At Carpet to Go, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and most affordable flooring options. It’s important to us to align ourselves with retailers who share the same passion and integrity. One of our most valued carpet providers and partnerships is Shaw Floors. For the past 48 years, Shaw Floors has been providing great products and its philosophy is something to aspire to. Carpet to Go Loves Shaw Floors

Brief History and Philosophy

Shaw Floors began in 1946 as Star Dye Company, a small company that dyed tufted scatter rugs. Continually differentiating its service and adding value for customers motivated every major move in the company’s development. The desire to be the industry’s low-cost provider was also a determining factor in Shaw’s decisions. The employees’ daily efforts illustrate their commitment and their determination to stay on top of an ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace.

Production Quality and Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Shaw Floors uses cutting edge flooring technology. Here are some of our favorites:

R2X Stain and Soil Repellant

R2X Stain and Soil Repellant is a system that has quickly become the industry’s fastest-growing protective carpet treatment. It’s been hailed as a new generation in carpet technology and is as much of an innovation today as the first carpet stain and soil treatments were decades ago. This exclusive system goes beyond conventional repellents that only protect the surface of the carpet by arming them with total fiber coverage.

SoftBac Platinum Carpet Backing

This type of backing is significantly better than traditional ones and the benefits aren’t just ones you can feel. SoftBac protects the carpet fiber from excessive heat transfer during the application of the backing. During this process, shrinkage is minimized, creating a noticeable improvement in the carpet’s appearance. Its ability to bend and fold makes for fewer seams in tight passageways and corners, and its superior stretch allows for less visible seams. Shaw Floors Loved by Carpet to Go


It’s important now more than ever to protect our planet for generations to come. Going green isn’t just a trend anymore, it is being taken seriously. We love the fact that Shaw’s business model aligns with ours: to be eco-friendly and sustainable. How the products are made matters. Shaw flooring employs sustainable manufacturing practices. The company ensures efficient use of materials and natural resources and uses alternative and renewable energy sources where possible. Shaw Flooring designs and operates its facilities and manufacturing processes in accordance with widely recognized sustainability and safety standards. These include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Read more about the company’s sustainability report here. Shaw manufactures many of its own products and ingredient materials. The company sources products and materials from strategic partners in the U.S. and internationally, in order to offer a broad portfolio that meets customer preferences. Once carpet products have reached the end of their lifespan, they can be converted back into new carpets, products for other industries, or into energy to power our manufacturing operations. Since 2006, Shaw has reclaimed and recycled more than 800 million pounds of post-consumer carpet – regardless of manufacturer.

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When it comes to integrity, innovation, and sustainability, Shaw Flooring and Carpeting is one of the best in the business, and Carpet To Go is proud to carry a wide selection of their products. For more information about quality carpet or hardwood flooring, fill out our form and request a free quote today.

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