Do Bamboo Floors Require Special Cleaning?

  • May 14, 2018

Thinking of getting new bamboo flooring? Or maybe already have bamboo floors, but you’re wondering if there are special cleaning requirements?

Balancing your work with home care can be a challenge, and requires quick but routine maintenance on your floors.

 how to clean bamboo floors without streaks

There is a misconception that bamboo is not as durable as traditional hardwood floors. This is not true – bamboo floors have a comparable hardness with other hardwoods like maple and oak. In addition, bamboo floors are more resistant to water, and therefore have less water damage than other hardwoods.

Since water is part of any cleaning process, this means bamboo floor care is made easier by just following routine maintenance suggestions.

How to Care for and Clean Your Bamboo Floors

Before you develop your own personal routine cleaning process, read up on any cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer of your bamboo flooring and familiarize yourself with the details of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Family members, pets, and guests tracking dirt and sand onto your bamboo floors presents the biggest danger of deterioration to your floors. As these tiny particles of dirt and sand are continually stepped upon, they create small, almost indiscernible scratches, dents, and divots that over time may make your floors faded.

To prevent this, perform regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. In areas where there is significant foot traffic, this should be done daily, followed by a more thorough overall cleaning – say over the weekend.

Be especially conscious of area or rooms where active children and/or pets gather to play. Follow these bamboo floor cleaning recommendations:

  • Despite bamboo’s resistance to water, use only a damp, almost dry, mop.
  • Only use booms with soft bristles.
  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner does not have a beater bar attached.
  • Use only breathable rugs that will not allow moisture to accumulate beneath them.
  • Avoid wax-based products, ammonia-based cleaners and detergents or bleach.

A Natural Cleaning Solution for Bamboo Floors

While there are plenty of options for cleaners that are made for wood floor of all types, you can mix up an effective cleaning solution from items in your own home. Try this one:

Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar into a pail with a quart of water. For best results apply with a damp sponge on cloth.

Are There Notable Differences With Cleaning Methods for Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors that have an applied top layer of polyurethane are cleaned on a routine basis just as you’ll clean your bamboo floors. However, for hardwood floors that have been shellacked or lacquered you want to stay away from using water altogether.

What About Heavy Cleaning for My Bamboo Floors?

As long as you stay away from any hardwood floor cleaners that contain wax, you should be able to buff your bamboo floors with hardwood floor cleaners.

Here are some tips to guide you on those days when you’re going to give your bamboo floors a heavy cleaning.

  • No matter which hardwood cleaner you use, be sure and read the manufacturer’s instructions provided to avoid any potential harmful effects, both to yourself and your floors.
  • Even though your bamboo floors are more water resistant than hardwood floors, they are still subject to possible warping if too much water is applied.
  • Stay away from any type of scouring powder or oil-based cleansers.
  • Never use steel wool!
  • When buffing bamboo floors, use a soft cloth in a circular motion and make sure there’s no wax in the cleaner.
  • Use a dry towel to soak up any accumulation of moisture after cleaning.

Getting Rid of Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are typically caused by shoes dragging across the surface of your floors. Remove scuff marks from your bamboo floors by taking a small amount of an appropriate wood floor cleaner on a cloth, and rubbing it into the area where the scuff mark is located.

As long as you are patient and do not apply excessive force, the scuff mark should disappear. Be careful of being too heavy handed – you may turn the scuff mark into a scratch!

What About Refinishing?

Your bamboo floors can be sanded down, but only by an experienced professional. After the surface has been sanded, it can be refinished with a very thin coating of polyurethane. As time goes by and the floor beings to look as if they need replacing, often a refinishing will return your bamboo floors to their original luster.

Bamboo floors are not only beautiful to look at, but are also practical and easy to care for. If you’re searching for new flooring, be sure and visit Carpet To Go to see affordable and beautiful bamboo flooring choices.

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