Changing a home’s interior floor is a normal process that should happen at least once every two decades. Replacing your floor may feel intimidating, especially if you plan to lay the new flooring over an existing one. Placing vinyl flooring over tile is a straightforward process that will help you to achieve a beautiful new floor.  

Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Tile

Before you put vinyl plank flooring over tile, follow these steps:  

Ensure your floor is ready and able to accommodate vinyl plank flooring

Before considering what kind of vinyl flooring will best work for your space, you’ll want to ensure that the existing floor is stable enough to hold a new base. So first, clean the floor to look at your area accurately. Then, measure the floor, so you’ll know how much vinyl plank flooring to purchase.   

Ordering and purchasing

Refer to your measurements before ordering or purchasing your new vinyl plank flooring. As a rule of thumb, always order at least 5% over the measured amount. The additional flooring is necessary for broken pieces, filling in gaps, and any other unplanned situations that might arise.  

Sub-floor preparation

Next, it is time to prepare the sub-floor. If you want to remove the tile, now is the time. If you are not, ensure that there are no broken tiles or grout. Broken tiles will not hold the vinyl flooring up and may cause foundation issues.   

How To Install Vinyl Flooring

You can install vinyl flooring over your tile. Now that the sub-floor is ready and you have the necessary tools, it is time for installation.  

What Are The Equipments Used In Placing Vinyl Flooring Over Your Tiles?

Is it possible to install vinyl flooring over your tiles?  And what are the necessary types of equipment needed? In addition to the tools necessary for preparation, you might consider adding additional items to your toolbox. The following pieces will ensure ultimate preparedness for placing the vinyl flooring:  

What Type of Flooring Can You Put Over Ceramic Tile?

Can you put vinyl flooring over ceramic tile? You can put vinyl flooring over ceramic tile, as well as a few other kinds of flooring such as:  

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is optimal for a vinyl flooring application, especially if no cracks or gaps are present.   

Laminate flooring

Placing vinyl flooring over laminate is possible, so long as the surface is even. Ensure no lingering residues such as glue or any other adhesive.  

Vinyl flooring

Can you put a vinyl plank over the tile? Placing vinyl plank over tile is achievable; however, you’ll want to prepare the first layer properly.   

Solid hardwood flooring

It is not uncommon to lay vinyl flooring over hardwood flooring. Treat the floor with sealant to prepare.  

Engineered wood flooring

Like solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring is a good base for laying vinyl flooring.  

Stone tile

You may lay vinyl flooring over your floor tile, especially when it is a stone tile. Fill all grout lines and seal them completely before placing the new vinyl flooring over the tile.  

Go and Check Them Now!

After reviewing the sub-floor and sealing all cracks and loose tiles, you can install vinyl flooring over the tile. With the right preparation, you can install vinyl flooring over almost any type of flooring. If you’re planning on laying vinyl flooring over your tiles, call the experts at Carpet To Go. We offer thousands of flooring options in Bellevue, WA. Call us today at (425) 549-9761 for a free quote!

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