What to Do When Your Carpet Gets Wet in a Flood

  • June 17, 2016

A flooded carpet is a nightmare for homeowners. A flooded wet carpet is not only notoriously difficult to dry and clean, but it’s also a magnet for bacteria, mold, and mildew. What’s more, flooded carpets stink!

Here’s the good news: a carpet flooded with water isn’t necessarily headed to your trash bin. Here is how to dry carpet after a flood.

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Best and Easy Ways About What to do When Your Carpet Gets Wet in a Flood


Remove the moisture

Use a wet-and-dry vacuum to remove moisture quickly and easily. For large carpets, you can use towels to blot the surface.


Assess your furniture

A water-flooded carpet means flooded furniture. Check for signs of water damage on the base of your furniture, especially on wood furniture.


Create airflow

One of the best ways to dry a flooded floor and carpet is by turning on fans to increase airflow in the room.One of the best ways to dry a flooded floor and carpet is by turning on fans to increase airflow in the room.


Replace carpet padding

Remove the damaged carpet padding and allow the floor underneath to dry before installing new padding.


Steam clean

For fluffy carpets, steam cleaning is the best option. This dries the surface and removes debris from the carpet fibers.


Use baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda on the surface of flooded carpets to absorb and remove moisture.


Sanitize other room surfaces

Sanitize other flooded room surfaces using a clean cloth and a general cleaning solution.


Required Equipment and Materials for Removing and Cleaning Flooded Carpet

When cleaning a flooded, wet carpet, you need to use the right tools. You will need:

  • Fan – increases the airflow in the room to speed up drying
  • Dust mask – prevent airborne particles from entering your lungs
  • Hammer – helps remove carpet nails or staples from the floor
  • Pry bar – helps lift and remove heavy carpets
  • Rags – use rags to absorb moisture from the carpet
  • Utility knife –  helps separate the padding from the floor
  • Carpet pad – replace flooded carpet padding with fresh padding


Steps to Dry Out Your Carpet After a Flood


Absorb all moisture from the carpet

You can use a vacuum, towels, or a carpet mop to remove all the moisture from the carpet.


Turn on fans, ACs, and open windows

Increase the airflow by turning on your fans and opening your windows. If your AC has a dry setting, you can use it to reduce the moisture level in the room.


Rent or buy a dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier is a great way to remove moisture from a flooded carpet. You can buy or rent one from construction stores.


Get your carpet steam cleaned

Large and heavy carpets may require steam cleaning to dry fully.


Use baking soda to remove trapped moisture

Baking soda absorbs water and removes odors from a flooded carpet.


Get experts to assess your carpet padding

Contact carpet cleaning experts to assess the damage to your flooded carpet padding. You might need to replace the padding.


Cleaning Flooded Carpet: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from our clients:

  • What would cause flooding in my home?

There are two sources of flooding in your home: internal sources (burst pipes, leaky toilets, etc.) or external sources (strong rains, flash floods, etc.)

  • What should I do if I come home to a flood in my house?

First, determine the source of the flood. If the source is internal, turn off your water line. If the source is external, find where the flood entered your home. Next, assess the extent of the damage. Finally, you can call in flood removal experts.

  • What kind of damage could a flood cause?

A flood can cause flooded carpets and water damage to your furniture, appliances, and electronics. Severe floods can damage your home’s structural integrity.

  • How fast can mold grow after a flood?

Mold can grow 24 to 48 hours after a flood, which is why it is critical to remove flood water from your home as quickly as possible.

  • What should I expect after a flood?

After a flood, you should expect water damage in and around your home. Look for water damage on your furniture, floor, doors, windows, and walls.


Get Your Carpets Clean in a Hassle-free Way: Contact Carpet To Go

A flooded carpet is frustrating, but don’t write off your carpet just yet. You can save your carpet if you move quickly. For large and ornate carpets, Carpet To Go can help. Call us today at 425-689-7664 to learn more about our carpet drying services.


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