Customers who choose to finance their purchases do so by paying in installments over time or with store credit rather than in full upfront. You have two options for providing financing for customers: directly via your company or through a third-party lending partner.

By providing customers with financing choices, businesses may enhance sales, conversions, customer loyalty, and repeat business.


financing for customers

What is Customer Financing?

This is known as “consumer financing” or “customer financing” when a company or store offers financing for customers using either their own money or the funds of a loan company or bank. This makes it possible for the customer to purchase something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or wouldn’t want to in cash. It’s common to use the expression to describe debt owed for routine goods and services.

The corporation often receives payment in full at the time of purchase, but the customer may be obliged to pay interest on their monthly payments through a third-party source.

The mechanism can be similar to a credit card for both the business and the client because the firm normally receives the money up front and the customer makes payments to a third party. A store credit card is occasionally available for customer financing.

How to Offer Financing to Customers

Customers can receive consumer financing in two ways:

Internal consumer finance for monthly payments that you plan and manage yourself. You must find a solution to the problem of how to decide whether a consumer is creditworthy. Make certain the people to whom you are lending money can repay you.

A third-party consumer financing arrangement in which a provider oversees the process of authorizing a customer for credit and managing monthly repayments.

The task of constructing and upholding the program is given to an outside source through third-party consumer financing. You allow your customers to pay with financing rather than performing a credit check, providing financing options, and keeping track of monthly payments.

Consumer Financing Options For Small Businesses

There are several financing options available for small businesses namely:

In-House Loans

In-house financing is a term used to describe direct financing provided to customers by merchants or other enterprises. It enables clients to pay the supplier directly for goods and services. With in-house financing, the business can provide the client with the funds they require to complete a transaction without having to rely on third-party lenders from the financial sector.

Third-Party Consumer Financing

A payment plan or loan agreement between a consumer and a designated lending partner is third-party financing. The loan partner that the retailer chooses to work with offers the consumer financial services via the retailer’s website, mobile app, or physical storefront.


In essence, layaway is an installment payment plan where you pay for goods over several weeks or months. You make layaway payments before you receive your purchase rather than after you receive the goods, as is sometimes the case with credit cards and buy now, pay later arrangements.

5 Benefits of Financing for Businesses

Businesses benefit from offering simple financing solutions to their customers: financing helps companies land bigger contracts, close more sales, and increase their average transaction size.

Boost sales

By allowing clients the freedom to make regular loan payments that fit their budgetary limits, financing can help your firm close more sales. You may remove the main obstacle to closing a sale—the high purchase price—by bringing up financing possibilities at the outset of your sales talks.

Increase Average Order Value

Your financing program can be a powerful tool for upselling consumers, which will help you increase the average order value for your company. Simply demonstrate to customers how a small increase in their monthly loan payments can enable them to get the upgrades they desire to help you increase transaction sizes.

Improve Cash Flow

Utilizing a third-party lender will help you increase the cash flow of your company.  You will get the entire purchase price in your bank account a few business days after the customer’s financing is approved. That not only keeps your company’s cash flow healthy, but it also makes sure your business doesn’t take on any financing-related risk.

Attract New Customers

By making their goods and services more accessible to customers through financing options, businesses increase the size of their prospective customer base. Financing reduces expensive items into affordable installments that more individuals can make, expanding the market of prospective clients for your company.

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