repair on hand while saving you the time and stress of having buy more carpeting just for your repair.
  2. Use sharp, heavy-duty scissors. Good scissors not only save time when you cut out your piece of replacement carpet, it also gives you a much better cut. Save time and make it look perfect by using sharp shears.
  3. Allow some give. When cutting out your piece of carpet that will replace the bad piece, allow a little of extra room around the edges of your piece. You can always take off more, but you can’t put on what’s already been taken off!


Follow her steps and these tips for great results! I know I was impressed by the simplicity of this process and I hope you will be too.





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The task of choosing new flooring for your home can quickly feel like complicated and overwhelming. Luckily, there are a 3 tricks that Seattle and Bellevue families can use when choosing new flooring to quickly eliminate options and make the best choice for their home.



Each room in your home serves a different purpose. Family rooms are great places to sit back and relax, while kitchens tend to be busy locations with lots of spills! By identifying how a room is used, you can better decide what kind of flooring would meet the needs of that environment.
It is also wise to consider the kind of traffic your home is likely to experience. Busy parents in Seattle and Bellevue with messy kids and several pets might consider hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring, since both types are conducive to fast and easy cleaning. An avid cook might look at durable, moisture resistant flooring options. If they’ll be standing long hours, something other than tile should be considered, as tile can be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time.
By determining the purpose of most of the rooms in your home, you can better decide the kind of flooring that would match and enhance that environment.


Different floorings will affect your room’s furnishings and environment in different ways. What you want to avoid is choosing a color or style of flooring that conflicts with the current style of your décor. Ideally, you can create a new home environment by matching your favorite personal flooring tastes with your current furnishings to create a powerful new look.
There are a number of carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, and tile styles available for Seattle and Bellevue customers to choose from. There are textured, saxony, and looped styles for carpets, numerous options of prefinished and unfinished hardwoods, various sizes, colors, and patterns for vinyl flooring, and much, much more.


While there are some floorings that have the potential to add great value and beauty to your home, many of them can be incredibly expensive. Luckily, there are a number of flooring options today that replicate the natural beauty and luxury of organic flooring materials without having to break your budget.

1. Carpet vs. Area Rugs

While a full carpeting project may be unrealistic, area rugs can match the comfort of carpet and enhance the room’s decor. Placing area rugs over hardwood can help to absorb sound and add style to the room. Just like carpet, area rugs are known for giving rooms a warm and relaxed vibe. The cost of area rugs varies, depending on the size, design, style, and make of the rug you’re looking for.

2. Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors were engineered to replicate the look and feel of hardwood while avoiding some of hardwood’s drawbacks and at a fraction of the price. Maintenance is far less demanding, as laminate is stain and fade resistant as well as extremely durable. There is an impressive array of color and style options available with laminate flooring, making it easy to get the perfect look to match your home.

3. Tile vs. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a simple way to get the durability and look of hardwood or tile without the cost of painstaking installment and high-priced materials. Engineers have developed vinyl flooring in both in long, large sheets and in tile form with innumerable variety in colors, styles, and textures.
At Carpet To Go, we have a wide selection of carpet, hardwood, tile vinyl, and laminate flooring at great, affordable prices. We can also help you find reliable flooring that matches the environment and style of your home so that you can be sure you are satisfied with the final product. To see our selection, feel free to stop in at our Seattle or Bellevue locations, or contact us by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.