Spills, stains, and dirt are just a part of everyday life. If you have carpeted floors, you know the pain of watching your spotless new carpet slowly deteriorate into a mottled mess. It can seem tricky to keep carpet like new, but it’s not impossible.

Carpet Care Tips

Always Keep Carpet Care in Mind

The upkeep of your carpet may slip to the bottom of your to-do list some days, but remember: a healthy, well-kept carpet will look better, feel softer underfoot, and last longer! It’s worth a bit of effort to keep those carpets looking new and fresh. If you start a regular maintenance and cleaning routine, you can prevent them from ever getting to a poor state. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  

Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

So what can you do to keep that new, fresh carpet look? Read on for seven tips on carpet maintenance and new carpet care.

Identify and Monitor High-Traffic Areas

Carpets always suffer more wear and tear in areas that have heavier foot traffic. Dirt, mud and the friction and pressure of being walked on all have an impact on the appearance of carpet in these areas. Here’s a good way to keep tabs on how worn your carpet really is: monitor the areas that you know have higher traffic and use them as a benchmark for the rest of your carpet.

Trim Loose Ends and Snags

It may start out as a small snag – maybe a pet’s toenail caught a loop of the carpet, or furniture being dragged across left the area piled and with loose threads. Whatever the cause, loose ends and snags can quickly develop into a bigger problem. Avert these issues by trimming them down immediately to prevent future wear on your carpet.

Entrance Mats

A simple way to protect your carpets that are often under-appreciated is by having entrance mats at all the exits of your home. This, coupled with not wearing outdoor shoes indoors, can alleviate some of the stress on your carpet by lowering the amounts of pollutants that are brought in and tracked across the carpet.

Rotate Furniture

Some rooms are set up in a certain way – and some may only be suited to one format. If possible, rotate your furniture and move it around every six months or so to prevent premature wear and tear caused by the weight of furniture. This can also help redirect foot traffic and give a chance for the carpet to wear more evenly.

Clean Spillage as Soon as it Happens

Never leave spills to sit, even if they seem small. Spills turn to stains, which can ruin the visual appeal and color of your carpet. Some stains are harder to remove than others – and anyone with pets or children has surely seen their fair share of these spills – but most can be removed. Cleaning products aimed at removing stains from carpet are available at most stores. Here is another basic tip: Remove excess spillage by blotting, not rubbing. This absorbs the spill without grinding it into the carpet, which can just worsen stains. You can also use a very diluted soap and water mix to help with cleaning, or even just mist the area with plain water.

Choose the Right Vacuum and Use it on a Regular Basis

Vacuuming is key to maintaining carpet on a day-to-day basis. When you choose your vacuum, keep your carpet type in mind, as using the right vacuum can save you a lot of time and money in the future. For example, if you have flat or low carpet, a vacuum with a rotating brush can extract dirt and crumbs. If you have loop-pile carpet, however, avoid using a rotating brush as it can catch and damage the pile. There are also common mistakes to avoid when vacuuming:

…and don’t forget to take your time!

Get Regular, Professional Maintenance

Professional services – like carpet steaming, deep-cleaning, shampooing and appropriate cleaning for wool carpets – can help lengthen your carpet’s lifespan and maintain its like new appearance and health.  

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There are daily things you can do to make sure that your carpet lasts and looks beautiful for years – but if you find yourself in a sticky (or otherwise messy, stained, or muddy) situation, contact Carpet to Go to talk with the experts. We offer carpet cleaning and maintenance services, as well as consultations and quotes if it’s time to replace your carpet. For all your flooring and carpeting needs in the Bellevue, Washington area, we’re here to help.

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