Getting your home to reflect your holiday spirit can be an intimidating task! Since we’re midway through December, you’re probably starting to think about the best ways that you can get your house ready for the upcoming holiday dinners, parties, and all the other fun festivities that come with the season. Home Improvement Ideas

Improving Your Home for the Holidays

If you’re hoping to make some effective home improvements for this holiday season, then we have some great ideas for you! Today we’re going to go over 8 home improvement ideas and tips that will help get you and your home in the Christmas spirit.

1. Start The Holiday Season With A Clutter-free Home

Take some time to declutter your home. Things have a tendency to accumulate over the year, so take December as an opportunity to eliminate some extra items. Starting off the new year with a tidy, organized home is the best way to do it, so declutter relentlessly.

2. Make Your First Impression A Good One

Another great holiday home improvement is to thoroughly deep clean and organize your home’s entryway. The entryway is where your guests make their first impression of your home, so don’t overlook it in the cleaning process. Make sure to declutter, reorganize, deep clean, and spruce up your entryway to give it a clean and festive feel for the holiday season.

3. Light Up Your Home

You don’t want to head into the holiday season and new year with a dim house and dead lightbulbs do you? Be sure to bring the festive spirit from outside into your home with a brightly lit, welcoming atmosphere. Go around your home and replace all the dead and dying lightbulbs. This is a quick and easy home improvement you should definitely be making before your first Christmas party begins.

4. Touch Up Your Home’s Exterior

Give your home that holiday curb appeal. Add lights to the exterior of your home, groom your lawn, clean up your porch, and touch up any chips on your house’s paint job. These are simple home improvements that go a long way in increasing your home’s overall aesthetic.

5. Make Sure Your Decor/Furniture Is Cohesive

Maybe you just grabbed the box of Christmas decor from last year (or several years ago) and hastily stashed the contents around your house – only to realize you have a lot of mismatched pieces that are no longer your style. If this has happened to you, start this holiday season off by purging the old decor or furniture that you no longer use, like, or isn’t your style. One of the simplest holiday home improvements out there is simply going through your home and making sure that all of your holiday decor and furniture is cohesive and up to date with your tastes.

6. Add New Holiday Accents

Consider replacing old or out of style accents such as furniture pieces, rugs, or pillows with new and timeless holiday pieces. Again, holiday home improvements don’t have to be fancy or overly expensive to beautify your home and add cheer. You don’t have to completely makeover or remodel your entire home for the holidays. It’s often the simple and inexpensive fixes that can make such a huge difference when it comes to holiday improvements.

7. Liven Up Your Home

Add festive greenery or poinsettias as a way to bring in living accents. Plants and greenery have a way of brightening and freshening up spaces while also giving off a subtle holiday scent throughout your home. While in the process of freshening up your home, be sure to purchase a couple of holiday scented candles as they can make your home feel extremely cozy and are among the most affordable holiday home improvements out there.

8. Start The New Year Off With Fresh Floors

This may fall more under the category of holiday home remodels instead of improvements, but if your home has overly damaged carpet or hardwood floors, it might be time to think about getting them replaced. Starting off the New Year with clean, new floors is wonderfully refreshing – and it can make a good Christmas gift for your husband or wife as well. Getting your floors redone isn’t a lengthy process and will definitely help give your home a clean start for the new year.  

Next Steps

This completes our 8 holiday home improvements to try this Christmas season. If you are interested in getting your floors upgraded for this holiday season, be sure to contact Carpet To Go. Our flooring experts are standing by to help you bring the Christmas spirit to your home!

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