The countless options for affordable carpets make redecorating a breeze in cities like Seattle, WA.

Below, Carpet To Go’s experts list quality alternatives for affordable carpets you might want to try. The team has worked in the flooring business for over 30 years, and they can help you with everything from carpet installation to flooring financing applications.

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What to Consider When Looking for Affordable Carpet Options

Finding high-quality alternative options for affordable carpets proves challenging with so many possibilities. Narrow down your search with these expert tips:

Consider Fibers

More affordable carpets typically consist of high-quality nylon fibers that easily repel moisture, resist stains, and last for many years. Other durable synthetic fibers include polyester, olefin fiber, and jute.

Select a Long-Lasting Style

Reliable carpet retailers offer a wide range of styles that could easily improve your property’s value ahead of a future sale. In fact, the right quality carpets may last over 30 years with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Promising carpet styles in Seattle include the following:

  • Twisted pile
  • Frieze
  • Shag
  • Cable
  • Saxony

Improve the Underpad

Did you know that carpet professionals will sell you innovative underpads to extend the carpeting’s lifespan? They rest between the carpet and the flooring for slip resistance and extra protection.

Affordable Carpet Alternatives

There are a number of affordable carpet alternatives available today. Technological innovations and improved installation methods mean the following affordable alternatives for cheap carpet offer excellent deals:


Laminate flooring remains one of the most durable low-cost flooring options available. These floors require very little maintenance. They resemble any wood or natural stone flooring you desire, with moisture resistance that makes them suitable for a bathroom, kitchen, or any other room your want to redesign.


If time is short, experts can install linoleum floors in less than a day. Linoleum repels moisture, resists stains, and costs much less than new carpeting or hardwood floors. Many hospitals, schools, and municipalities use linoleum floors to protect substrates from chemical spills, scratches, moisture, and harmful bacteria.


This classic flooring solution sports limitless colors, styles, designs, and textures. Natural stone, granite, and ceramic tiles are also recyclable while making concrete surfaces highly resistant to moisture damage.


Another excellent choice would be vinyl tiles and sheet flooring. Many vinyl flooring options have a lifetime warranty. They also require little upkeep.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Take it a step further with luxury vinyl tiles that resemble black cherry wood, mahogany, granite, and more. Get the flooring design you love as flooring experts install vinyl tiles or planks in just one day.

Vinyl Flooring

Other vinyl flooring includes PVC or polyvinyl chloride. Flooring professionals can add pigments, textures, and more for any modern, antique, or minimalist style you desire.

Pros and Cons of Each Alternative

Hardwood Flooring

Oak, cherry, mahogany, and maple hardwood floors drastically increase a property’s value. They also resist stains, make cleaning easy, and last a lifetime.

Understandably, hardwood flooring costs more but might help you avoid frequent floor replacements in the future.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring provides the beauty of hardwood at a fraction of the cost. It consists of plywood sandwiched between layers of premium wood to improve moisture protection and extend the flooring’s lifespan. Engineered wood options cost less than the real deal, but they are still on the high side.

Laminate Flooring

With a professional touch, affordable laminate floors can resemble high-quality hardwood or natural stone flooring. Laminate carpet alternatives remain one of the most affordable options. However, they tend to deteriorate quickly, especially if you expose them to excess moisture and humidity.

Vinyl Flooring

PVC is easy to clean. The material’s improvements over the years also mean it is more comfortable underfoot than it used to be. However, one of its biggest downsides is that you cannot repair it. When it lifts or tears; it will need replacement.


Stone tile flooring uses natural stone, granite, marble, or slate for years of protection for substrates. While less expensive than hardwood flooring, it is still on the upper end of the scale. Prolonged exposure to moisture will also weaken tiles over time.

Linoleum Flooring

Low-cost linoleum flooring mimics breathtaking hardwood, stone, and tile flooring. However, UV rays, abrasions, and moisture decrease its lifespan.

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