Choosing the most durable flooring options for your home starts with using the right professional services. However, knowing how to choose the right flooring solutions is just the first step. The next step is knowing how to install the types of flooring you need. 

At Carpet To Go, we proudly pair our customers with different types of flooring materials beyond carpet and vinyl. We work with all major brands and can support you with all of your flooring needs. 

This guide explores different types of flooring materials and how to choose the right ones for your home’s needs. 


Types of Flooring Materials

If you’re looking for the most durable flooring options, we suggest you consider the following alternatives: 


Hardwood Flooring

Numerous varieties exist for hardwood flooring, and you can resurface it every three to five years. 

most durable flooring


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring costs less than hardwood but can be challenging to repair. At Carpet To Go, we have extensive experience installing and maintaining laminate flooring


Vinyl or Linoleum

Vinyl and linoleum are easier to install, but some homeowners don’t appreciate their unnatural look. New styles are very natural looking and can suit various types of rooms, both commercial and residential.


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile is not only extremely affordable and versatile but it is also very easy to maintain.



Carpet is inexpensive to install but hard to maintain if you have pets. That said, it does come in varying styles, making it versatile.


How to Choose the Right Flooring

Knowing how to choose the right flooring starts by considering the following factors: 

  • Your home/work situation: The best qualities of a durable floor are scratch and water resistance. For example, water-resistant and solid hardwood flooring is generally better if your home has heavy foot traffic.
  • The type of room: Luxury vinyl tile works better in certain rooms whereas carpet is the better alternative for others. The choice is yours and will depend on your individual needs.
  • Styles and tastes: While you always want resilient flooring options, some choices feature designs and variations that better match your home’s space. Choose the type of flooring material and design that matches or enhances your home or business’ aesthetics. 
  • Your overall budget: You may want classy natural stone hardwood floors, but the initial installation costs might exceed your budget. Of course, you should also factor in the costs of maintaining your floors. Some materials require less maintenance than others. 
  • Your return on investment: Many homeowners will remodel their homes to increase their resale values. Better quality and a more professional installation mean you’ll have a higher return on investment (ROI). 

With so many flooring options available, finding the right one for you and your home’s needs can feel overwhelming. Make the process of finding the most durable flooring options easier by working with a professional crew. 


The Qualities of a Durable Floor

The most durable floors should feature the following qualities: 


Impact Resistance in Floors

Dropping things accidentally happens a lot to homeowners, which is why you need a floor with excellent impact resistance. The right flooring surface should handle dropped objects with ease. 


Water and Humidity Resistant Floors

Homeowners take great measures to prevent excessive humidity and moisture from invading their homes and floors. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to prevent areas like your kitchen, bathroom, or basement from having humidity or moisture. 

The qualities of a durable floor should feature moisture and humidity resistance, preventing your floor’s softer layers from receiving damage. Besides protecting your floors from damage, you can also prevent additional issues like mold or mildew from invading your home. 

Areas like your bathroom or basement can become hotspots for mold to grow. Besides causing structural damage, mold can trigger many adverse health risks, especially if you or your family members inhale these troublesome spores. 

Mold can also cause your HVAC systems to work harder, increasing your monthly energy bills. 


Scratch and Scuff-Resistant Floors

Among the most common types of flooring damage, scuffs and scratches remain at the top of the list. Various factors can create these scratches and scuffs, such as moving furniture, animal paws or claws, walking in high heels, and more. 

Unfortunately, many warranties won’t cover these issues because insurers consider them avoidable damage instead of defects. The right flooring solution will feature resistance against scratches and scuffs. 

Factors like budget and aesthetics should always play a role when choosing the right flooring system. However, many homeowners ignore overall durability. 


Contact Our Team Carpet To Go for the Most Durable Flooring Options! 

Choosing between the most durable flooring options can be challenging as many solutions exist. For example, some homes may benefit more from carpets, while others should choose hardwood. Working with our Carpet To Go team can eliminate the stress of choosing. 

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