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Ensuring Easy Carpet Cleaning

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Good carpeting can do a lot to create an overall feel for a room and make a home feel like home. Even Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” knew the importance of this, chasing after his stolen rug that “really tied the room together.”

But sometimes carpeting that looks fantastic isn’t the best in terms of maintenance. While Seattle carpet cleaning is a service that is available for a reasonable cost, it’s quite nice to be able to keep things looking clean and polished on your own.

When you’re visiting a Seattle carpet store and sizing up all of the different carpets you could augment your home with, take a moment to consider what carpet cleaning will look like in the future. Big, fluffy carpets and white carpeting can be troublesome when it comes to cleaning out particles or wiping out stains, respectively.

Let our Seattle carpet installation company be your expert resource in ensuring easy carpet cleaning. Here’s what you should look for if you desire a good balance of easy-maintenance and gorgeous carpeting.

Type of Material

There is a vast selection of carpet in every type of material, and there’s sure to be one that you find as a good design fit for your home.

The specialists at our Bellevue carpet store can tell you that the material a carpet is made of has the biggest influence in how well it maintains. With everything from animal hair, plant material, to fully-synthetic fibers, each comes with its own territory.

As we focus on choosing easily-maintained carpet for your carpet installation company to install, synthetic fibers are going to be your best route. Easy to clean and more stain-resistant than your regular plant fibers, synthetic carpet fibers are a great addition to a home that needs design flair as well as durability. Carpet cleaning with synthetic fibers is easily performed on a professional level as well as a DIY level.

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Coloration and Height

Two more variables to consider in your ease of carpet cleaning are the color of the carpet and how tall it is.

If it’s resistance to staining and crushing that you’re looking for, you’ll find a medium-dark carpet to be a good fit. Medium-dark carpeting hides any damage from foot traffic, fading, or stains far greater than a white carpet can do. We know—it’s so tempting to call up the Bellevue carpet store and order some white carpet for your place, but you must be prepared for the maintenance responsibility that comes with it.

While we could go on and on about the advantages and disadvantages of different carpet heights, level loop carpet offers the easiest carpet cleaning and maintenance of them all. Level loop offers less area for debris and dirt to get stuck in, and it is far less likely to snag.

There are loads of variables to consider when picking your coloration and height for your home’s new carpet, so it’s always best to chat with a professional at our Bellevue carpet installation company before making your final choice.

Carpet Density

Lastly, we have carpet density as a consideration in choosing easy-to-maintain carpeting. The more fibers per square inch, the more durable the carpet.

For carpet cleaning, high-density fabrics can be a challenge. Generally, abiding by the rule that the carpet should be dense enough that you can’t see the mat below it, even when you get up close to it, is a good bet. Be sure to choose a carpet that is just dense enough so that maintenance won’t be an issue.

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of carpet density, visit our carpet showroom at our Seattle carpet store or Bellevue carpet store. Touch is the best teacher; feel which carpet you like best!

There is a carpet out there to fit every need. Our Bellevue carpet installation company is dedicated to providing the best selection of carpet, paired with sound advice and unrivaled customer service. We’d love to be part of your next carpet cleaning or installation project. Click here to get a free estimate!