What are the top flooring trends in 2023? Homeowners now have countless ways to increase curb appeal, raise property value, and beautify living spaces. In fact, there are almost limitless options for affordable flooring in Seattle and its surrounding areas.

However, when it comes to trends, flooring ideas aren’t limited unless you make them so. This year’s trend designs for flooring should only be the beginning. If you want more creative guidance, why not work with a professional flooring retailer?

Below, the flooring experts from Carpet To Go discuss the latest flooring trends to help inspire you.

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Best Flooring Trends to Consider In 2023

Are you planning, designing, and brainstorming ways to incorporate the latest trends in flooring? Dream big! Here are the top 2023 flooring trends to try:

Bright Colors and Eye-Catching Patterns

Bright-colored flooring illuminates a space. White bruce, granite, and marble flooring will also reflect natural light to make your rooms appear larger. Pair this with eye-catching patterns like parquet, Versailles, chevron, and drab floors to transform your space into stunning and unique work of art.

Tiles in Large Format

The popularity of tile floors continues, but it is getting bigger this year. Consider installing large format tiles for an elegant, modern look sure to impress visitors or potential homebuyers. Large format tiles require less maintenance, as they drastically improve the durability of a basement, kitchen, or living room floor. And, to keep costs lower and improve durability, why not opt for luxury vinyl tile flooring?

Flooring With a Checkerboard Pattern

What do Ancient Egyptians, 50s diners, and Romans have in common? Checkerboard flooring. Offset color tiles draw attention to your floor and remain a popular flooring choice in 2023.

Wool Carpeting

Where nylon requires frequent cleaning and maintenance, wool carpeting resists allergens, repels moisture, endures humidity, and is 100% recyclable. If you want soft, luxurious carpets for warmer winters, pay attention to this trend.

Flooring Color Trends for 2023: What’s Hot and What’s Out?

Improved installation methods and technology mean premium flooring remains more affordable than ever before. Now, you can choose from a wide array of flooring color trends to find the visual balance you need in 2023. Whether you want distressed, antique-style floors or open-concept modern designs, the Carpet To Go professionals can help.

Why not consider the following color flooring trends gaining popularity?

Color Trends for Hardwood Floors

Natural hardwood floors range from pitch-black obsidian to brilliantly white walnuts. However, this year many designers are urging homeowners toward a light-gray color scheme for their hardwood floors. The trend creates a modern yet comfortable home aesthetic for a change of pace.

Color Trends in Tiles

Most tile floors reflect natural light to increase the luster within your home. This year, the experts are pairing premium porcelain tiles with a creme, alabaster, powder, or ivory white. It improves visibility in kitchens and easily transforms darker bathrooms into an oasis that glows.

Color Trends for Carpets

When it comes to carpet color flooring trends in 2023,  there are a few considerations:

  • Popular colors include Berber flecks, soft grays, dark browns, and beige.
  • Stain-friendly carpets need darker, more muted color schemes.
  • Light colors to watch include Highlands, Illumination, and Cobblestone.

2023’s Flooring Trends: Key Design Option

If you want color, warmth, and design excellence, you can’t go wrong with carpets. They are versatile, soft underfoot, and still popular. That said, here are some key flooring design options that are trending in 2023:

Tangible Textures

Carpet designs you can feel remain a top choice. They might just provide the perfect touch with sisal, shag, seagrass, or tufted wool.

Bold Color Options

Sky blues, forest greens, and inviting yellow transform dull living spaces. Use bold carpets to improve the aesthetics while also brightening up the room.

Stylish Stone

Several flooring trends in 2023 embrace modern stone design concepts. Experts install stone aggregates (such as marble, granite, and quartz) beneath durable epoxy coatings for one-of-a-kind stone carpet flooring in garages, basements, driveways, and outdoor patios. These are great alternatives, however, you can achieve the same effect with high-quality vinyl flooring.

Sustainable Stylish Materials

Clay floor tiles are 100% recyclable and increasingly reused to create newer flooring materials. Sustainable flooring saves money, lowers VOCs, and reduces our carbon footprint during a home renovation.

Passionate Patterns

Do your floors embody your zest for life? Be bold and let your carpeting’s curves, checkerboard designs, and gorgeous color pops tell your story this year.

Flawlessly Beautiful Finishes

A beautiful carpet feels and looks incredible for decades–call our flooring experts in Seattle to explore this year’s fantastic carpeting options.

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