The dining scene in Bellevue is booming! With a wide variety of fine dining and casual eats for you to choose from.  If you want to add to your list of places to eat in Bellevue Washington, this article is going to cover five of the best restaurants to be found near you.
restaurants in bellevue wa
Best Restaurants In Bellevue In 2021
Whether you’re looking for the perfect location for an upcoming business meeting or a romantic date, Bellevue restaurants offer some of the best food to be found and aesthetics that only serve to add to the atmosphere. And, in true Carpet To Go fashion, we will, of course, be sharing our experts’ tongue and cheek opinions about these restaurants’ flooring choices So, without keeping your tastebuds (or feet) in any more suspense, let’s get into the five best restaurants in Bellevue, Washington!  

Top Five Best Restaurants In Bellevue, WA Are:

  best restaurants in Bellevue WA  

1. Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar

If you are in the mood for seafood, Seastar Restaurant in Bellevue Washington is the place to be.  Offering a luxurious menu of various kinds of seafood delicacies, prepared in fine dining fashion, Seastar is guaranteed to impress your tastebuds.  If fine dining and seafood is something you regularly crave, make a  

Restaurants Near Bellevue Square

reservation at Seastar for a luxurious dining experience that can’t be rivaled by many other Bellevue restaurants.

Atmospheric review:

Atmospherically, Seastar boasts a formal vibe in both design and furnishings. It is a fine dining establishment so the formal atmosphere is anticipated. Seastar has light, natural wood colored upholstery and a deep, simplistic patterned carpet flooring to avoid distraction from the fine dining experience. Google Maps: Seastar Restaurant Directions    places to eat in bellevue  

2. Resonate Brewery And Pizzeria In Bellevue Washington

If your passions include quality pizza and craft beer than Bellevue has you covered!  Resonate Brewery And Pizzeria provides you with a tasty way to support the Bellevue community. Offering craft beer from local as well as regional brewers, Resonate Brewery will provide your tastebuds with refreshing drinks and tasty food to accompany it. 

Atmospheric review:

Resonate Brewery has a nice, industrial vibe with an open-space interior. Furnishings involve natural wood accented by black metal or steel with a minimal concrete floor to finish off the industrial aesthetic. If you are looking for a nice as well as a lively restaurant in Bellevue Washington, Resonate is just the place for you. Google Maps: Resonate Brewery And Pizzeria Directions   best food in bellevue  

3. Wild Ginger In Bellevue WA

Looking for Asian fine dining in Bellevue? Wild Ginger offers a colorful menu inspired by numerous Asian cultures to tempt your palate.  Bringing together recipes from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China, Wild Ginger offers Bellevue residents with a wonderful place to satisfy their cravings for Asian cuisine.  Try a Wild Ginger Classic to get a feel for their cooking. We hear the Seven Flavor Beef or Fragrant Duck plate make excellent choices. Best of all, Wild Ginger offers both vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Atmospheric review:

With a minimalist aesthetic and moody lighting, Wild Ginger would be an ideal restaurant for formal business meetings or romantic dates alike. With a mix of several different flooring types and the use of area rugs as accents, Wild Ginger offers a cohesive aesthetic that creatively blends Asian and Western interior design. Google Maps: Wild Ginger In Bellevue Directions    best food near me  

4. Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

If you hope to combine ethnic Brazilian cuisine with a fine dining experience, Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse In Bellevue has some of the best food in the city.  Utilizing Brazilian grilling techniques to make every dish superb, Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse has a menu that’ll make you want to return again and again. We recommend that you try the Full Churrasco experience, which allows you access to the Feijoada Bar as well as the Market Table.

Atmospheric review:

Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse offers a luxurious atmosphere with sparkling cutlery and fancy upholstery. Several different flooring styles are fused together to create a complementary aesthetic that adds to the overall fine dining atmosphere.  Google Maps: Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse Directions  
Restaurants in Bellevue
John Howie Steak Bellevue

5. John Howie Steak In Bellevue Washington

If you’re looking for places to eat in Bellevue WA and wish to merge fine dining with a superb steak, make a reservation at John Howie Steak. Done? Get ready to have a culinary experience for the books! John Howie Steak boasts of mouthwatering cuts from three different continents and offers a pristine fine dining experience far superior to other steakhouses in the area. If you are celebrating a special occasion and are looking for a really nice restaurant in Bellevue to help make the day even more delightful, make a reservation at John Howie Steak.

Atmospheric review:

Of course as with any fine dining establishment, the interior and aesthetic of John Howie Steak is formal and warmly lit. With large windows facing out on beautiful Bellevue, each table is delicately set for an intimate dining experience. To add to the feeling of luxury and comfort, the restaurant is finished off with a gorgeous carpet, that welcomes guests into the restaurant. Google Maps: John Howie Steak Directions
Bellevue Restaurants
John Howie Steak
There you have it, the five best restaurants in Bellevue and how we would rate the atmosphere of the restaurant. Next time you’re looking for one of the best places to eat in Bellevue, try one of these five restaurants and you will not be disappointed.  

Other Best Restaurants in Bellevue

  restaurant near bellevue square  

Restaurants Near Bellevue Square

If you need a respite from shopping and are looking for a good restaurant in Bellevue Square, here are four main street Bellevue restaurants for you to choose from.    

Bellevue Pizza Places

Where can I find the best pizza in Bellevue? If you’re a lover of a good pizza pie, Bellevue has you covered.  Two of the best Bellevue pizza places include:    bellevue asian restaurants Bellevue  

Bellevue Asian Restaurants

Whether you’re in search of the best Chinese food in Bellevue or a restaurant serving fusion dishes, here are three mouth watering suggestions for the best Bellevue Asian restaurants:    

Romantic Restaurants In Bellevue

If you’re in search of romantic, fine dining in Bellevue, the best seafood restaurants in Bellevue WA, or the classiest steakhouse, you won’t be disappointed.   Some of the nicest old Bellevue restaurants include:      

Indian Restaurants In Bellevue WA

If you’re in the mood for something spicy and satisfying, consider stopping by one of Bellevue’s Indian restaurants to order a delicious curry. Some of the best places where you can grab an authentic Indian meal include:    breakfast places in bellevue  

Breakfast Places In Bellevue

Are you a lover of breakfast food as most Americans are? Two of the best breakfast places in Bellevue are:   

Bellevue Lunch Spots

Regardless of what type of cuisine you’re in the mood for around midday, Bellevue has you covered, boasting a wide variety of delightful restaurants where you can grab a quick bite before returning to work. Some of the best, casual Bellevue lunch spots include:    best coffee in bellevue  

Best Coffee In Bellevue

Being half an hour away from the Emerald City (a place known for its coffee enthusiasm), Bellevue is saturated in the coffee department.  Boasting specialty roasters and third wave coffee shops, you can enjoy a satisfying cup of brew on the go or during a work break.  Some of the best coffee shops in Bellevue include:   

Bellevue WA Restaurants Downtown Overview

So there you have it, an expansive list of restaurants Downtown Bellevue WA. Regardless of the type of cuisine, price point, or atmosphere you’re in search of, Bellevue WA has more than a couple of options for you to choose from.  Happy eating!   

Looking To Improve Your Home Dining Experience?

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