Vinyl Plank Flooring in Redmond

When you need vinyl plank flooring Redmond, Carpet to Go has the ideal solution. Residential homeowners in Redmond, WA, and those in need of commercial vinyl plank flooring can take advantage of the services of Carpet To Go. Our vinyl plank flooring installation services provide the look you want with several practical benefits.

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Carpet to Go Vinyl Plank Flooring Redmond

Vinyl plank flooring is a suitable choice for busy households or businesses with a lot of foot traffic. Our selection of vinyl plank flooring in Redmond, WA, is extensive, with styles for everything from modern and traditional interior design. Our design team can aid you in selecting the best vinyl plank flooring you need for your home or office.

The Carpet To Go installation team has the skill and advanced tools to install your new VPF to your room’s specifications seamlessly. Our inspectors and estimators prepare you adequately for what the flooring process entails, from preliminary checks to completed installation.


Pros of Choosing Our Vinyl Plank Flooring

It’s essential to learn the pros of our VPF, as this knowledge allows you to save money while finding a worthwhile alternative to authentic flooring materials such as wood or tile. The following are the advantages of choosing Carpet to Go’s Vinyl Plank Flooring:

  • Durable: Vinyl plank flooring lasts between 10 and 30 years with proper care and regular maintenance.
  • Scratch-proof: The protective urethane coating and several layers of material lend VPF its scratch-proof factor.
  • Affordable: Plank vinyl flooring is a practical option when your budget limits you as it is cheaper than natural materials. Carpet To Go offers fair pricing for VPF flooring.
  • Wide Range of Variety: With everything from grey vinyl plank flooring to styles that look like hardwood flooring or tile, you have a world of style choices.
  • Low-maintenance: The convenience of low-maintenance gives VPF flooring an advantage, as it needs minimal cleaning and is resistant against damage.
  • Easy Installation: Vinyl plank flooring snaps or glues into place, and customers can easily install it themselves or hire the Carpet To Go team to do it.


Things to Do Before Installing

Before you install vinyl plank flooring, doing the following things will make the process easier for you and the flooring installation team:

  • Level your floor: Ensure your subfloor is level and free of creaking sounds by filling in dents and removing excess floor material.
  • Remove your baseboards: Remove baseboards and other obstructions that could cause problems during the installation.
  • Clean the area: Remove debris and ensure the area is dry so the glue can adhere properly to the subfloor's surface.


What Vinyl Plank Flooring Should You Choose?

The Carpet To Go team is knowledgeable on the various types of vinyl plank flooring and can assist you in choosing a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring: High-quality feel and a damage-resistant protective top layer for busy families.
  • Waterproof vinyl plank flooring: Provides complete protection for bathroom and kitchen floors.
  • Rigid core vinyl plank flooring: Offers both waterproof convenience and extreme durability.


Carpet to Go’s Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Plank Flooring

  1. Remove surface debris with a vacuum or broom
  2. Combine one cup of apple cider vinegar with one gallon of water and mop the floor
  3. Polish and dry the floor with a rag

For tough stains, use baking soda with vinegar for extra cleaning power. Additionally, use WD-40 to remove scruffs.


How Long Will My Vinyl Plank Floor Last?

Cheap vinyl plank flooring can last around ten years with proper care. High-quality, luxury vinyl plank flooring has a longer life and, with good care, can last for up to 30 years. Proper care and maintenance are essential to this flooring’s lifespan, although it already has ample protection that other materials don’t have.


Vinyl Plank Flooring Costs

Vinyl plank flooring costs are overall less expensive than other materials. Luxury vinyl plank flooring in Redmond is significantly more costly due to its increased longevity than the standard type. Prices for vinyl plank flooring can begin at as low as $1.50 per square foot and go up to $10 per square foot.


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