How to Clean an Area Rug and Keep It in Great Condition

  • February 26, 2019

Area rugs are fantastic additions to any home. They’re comfortable to walk on, look amazing, and keep hardwood or tile floors clean and spotless.

If you are someone who has recently added an area rug to your home, you might be looking into rug maintenance and trying to find the best solution for keeping your area rug fresh and beautiful.
In this article, we are going to share tips for cleaning and maintaining your area rug so that you can keep your home looking its very best.

When Should You Use an Area Rug?

When should you be using an area rug? If you have a space or room in your home that doesn’t have obvious parameters, it can be helpful to purchase an area rug for that section of your home.

how to clean an area rug

Area rugs are often used to section rooms and can help you avoid a situation where your living room seems to run into your kitchen, or your kitchen into your dining room. This will improve the overall aesthetic of your home because you will be able to clearly define, purpose, and decorate each individual space and room.

In short, area rugs should be used for added aesthetics, to divide the rooms in your home, to pad the floor for people with bad joints, and to keep your feet warm.

How to Clean an Area Rug

Having area rugs throughout your home is awesome for many reasons, but when it comes to cleaning, oftentimes homeowners find themselves stumped as to how they should clean and maintain their area rug.

Methods of cleaning will vary greatly depending on what type of area rug you have in your home. For example, cleaning an antique rug will require different products and methods than cleaning a jute or bamboo rug would.

To keep your area rug looking fresh, and for the sake of its longevity, it’s important to know what kind of rug you have and tailor your cleaning methods to suit its material.

Check the Care Instructions

Oftentimes area rugs will have a small tag on the underside with instructions for how to best clean it. As a first step, you’ll want to review these instructions if they are available. If your area rug doesn’t have a cleaning instructions tag, you can also look up cleaning instructions online to find the best way to clean your particular area rug fabric.

Set Up a Workstation

Cleaning your area rug can be quite the undertaking. It is a good idea to set up a workstation for the cleaning process. We recommend using the garage or your driveway to avoid making any messes indoors.

Collect the Tools You’ll Need

  • A couple of items you might need to clean your area rug are:
  • A vacuum
  • A brush or microfiber cloth (depending on the material of your area rug)
  • Baking soda
  • Water

First, sprinkle your area rug with baking soda and vacuum it thoroughly. Using baking soda will help deodorize your area rug and vacuuming will ensure that all dirt particles are picked up prior to washing.

After you’ve vacuumed your area rug, use an appropriate cleaner for your rug’s material and gently scrub your rug with a soft-bristle brush or microfiber cloth.

Find the Right Rug Shampoo

Search online to find the best rug shampoo for your particular area rug. Take into account the material, design, and colors of your area rug to avoid bleeding colors or fraying edges.

Wash Your Rug

Once you know the kind of shampoo you need, gently massage it into your rug using a soft brush or rag.

After shampooing your rug, rinse it thoroughly and hang it out to dry. Do not machine dry your rug; many rugs are too large for non-commercial dryers to handle and the heat from your dryer could potentially damage your area rug.

The Last Vacuuming

Once your area rug has fully dried, be sure to vacuum it one last time to help it look fresh and natural.

Going forward, a good tip to keep in mind is to rotate your rug every few months so that you can even out the wear and effects of foot traffic (this will help avoid one side of your area rug wearing out much quicker than the other).

Consider A Replacement

If you find that your area rug still looks dirty or aged after you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, it might be time to consider replacing it with a newer rug. Or, if you really like your rug and would like to save it if possible, consider hiring a professional rug company or carpet cleaner to come clean or restore it for you.

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