Tile Flooring Services for Seattle Residents

Seattle is among the fastest growing, most innovative cities in the U.S. Luckily, residents from The Emerald City can also enjoy a number of natural wonders that are scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest. The fact that homeowners usually live an active lifestyle also means that they want a house that can take the wear and tear without sacrificing aesthetics.

If you’re building a brand new structure or simply remodeling part of your house, chances are you’re looking into getting tile flooring for your Seattle home.

Tile Flooring in Seattle

Tile is a timeless flooring choice. That said, thanks to new manufacturing techniques, these floors are becoming even more popular. New colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns allow homeowners to locate a design that matches their entire home.

tile flooring seattle

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there is a strong possibility you’ll find the perfect tile floors that add elegance to your home.

What is Tile Composed Of?

Tiles are made from different materials, but they are generally composed of water, clay, and a combination of minerals. Tiles that are covered with decorative ceramic are referred to as “glazed” tiles.

Glazed options are stain-proof and are better suited for indoor uses. Unglazed tiles, on the other hand, are dense and can be used inside and outside of your home.

The 5 Different Types of Tile

Tiles can be categorized into five different groups, depending on whether you’re using them for commercial or decorative purposes. Not only this, but you also have to consider the placing and the amount of foot traffic they will go through.

Class 1

These tiles are mainly for decorative purpose and often feature an attractive glazed design. They can be used for backsplashes and walls, although they are not to be used for flooring. If you decide to use them in your bathroom, remember that they become very slippery when wet.

Class 2

Type 2 is ideal for light traffic areas, for instance, bathroom floors and interior walls. But, if used in busy places there’s a chance you’ll notice chipping and cracking.

Class 3

This type of tile may be in glazed or unglazed finishes and is ideal for busy rooms. This includes kitchens, dining spaces, lounges, and bathrooms.

Class 4

Class 4 tiles are considered the meeting point that can be used for both homes and businesses. This type of floor can be used in commercial building such as offices, restaurants, malls, showrooms, galleries, theaters, and large hallways.

What’s more, this type of tile flooring is ideal if you have pets, children, or a large household as well as many visitors.

Class 5

The strongest one of them all, these types of floors are a great choice for high-traffic areas. They can be used inside your house or throughout the surrounding areas and they usually come in unglazed finishes.

Advantages of Choosing Tile Floors in Seattle

A large number of families that are remodeling or building a new house are starting to choose tile flooring in Seattle. There are many benefits that come with installing tile floors which include, but are not limited to, versatility, sturdiness, sustainability, and practicality.


As you can imagine, tile flooring comes in a variety of styles, combinations, and colors. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a vintage, modern, or rustic look, there is a type of tile out there that is perfect for your home. You can even get tiles that look exactly like hardwood flooring!


One of the best things about tile floors is that they are extremely durable. Tiles are resistant to stains and scratches, so they are not damaged easily by pets, children, or heavy furniture. And, your tile floors will look new for a much longer time than other types.

Safe and Sustainable

Because tiles are made of minerals, clay, and water, they don’t contain any toxic ingredients that may be harmful to your family. Additionally, porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass are all common ingredients of tile, all of which can be sourced sustainably. Seattle residents are very conscious about the environment, so you won’t have to worry about the impact your choice will have!

Low Maintenance

Having tile floors is very practical because they don’t require much maintenance. Light, frequent wipings will help you remove dust. If you want a deeper clean, simply use water and a little soap to have your floors looking like new.

Finding the Best Tile Flooring Service in Seattle

Carpet to Go is the premier tile flooring company in Seattle because we focus on delivering great service and high-quality materials at the same time. Our team of flooring experts can help you choose the best design and install it in any area of your home.

Get in touch with our team of Seattle tile flooring experts by giving us a call, coming down to our store, or filling out our online contact form today.

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