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Vinyl Flooring For Lynnwood Homeowners

Vinyl floors have become more popular in recent years and this is largely due to two powerful factors: First, vinyl floors can imitate the look of other, more expensive flooring types — adding to the aesthetic and value of your house. Vinyl can imitate the look of tile, ceramic, or hardwood. Second, vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable options on the market currently. This makes it an appealing option for homeowners who want to have their floors redone in a budget-friendly way.


Choosing The Right Vinyl Flooring For Your Lynnwood Home

If you are considering having vinyl floors installed in your Lynnwood home, it’s important that you choose the right vinyl flooring for your situation.  Here are three questions that we encourage Lynnwood homeowners to ask themselves when choosing what type of vinyl flooring they will have installed in their home.

1. What Kind Of Room Will The Vinyl Be Going In?

The purpose of the room where you have the vinyl installed will play a big role in determining what sort of flooring will best serve you.  While vinyl flooring has the unique ability to look wonderful in any room, it’s still a good idea to understand the different types of vinyl flooring so that you can easily determine which will best suit the room in question. Some vinyl flooring options have a higher wear layer than others — making them more ideal for high-traffic areas. If you are having vinyl flooring installed in a room like a kitchen, bathroom, or a hallway, consider doing a higher wear layer vinyl.

2. What Are Your Decor Goals?

Vinyl comes in countless styles and has the ability to match any interior design aesthetic.  Ask yourself what your indoor aesthetic is and go from there. Do some googling and become familiar with different vinyl styles so that you have an idea of what you like when the time comes to choose yours.

3. How Do You Want Your Vinyl To Feel?

The thickness of your vinyl effects the underfoot softness of your flooring.  Here are a couple of questions to ask when deciding what the thickness of your vinyl flooring should be. 

  • Do you have indoor pets or small children who might benefit from softer flooring? 
  • Do you have joint trouble? These are all factors that will make you consider having softer vinyl flooring installed. 

Here are three factors that affect the thickness and feel of your vinyl flooring:

  • Subfloor: whether your subfloor is concrete of wood will have a huge effect on the underfoot softness of your vinyl flooring. 
  • Underlayment: though it isn’t completely necessary, having an underlayment to your vinyl floor will increase barefoot comfort — making the floor softer underfoot.
  • Thickness: this is obviously one of the biggest contributing factors in the underfoot softness of your vinyl floor. If you prefer a softer floor to walk on, consider getting a thicker vinyl floor that has thicker or more layers.

Types of Vinyl Flooring for Lynnwood Residents

There are two distinct types of vinyl flooring on the market.  While many flooring companies (Carpet To Go included) offer a variety of different types of vinyl within those categories, knowing the different categories is a good way to narrow down the market and find the category that best suits you. The two categories of vinyl are listed and detailed below.

Standard Vinyl Flooring In Lynnwood

Standard vinyl flooring comes in large sheets that are easily cut to the measurements you need installed.  If you are looking for an affordable while still gorgeous alternative to ceramic, tile, or even hardwood flooring, standard vinyl floors are there for you. Here at Carpet To Go, we have standard vinyl floors that mimic the look and style of popular flooring types.  These durable, versatile, and affordable floors are creatively and beautifully designed with Lynnwood homeowners in mind.

Luxury Vinyl Tile In Lynnwood

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT as it is often called is similar to standard vinyl but with more versatility.  Luxury vinyl tile has more options than standard vinyl and gives you more creative liberty with customization options. LVT flooring gives you the ability to customize and create your own unique flooring for your Lynnwood home. If you like the idea of an affordable, durable flooring option but haven’t found any standard vinyl designs to suit your taste, consider getting LVT floors installed in your home.

Carpet To Go Is Here To Help

Let our flooring experts at Carpet To Go help you with your upcoming flooring project. It is our goal to help homeowners achieve the aesthetic of their dreams through the perfect flooring. We want to be the ones to help you find the perfect flooring for your Lynnwood home.  If you’d like to learn more about the different flooring options available to you through Carpet To Go, give us a call today! We’d love to talk with you about your home project and help you in finding the best floor for your Lynnwood home.

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