If you’re planning to upgrade your home’s bathroom this year, you’ll likely find that choosing fixtures and finishes is the most challenging aspect of the project. While durable flooring is critical in any room in your home, bathroom flooring, in particular, needs to be impervious to water to prevent widespread water damage. As Seattle’s leading flooring source, Carpet to Go understands these challenges and offers a wide array of durable bathroom tile flooring options to match your style and design vision. The following guide to the best bathroom flooring ideas will help you find the perfect flooring for your remodeling project. 

What is Bathroom Flooring?

When we refer to bathroom tile, we’re talking about durable, waterproof flooring materials. Water cannot penetrate the tile’s surface, damage the subfloor, or contribute to mold and mildew. In contrast, water-resistant flooring does not block water, can eventually swell, warp, and peel, and does not protect the subfloor.

Best Tile Flooring Options for Your Bathroom

When shopping for bathroom flooring, you have many styles, from classic to rustic to modern. Here are some of the most common tile options.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

The most affordable and popular tile options, ceramic and porcelain tiles, are available in virtually any color, size, and shape. They have a hard, smooth surface that is completely waterproof, are easy to clean and work well with radiant heating systems. They can be slippery when wet, though, so they aren’t ideal for use in showers.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone options include granite, marble, and limestone. Exceptionally durable and waterproof, natural stone is beautiful and luxurious, but it’s also one of the most expensive tile options. Natural stone also requires more maintenance, including regular sealing.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof vinyl is one of the most affordable bathroom flooring options. The waterproof material can resemble stone, wood, and ceramic tile, and it resists scratching and wear and tear. Waterproof vinyl has a core made from a wood or stone polymer topped with a wear layer, blocking water from the subflooring. 

Stained Concrete

Concrete is inexpensive, and the variety of color and finish options allow you to customize the floor to your needs. However, concrete needs finishing and sealing to be fully waterproof and can be slippery when wet. 

6 Tips for Picking Your Ideal Bathroom Tile

Once you’ve chosen a type of tile, you now have to choose from the extensive array of options within each category. Use these tips to determine what style of bathroom tile suits you. 

1. Set Your Budget

Establishing a budget is the first step in any remodeling project. Set a spending limit for flooring, automatically eliminating tiles that aren’t in your price range. 

2. Choose Your Colors

Before you shop for tile, have an idea of what you want the finished bathroom to look like. Even if you don’t know the exact tiles you want to use, a general color scheme can help narrow down the choices and find styles that align with your vision. 

3. Recognize the Effects of Size

Tile size can significantly affect the overall feeling of the space. If you have a small bathroom, using larger tiles can help it feel larger and less cluttered because there aren’t as many grout lines. Another option is to use small tiles as accents, creating visual interest.

4. Limit the Types of Tiles

Using too many types of tile in one room can make it feel cluttered and busy. Stick to no more than three types of tile; for example, use one or two on the floor and a coordinating tile on the shower wall. 

5. Pick Your Accents

If you have an accent or statement piece, like a unique vanity, keep that in mind while shopping for tile. You can also use tile as an accent; for example, a tile accent wall or a “rug” made from coordinating tiles.

6. Keep Up With Maintenance and Cleaning

Whatever you choose for bathroom flooring, understand the maintenance requirements. Some options, like natural stone, require more maintenance. Be sure you can keep up with the care to keep the flooring in good condition. 

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