One of the most impactful changes you can make to your home’s decor is to have new flooring installed. But what type of flooring should you choose? The many choices of flooring on the market these days can make this seem a daunting task, but, with some diligent research and time taken to inspect the various flooring choices, the task becomes manageable. One of the best choices for many homes is laminate flooring. It’s durability, paired with the flexibility of design it possesses, makes laminate flooring an excellent choice for many homeowners. guide to laminate flooring  

What Is Laminate Flooring?

If you’re after the look of real hardwood but want a quality product that costs a lot less, laminate flooring is your best bet. Laminate wood flooring is comprised of four layers: • Backing layer: This serves as a moisture barrier and helps to prevent any warping. • Inner layer: Generally, a high-density fiberboard that serves to absorb sound and resist moisture, as well as provide stability and durability to the flooring. • Design layer: The highly detailed look of real wood comes from the high resolution, photographic image found in this layer. • Wear layer: On top you’ll find a clear layer that gives laminate it’s resistance to stains and fading. Laminate offers you a genuine wood look at a reasonable price and is easy to install, requiring no nails or use of adhesives and utilizing a lock-and-fold method that is becoming increasingly popular with DIY’ers.  

Choosing a Laminate Floor That’s Right for You

While your choice of laminate is going to ensure you an easy to care for and durable flooring, there are many styles available to accommodate your individual lifestyle choices. While laminate that looks like real hardwood is certainly a popular choice, there are also laminate floors that look like ceramic tile and stone. Because of the affordability of laminate, many people choose a different look for different rooms; for instance, tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and wood or stone throughout the rest of the house.  

The Many Benefits of Laminate Flooring

While the cost factor of laminate, as opposed to other types of flooring, is certainly a crucial factor in your decision as to what type of flooring to install, laminate flooring has some standout benefits that are also worthy of your consideration: • It looks great! The advanced photographic imagery available in the design layer of laminate flooring is a sight to behold. If you want a real wood look that’s what you’re going to get – everything from the color, texture, and grain of genuinely polished hardwoods to the look of boards that might have come from a rustic barn. • It’s Extremely Durable: The construction and fusing of the four layers found in laminate flooring produce a product that will last for years upon years, providing an easy to care for surface that resists spills and stains, and is waterproof and highly resistant to fading. • It’s thick. By choosing a board thickness of between 8-12 millimeters your floor is going to feel and sound like a real wood floor when you walk on it. • It’s Easy to Install. Designed to float above the sub-flooring, the interlocking installation feature makes this type of flooring a dream come true for those who prefer to do it themselves. No messing with glue or nails, just lock and fold the laminate strips together. • It’s Guaranteed. Laminate flooring generally carries generous warranties against stains and fading as well as premature wear.  

A Choice You Won’t Regret

If you’re busy with your job, in addition to taking care of your home, you probably don’t have a lot of time or energy to spend hour upon hour at local flooring outlets checking out all the available flooring options. That’s why here in the Bellevue area your best bet is to schedule a little time to check out the extensive flooring options found at Carpet To Go. While you’re there, you’ll be treated courteously and will benefit from the expertise of the friendly and professional staff. If after reading this guide you have determined to go with laminate for your new floors, the staff at Carpet To Go will show you all of the many varieties and help you select one that fits your budget. If you like, they’ll even install it for you in a professional and timely manner. Laminate’s a great choice for your new flooring. Contact Carpet To Go today and discover just how easy it is to have brand new floors in your home!  

Improve Your Home’s Look

Laminate’s a great choice for your new flooring. Contact Carpet To Go today and discover just how easy it is to have brand new floors in your home!

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