• July 20, 2017

4 Simple Ways to Preserve and Clean Hardwood Floors

Keeping your hardwood floors clean makes your house look wonderfully spotless and beautiful. But, finding the time and products to make your hardwood floors clean can be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, when you’ve got the right cleaning routine and know what products to use, carving out a little time in your schedule for cleaning your hardwood floors should be enough to keep them shining for your enjoyment and when company comes to visit. When your floors require a little TLC and restoration, use the following tips to restore their shine.

how to clean hardwood

Daily Cleaning Routine

If you tackle messes daily and perform some simple maintenance on your floors throughout the day, you’ll notice a big difference in the quality of your hardwood floors. From staying dust free to showing off its shine, your hardwood floors can absolutely benefit from simple day-to-day attention.

1. Remove Messes Immediately

One of the best and most obvious ways to improve the quality of your hardwood floors is to clean messes from them right away. Even though hardwood seems much more stain-proof than, say, carpet, it’s actually not.

Leaving messes to linger on your hardwood floors allows them the chance to eat away at the top layer of protective coating and get down into the wood itself. This damage is irreversible, meaning that a neglected small spill could permanently alter the quality of your entire floor.

If you want to maintain a clean wood floor, treat messes as they happen. Whether it’s Fido tracking in mud from the back door or a spilled lemonade, take five minutes to sop up the mess and treat it with wood-friendly cleaning agents, like a neutral oil soap, to preserve your clean hardwood floor.

2. Sweep Up Debris

Another simple trick for daily hardwood floor maintenance is to give your hardwood floors a good sweep at least once a day. Sweeping your floor picks up dust and other debris bits that build up over time.

As you and your family live and play in your home, the likelihood that stray dirt and grime will get worn into your hardwoods is fairly high. But, when you take time to sweep the debris away, you
don’t give these bits time to make much of a negative impact.


Long Term Protection

Of course, cleaning your hardwood floors daily is fine for preserving them in the present, but are there things that you can do to ensure long term protection for your precious hardwoods?

Yes! Protecting your hardwood floors for the long term is surprisingly simple, and involves taking control over what goes onto your floors, as well as keeping environmental factors in check to minimize wear.

3. Felt Your Furniture Feet

Putting hardwood floors in a room is fairly meaningless if you don’t add furniture and items for living in and enjoying that room. But be mindful of the furniture that you put in, and make sure that the bottoms of the pieces you put into the room are not going to dig into the floor or are placed on safe barrier surfaces before they go down.

One simple solution for keeping floors clean from scuffs and snags is to cover furniture feet with felted pads. These pads are designed to adhere to the bottoms of chair legs, table legs and other standard bottoms to keep them from scratching up your floors as they move. They’re inexpensive and can be found at any home improvement stores.

4. Monitor Humidity Levels

Humidity is no friend to hardwood floors. One of the best ways to preserve your hardwood floors is to ensure they don’t get warped and ruined over time by excess humidity in your home.

If you live in a humid environment, chances are your home will experience periods of high humidity throughout the year. Combat this environmental enemy of wood by installing a dehumidifier in your rooms with hardwood to level out the airborne moisture.


Products to Avoid

When cleaning your hardwood floors, there are products that you should avoid. In fact, many cleaners labeled as hardwood floor polishes or shine boosters actually work to dull your floors over time rather than shine them, because they place a chemical layer over top of your wood that simply mimics the look of shiny new hardwoods.


Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Over time, your hardwood floors may show signs of wear that simply won’t go away no matter how much you try to eliminate them. With years of traffic and action, hardwood floors eventually lose their protective topcoat.

Thankfully, getting them refinished is a fairly straightforward home improvement process that’ll leave them looking as good as new. For more information on refinishing your hardwood floors, contact us to learn more about our hardwood floor services.

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