Carpet Installation A carpet installation estimate can be helpful in showing you all of your options for new carpet flooring in your home. But when you’re selecting a carpet installer, there are other factors to consider beyond just the carpet prices and carpet installation cost. Working with the right carpet installation company is just as important as the carpet itself. If you’re looking to have new carpet installed, here are five questions that you can ask to find out if your carpet installer knows their stuff.

Carpet Maintenance

With each different type of carpet, there are varying levels of maintenance involved. Depending on what kind of carpet you select, you’ll want to ask the installation company what kind of carpet cleaning and maintenance you can expect. Thicker carpet may require deep cleaning every once in a while to remove stains, or a vacuum that’s suited for the job. Selecting a carpet that fits in with your lifestyle and plans for maintenance is key, and a carpet installation company worth their salt can help point you in the right direction.

Best Value and Best Quality

When it comes to carpet, there is value, quality, and an area where the two intersect. Carpet prices, while dependent on the amount of square footage required, are very much depend on the type of material or brand. Choosing the right kind of carpet for your budget is a process that a Seattle carpet installation company can help make easier. You’ll want to take time to tell your carpet installer about any budget constraints, size requirements, or style preferences. Experts on how to install carpet, your installation company should be able to give you a great recommendation.

Installing Carpet on the Stairs

To install carpet on the stairs, or not to install carpet on the stairs — a heated debate among homeowners. Ultimately, whether you install carpet on the stairs depends on the type of feel that you’re going for in your home. If you’ve decided that you want to install carpet on your stairs, it’s important to choose a carpet installation company that is up to the task. How to install carpet on the stairs requires diligence and expertise, so make sure that you have a conversation with your installation company about their process.

Know the Warranty of your Carpet

Manufacturers of carpets all have different guidelines on the warranty of their product. Before making a selection on a type of carpet or a carpet installation company, know the warranty information. Most carpets come with recommended carpet cleaning and maintenance information, which is vital in maintaining your eligibility for the warranty. It also ensures that your carpet will look nice for years to come! If you’re unsure of your carpet’s warranty coverage, be sure to ask your carpet installation company to help interpret it for you.

Carpet Installation Cost

Outside the cost of the product itself, knowing the carpet installation cost in full eliminates any ambiguity surrounding the installation. There’s nothing worse than an installation job costing more than anticipated. You’ll want to talk to your carpet installation company up front to know for certain what you’ll be paying. You can even use this carpet installation cost calculator to figure out if the price they’re charging is fair. Having an open conversation with your installation company and asking the right questions ensures that you’ll be getting the carpet install of your dreams. We’re a local Seattle carpet installation company recognized for quality, integrity, and customer happiness. If you’re looking to have an install done in your home, contact us today for a free estimate!  

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