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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you’re like most homeowners, you want a cost-effective flooring option that is resilient to foot traffic while enhancing your interior’s aesthetic appeal.

The luxury vinyl tile flooring of Carpet To Go is among your most viable options with its durable and waterproof construction, affordable price tag, and scratch-resistant surface. You can also choose between a range of tile sizes, colors, and authentic styles, which lets you match your luxury vinyl tile flooring with your specific interior design style.

At Carpet To Go, we aim to provide homeowners with exceptional quality and hassle-free service scheduling. We pay careful attention to workmanship when providing an installation service, ensuring optimal flooring longevity, appearance, and function.

If you are searching for “luxury vinyl tile near me” in Bellevue, WA, our team at Carpet To Go is standing by to provide and install the best luxury vinyl tile flooring and transform your home’s interior. Contact us today.


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Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

You can choose from two types of vinyl tile and plank flooring. Each type has a unique appearance and installation method.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT): The luxury vinyl tile options we offer at Carpet To Go are conventional tile squares. The concrete and stone luxury vinyl tile floors have surface textures that give them an authentic appearance, and you can even install them using grout.

LVT has a softer surface than natural stone or ceramic tile, providing a more comfortable surface for everyday living. Multiple luxury vinyl tile pattern options are available due to this flooring’s versatile shape.

Luxury vinyl planks (LVP): While LVT looks like traditional tile squares, LVP comes in a long plank shape, usually with tones and textures resembling natural hardwood. Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers similar construction and maintenance benefits as vinyl tile.


What Materials Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles Made From?

A luxury vinyl plank tile consists of multiple synthetic material layers. The construction of a waterproof luxury vinyl tile involves combining polyvinyl chloride resins (PVC), calcium carbonate, UV stabilizers, white pigments, and fungicides using pressure and heat. This compound is the main material component of vinyl luxury tile flooring.

A luxury vinyl tile consists of several layers. From the bottom to the top, these layers include:

  1. A waterproof backing layer that is resistant to mold and mildew
  2. A vinyl PVC core that is flexible and waterproof
  3. A decorative image adhering to the PVC core
  4. A transparent and scratch-resistant wear layer

The water-resistance, durability, and low-maintenance requirements of luxury vinyl flooring make it the ideal alternative to hardwood flooring in rooms such as your living area, kitchen, and basement. Luxury vinyl tile bathroom floors are also popular in residential buildings.


How Much Does a Luxury Vinyl Tile Cost?

Luxury vinyl flooring is more expensive than regular vinyl flooring, at a price ranging from $2 - $7 per square foot. However, luxury vinyl flooring offers exceptional value in comparison with hardwood flooring, which can cost $10 or more per square foot. Installation costs depend on your choice of luxury vinyl flooring and the square footage of your interior.

For more pricing information on our luxury vinyl tiles, please give us a call.


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile?

The reasons to consider luxury vinyl tile flooring for your property include:

  • Affordable flooring: Luxury vinyl tile has a relatively low buying price and installation cost. This flooring is also long-lasting, saving you the cost of premature replacements.
  • Quiet underfoot: The vinal PC core doesn’t make a loud noise when you walk on it, which reduces indoor noise levels.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Apart from regularly sweeping your floor, you will not need to do routine maintenance, such as protective coat applications, on this flooring.
  • Various options: Luxury vinyl flooring is available in various colors, sizes, and styles.
  • Suitable for all property types: Luxury vinyl flooring is suitable for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Authentic appearance: Luxury vinyl tiles can have a realistic tile, stone, or wood appearances.
  • Easy installation: You can install your luxury vinyl tile flooring yourself to save costs. However, professional installations are also generally affordable.
  • Water- and stain-resistant: The vinyl tile wear layer offers optimal protection against impact damages, scratches, and moisture.


Reimagine Your Home with Our Luxury Vinyl Tile

At Carpet To Go, we supply and install high-end luxury vinyl tile flooring to property owners in Bellevue. Whether you want to install a black-and-white luxury vinyl tile or incorporate natural stone textures in your flooring to create an authentic-looking indoor environment, we can help. 

To learn more about our luxury floor tiles at Carpet To Go or schedule an installation in Bellevue, WA, contact us today at 425-440-3307.


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