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Bamboo Flooring Services in Bellevue

Bamboo floors are not a new invention, but they are becoming an extremely popular type of flooring. Although they are traditionally implemented in certain arrangements, these durable floors are now being used to cover large areas such as hallways and living spaces, and for good reason.

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Even though it’s a type of grass, bamboo is extremely durable and it imitates the look, feel, and smell of hardwood. These floors make a great addition to most homes because they match almost all decoration styles. Not only this, but modern manufacturing techniques now allow manufacturers to deliver top-quality floors that are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. There are three different bamboo flooring types available, and it’s important to know the different benefits they offer in order to make the right choice.  

Types of Bamboo Flooring for Your Bellevue Residence

There are three types of bamboo flooring that are available to Bellevue homeowners today. These are flat-grain solid strip, vertical-grain solid strip, and strand bamboo, all of which have different manufacturing processes and characteristics.

Flat-Grain Solid Strip

This is the most common type of bamboo flooring and it’s manufactured by stacking thin strips on top of one another, which are then laminated together. Also called horizontal-grain solid strip, the finished bamboo planks tend to show knuckles, stalk, rings, and other picturesque impurities.

Vertical-Grain Solid Strip

Contrary to flat-grain, vertical-grain solid strip bamboo is made by gluing thin, individual stacks together. This maintains the natural bamboo appearance, but it doesn’t feature knuckles and other impurities that some homeowners actively look for.

Strand Bamboo

Bamboo poses an attractive solution for manufacturers because they can use all parts of the raw material. Strand bamboo floors are a great example of this, as they are manufactured from the waste that comes from vertical and solid-grain planks. Not only this, but thanks to the manufacturing process, strand bamboo floors are stronger than their both types of grain strip, which means they make ultra-resistant floors.

Bamboo Flooring Bellevue
Bellevue WA Bamboo Flooring Services

Benefits of Choosing Bamboo Floors

Different bamboo flooring types have specific manufacturing processes, but they all share general characteristics that make these floors extremely reliable. Some of the benefits of all bamboo floors include:

Improved Aesthetics

The most obvious reason why bamboo floors are becoming so common is their aesthetic appearance. Bamboo looks like hardwood, which is an elegant material used in high-end finishes. Since it mimics this look, a lot of homeowners are now looking to get bamboo flooring installation services in Bellevue to give their house that luxurious touch.


A lot of people think that bamboo floors are not very resistant, especially when they find out it’s a type of grass. Don’t let this fool you! Bamboo floors are extremely durable and sturdy, so they maintain appearance and functionality for a long period of time. Besides the fact that it’s tough, bamboo’s natural appearance barely fades over time. Not only this, but these floors can be used even in high-traffic areas, such as living rooms and bedrooms, without worrying about long-term damage.


Bamboo grows naturally in different areas around the world, and unlike precious woods, manufacturers can source their raw materials responsibly. This means that companies are not actively looking to destroy forests in order to obtain bamboo.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Floor cleaning and maintenance can become a drag, especially if you want to maintain spotless surfaces at all times. Bamboo is extremely easy to clean because of its smooth surface, so you can easily sweep it and wipe it with a moist mop. Also note that bamboo floors may have better water-resistant qualities than hardwood, but they still absorb moisture. We suggest you avoid using bamboo in humid areas of your home, such as your bathrooms or water heater room.


As mentioned before, bamboo is among the most affordable types of flooring in Bellevue. Additionally, thanks to the fact that it’s durable and easy to clean, it’s no surprise that bamboo flooring is regarded as one of the best choices when it comes to its value-for-money.

Choosing the Best Bamboo Floors

There are different elements to take into consideration before selecting the best bamboo flooring for your home. Take a look at your budget, the area of the house you want to revamp, and the type of solid plank you prefer. Once you’ve analyzed all bamboo flooring pros and cons, it’s time to look at other basic elements like color, pricing, and the quality of the floor being installed. Today, there are different color options available, so you’ll certainly be able to find a tone that matches your decor and fits within your predetermined budget.

Get Reliable Bamboo Flooring Services Today

Bamboo floors make a great addition to any home and have become one of the most versatile options currently available for homeowners. At Carpet to Go in Bellevue, our team of flooring professionals is more than happy to help you choose the right flooring type and properly install it in your home. Contact us today!  

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