Are you wondering how to clean dirty grout in tile floors to keep your home looking clean and hygienic? Most people put off this tedious chore as long as possible. However, it does not have to be the last thing on your to-do list. Here, we provide fail-safe techniques that detail the best way to clean grout in tile. Read on to make this task easier and enjoy your newly cleaned grout. how to clean dirty grout in tile floors  

How To Clean Grout in Tile Floor: Best and Easy Way

So, how do you clean grout in tile floors? Follow this simple technique for an easy way to clean grout in floor tiles.  

Scrub the Grout With Brush and Warm Water

The first step in how to get grout and tile clean is to brush it using warm water to loosen ingrained dirt.  

Mix Equal Amounts of Warm Water and Vinegar and Spray the Grout

Lifts ingrained dirt and grime from the grout. Do not use vinegar on unsealed grout.  

Spray With Vinegar After Applying a Baking Soda Paste

Apply a baking soda paste, spray with vinegar, and allow to foam. Scrub with a stiff-bristle brush and then rinse with plain water before wiping dry.  

Add Some Hydrogen Peroxide to the Mix

Hydrogen peroxide lifts stubborn stains safely on unsealed and sealed grout. Mix with baking soda to make an effective tile and grout cleaning paste.  

Allow Up to 15 Minutes for the Oxygen Bleach To Work

Oxygen bleach effectively cleans heavily stained grout. Always rinse with clean water and wipe dry to prevent the dirt from resettling into your grout lines.  

Use a Professional Grout Stain Remover To Get Rid of the Stains

Commercial grout stain removers effectively remove mold and mildew from grout lines. Brush gently and follow directions on the bottle to avoid damage.  

Clean the Most Stubborn Grout Stains With Steam

Another effective how-to-clean-grout-on-tile-floor method that works particularly well on heavily soiled surfaces requires using a steam mop. Popular brands include Bissell, Hoover, and Oreck.  

Use Chlorine Bleach on the Grout Sparingly

An important consideration when thinking about how to clean dirty grout in tile floors relates to chlorine bleach. Use this cleaner sparingly as it weakens and fades grout, causing cracking.  

Required Equipment and Materials: How To Clean Grout Lines

Thinking about how to clean grout lines in tile floors? You’ll need the following materials and equipment:  

Types of Grout


Un-Sanded Grout

This grout works best for thin grout lines less than 1/8-inch wide. Use on delicate tile and glass tile surfaces or as unsealed grout.  

Finely-Sanded Grout

Makes the best choice for joints 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch wide, providing stability and preventing shrinkage and cracking.  

Quarry-type grout

Quarry-type grout works best where the joints are 3/8-inch to ½-inch wide.  

Epoxy Grout

This grout is stain-resistant and strong, containing epoxy resin, hardener, and silica fillers.  

Cleaning Grout: Frequently Asked Questions


How often should tile and grout be cleaned?

Daily—we recommend scheduling professional grout and tile cleaning annually.  

Why should I get tile and grout professionally cleaned?

Professionals maintain the quality and strength of your tile without damage. They also know how to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens that could make you sick.  

Is it important to seal grout lines?

Yes. Grout is porous and stains easily; sealing prevents corrosion and cracking.  

How long does grout take to dry?

Grout generally takes 24–72 hours to dry.  

Why should a professional company clean your tile and grout instead of cleaning it yourself using a DIY household cleaning solution?

Professionals avoid over-brushing and harsh cleaning agents that could corrode the grout. They also know how to remove dried grout and stubborn stains on tiles and grout without causing damage.  

Can I use household cleaning products on my tile and grout surfaces?

Yes. Use non-corrosive DIY grout cleaners, such as a mix of dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda or a lemon juice and cream of tartar mix.  

Recommended Grout Cleaner Service Provider—Contact Carpet To Go

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