How much tile do I need for my project? It is quick and easy to know how much tile you need to purchase. This guide will show you how to calculate how much tile you require. You’ll soon know much you require for any flooring project and get all the supplies. Your home improvement project will go more smoothly as a result. Knowing the tile amount is especially beneficial when you’re on a tight budget. You will also know which type of tile works best for your project. Carpet To Go can help you with any tile or flooring question! How much tile do I need  

Materials Needed in Measuring Your Tile Area

If you’re wondering “how to measure how much tile I need,” first gather all your materials. You require the same materials regardless of your tiling project. You will need: Once you have these supplies, use our easy-to-follow tile calculator below. With this calculator, you multiply the length x width of your space to calculate its square footage. If you measure in inches, divide every measurement by 12 to convert to feet before calculating the space’s total square footage.  

Steps to Calculate How Many Tiles You Need

You can use numerous tile calculators. Follow the below steps for the most simplified version of this calculator:
  1. Measure the room’s length (ft).
  2. Measure the room’s width (ft).
  3. Multiply length x width for total sq. footage.
  4. Determine the amount of tile needed based on total square footage. Consider how much tile is awarded in each box you have chosen. If one has ten sq. ft of tile and your space needs 160, you will need 16 boxes of tile, for example.
  5. Consider extra tiles for any errors, breakage, or unexpected issues along the way. Therefore, multiply the total square footage you calculated by 10% to account for these situations. It is a critical step, especially if the color or style becomes out of stock and you require more.
Purchasing extra tile also comes in handy if you lay it down at a 45-degree angle. When tiling multiple complicated areas, divide them into smaller squares to make it easier. You can then add all their square footage together to answer, “How many tiles do I need?” Furthermore, it is vital to account for the smaller, oddly shaped areas and the three walls when tiling a shower. The steps for calculations are the same. You can also divide areas (rectangles or squares) for the process. Some size recommendations for bathroom tile installations include:  

Frequently Asked Questions


How much tile (square feet) does a box contain?

On average, a box of tiles contains 10 square ft.  

How many boxes of tiles should I purchase?

You can determine how many boxes you require with our “How Much Tile Do I Need” calculator. Total square footage / square ft. per box = Number of boxes needed (round up, ex. 17.5 = 18)  

Does the shape or size of my tile matter when calculating?

No. Square footage is the main factor for how to determine how much tile you need. For a fancy pattern, shape, or style, you should use 15% instead of 10% to account for extra tile.  

What do I do if my wall is not a rectangle or square? What if it is a more complex shape?

First, split your area into sections of squares and rectangles. You will then convert from inches to feet and multiply length by the width of the wall. Finally, add up all sq. footage of each section to get the total sq. footage.  

How much tile do I need?

Length (ft) x width (ft) = (total sq. ft x 10% / sq. ft per box) = total # boxes of tiles  


We have shown you the “How much tile do I need?” calculator for your upcoming renovation project. You can now purchase the right amount of tile, no matter the shape of your flooring area. Carpet To Go can assist with your flooring needs for every room in your home. Let us work together on your renovation project and make the process stress-free. We provide service to numerous areas in Washington state, including Seattle and Bellevue. Carpet To Go offers vinyl, laminate, carpet, Marmoleum, hardwood floors, and custom area rugs. Call us today at (425) 441-3538 to receive a free estimate.  

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