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Are you in the market for a high-quality, durable yet affordable carpet in Des Moines, IA? You have come to the right place. Finding the right carpet for your needs can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be with Carpet To Go, a top-rated Des Moines carpet company. 

We have a wide selection of carpets to choose from, so you are sure to find what fits your needs and budget. Give us a call today!

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Carpet Flooring Services in Des Moines

Whether you are looking for carpeting for a room, entire home, office, or commercial complex, Carpet To Go is the go-to Des Moines carpet store. We offer the best quality carpets from the industry’s leading manufacturers. 

As one of the top-rated Des Moines carpet companies, we strive to make your carpet shopping as stress-free as possible. We offer professional installation for all types of carpets for residential and commercial customers and can provide free estimates at our store or your home. 

Picking up the Right Carpet Floor

With the numerous options available, finding a carpet in Des Moines that perfectly fits your practical and aesthetic needs can be challenging. The knowledgeable professional at Carpet To Go will help you choose the right carpet flooring

Types of Carpet

There are two primary types of carpets, depending on how the fibers connect to the backing – loop pile carpets and cut pile carpets. 

Loop Pile Options

Loop pile carpets have their fibers bent into small loops. While these carpets are durable and stain-resistant, they feature a low profile and limited cushioning. Loop pile carpet options include:
  • Level loop or Berber: These carpets have short loops, making them ideal for high-traffic settings.
  • Multiple-level loop: The top of the loops have varying heights, giving the carpet a patterned texture.

Cut Pile Options

Cut pile carpets have no loop because they cut the yarn tips. They are often denser and softer than their loop pile counterparts. Options include:

  • Textured
  • Saxony
  • Pattern 
  • Frieze

Carpet Materials

When shopping for carpets in Des Moines, there are five primary types of materials to consider:
  • Nylon is the most popular carpet material, thanks to its durability, fade resistance, and stain resistance.
  • Polyester is hydrophobic and resists stains. Additionally, it offers vibrant color options.
  • Olefin is popular for its durability and is ideal for high-traffic areas. It is also more affordable than other carpet materials.
  • Wool features a soft and luxurious feel. It is strong and can bear heavy foot traffic.
  • Acrylic is a synthetic fiber composed of acrylonitrile, a clear plastic. It is a cost-effective alternative to wool carpets.
  • Triexta resembles nylon, but the fibers are significantly softer. It also resists stain and moisture.


Durability is another factor to consider when choosing carpet flooring in Des Moines. Generally, carpets can preserve their appearance and functionality for years if cleaned regularly and you switch around the furniture periodically. 


Carpet floors in Des Moines often require more maintenance than other flooring options. However, wool carpets are mostly easier to clean and maintain than their synthetic counterparts. 

Benefits of Having Carpet


Carpet flooring provides a soft feel and shock-absorbing effect, making it easier on your body when standing or walking. 


Walking on a carpet is much more pleasant than on a hard floor. 


Carpet flooring significantly reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. 


Carpet floors are silent and tranquil, making them ideal for living areas and bedrooms.


Carpet stores in Des Moines offer carpets in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can easily find what works for you. 

Low Cost

Carpets are generally less expensive than other flooring solutions like stone, wood, and vinyl. 

Why Go with a Professional Carpet Flooring Expert

Carpet installation can be challenging, and you should leave it to a professional. Reputable carpet contractors in Des Moines have the skills and experience, guaranteeing they will do the job right the first time. 

Proper installation also helps maximize the carpet flooring’s lifespan. For carpet flooring in Des Moines, our experts at Carpet To Go have the expertise and experience needed to meet your carpet flooring needs. 

Get the Best Carpet Flooring Company in Des Moines

Are you ready to transform your home or commercial property with high-quality carpet flooring? Carpet To Go can help.

As one of the leading carpeting stores in Des Moines, we have a wide selection of carpets to meet your specific needs and budget. Contact us today at 425-689-7539 for a free estimate for a high-quality carpet in Des Moines. 

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