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Whether spring cleaning or autumn preparing for being indoors more, many Bothell homeowners are racking their brains searching for ideas to change up their decor or improve their indoor aesthetic in some way. bothell wa laminate flooring One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home while adding value to your property is by having shiny new floors installed. But this brings up the question of what flooring you should have installed at your Bothell residence. Our team of flooring professionals would like to suggest laminate flooring. Choosing laminate flooring for your Bothell home will ensure that your remodel is done in no time and that you have a gorgeous new floor that perfectly reflects your style and is loaded with handy benefits.


What is Laminate & How is it Different From Vinyl?

Laminate flooring has exploded in popularity in recent years. It is a multi-layered, synthetic flooring, that gives Bothell homeowners the ability to let their creativity run wild (due to the variety of different styles on the market). The difference between vinyl and laminate is very subtle, but they differ in that one is plastic (vinyl) and the other is derived from synthetic wood (laminate).


What are the Advantages of Laminate Flooring for Bothell Homes?

Laminate flooring has a host of benefits for Bothell homeowners. If you are looking for a floor that is benefit-rich as well as beautiful, laminate floors are the perfect option.  While homeowners who have never had laminate floors aren’t usually aware of the heaps of benefits that come with this beautiful flooring type, it won’t take laminate newbies long to see why once homeowners switch to laminate they rarely go back to other flooring types.

High Durability

Laminate floors are extremely durable. They do well under heavy foot traffic, with children, with pets, and more. They are a perfect flooring option for Bothell households with lots of busy foot traffic.  Whether you are looking for a floor to cover your entire house or only specific rooms like your kitchen or bathroom, laminate floors are a durable option that looks gorgeous in any room in the home.

Easy Maintenance

Laminate floors are very easy to clean. They look wonderful after a quick sweep and a weekly mop and scarcely require more attention than that.  If you are a busy Bothell homeowner (let’s be real, most of us barely have the time of day to put on makeup or iron our work trousers let alone polish and steam clean a floor), you’ll be glad to know that a laminate floor is not going to eat up all of your time. A simple homemade vinegar and water cleaning solution and a damp towel will leave you laminate floor looking brand new and glossy.

Affordable Price Tag

For the aesthetic you can achieve with laminate floors, the price tag is incredibly minimal. More cost-effective than most other floors with the ability to mimic the same look and feel of real wood or tile — I’d say that’s getting your money’s worth.

Stylistically Diverse

Laminate has different top layers that can look like any number of popular floors (tile, wood, stone, ceramic, etc.). Laminate floors also have a wide variety of different textures for Bothell homeowners to choose from. This means that no matter what your current aesthetic is or your desired one, laminate floors are certainly for you.

Convenient Installation

Daunted by the thought of having a lengthy flooring installation process that puts your home out of use for several weeks? The good news is that laminate floor installation is really simple and can be done in a minimal timeframe. With the right installation team, you can have your new floors installed and be enjoying your Bothell home in a timeline that suits you.


What are the Best Types of Laminate Flooring for Bothell Homes?

This depends largely on taste and the interior color scheme of your home. Since laminate flooring comes in virtually every shade and can mimic the different texture of other popular flooring types, what type of laminate flooring you choose for your Bothell home is dependant entirely on personal preference. If your household has specific practical needs we suggest that you contact a Bothell laminate flooring company to discuss your particular needs and find out which floor will best suit you. If you need some help with choosing a suitable laminate flooring for your Bothell home, give our flooring experts at Carpet To Go a call today.


How to Find a Laminate Flooring Service in Bothell

Here at Carpet To Go, we have a qualified team of flooring professionals who are awaiting your call. We are ready to hop on your flooring project and together create an interior that you are proud of. We know the importance of having a cozy, neat aesthetic to come home to every day and have been helping Bothell homeowners perfect their interiors for more than 20 years. If you are ready to get started perfecting your indoor aesthetic, give Carpet To Go a call today to discuss having laminate installed in your Bothell home.


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