Have you ever wondered how to clean your new laminate floor? Laminate floors are a trendy type of flooring that is versatile and if it’s well taken care of, can look amazing for years to come.  To keep them looking great, you need to know how to clean them correctly.

If you don’t look after your laminate floors, they can’t just be refinished to remove scuffs and scrapes like you would with a hardwood floor.

In today’s article, we are going to look at how to properly clean and care for your laminate flooring and keep it looking in the best shape possible.


Introduction: How to Clean Laminate Floors

Let’s look at how to clean laminate flooring, Laminate flooring is a type of multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is fused and then laminated. The flooring looks like wood and has similar characteristics.

how to clean laminate floors


DIY Solutions For Laminate Cleaning Power

This type of flooring is very popular with DIY enthusiasts. It’s traditionally less expensive than real wood and is much easier to take care of. There are many design choices available with different stains and finishes.

To keep your laminate wood floors looking amazing you need to take care of it. Normal sweeping and mopping will help keep the surface clean, but you should follow the car instructions to ensure that the flooring doesn’t get damaged.

Each set of laminate flooring will come with a set of cleaning instructions, you should read them and familiarise yourself with the process. Each brand may have specific instructions based on the materials that were used to manufacture the flooring. Laminate floors scratch very easily, so never use anything abrasive cleaners.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Laminate Floors

Liquids and laminated flooring don’t mix well! If the laminate floor is exposed to too much moisture, the composite wood will swell and warp. The laminate floor should be vacuumed and mopped daily. If any spills occur they need to be cleaned up immediately.


Follow this simple process to clean hardwood floors:

  1. Remove surface dirt and debris from the laminate surface: Use a dry dust mop or vacuum to remove any visible dirt. Make sure to use a soft head attachment so that you don’t damage the laminate floor by scratching it.
  2. Prepare your solution for cleaning: There are many commercial products that you can purchase especially to clean laminate floors. Never use hardwood cleaner or wax as this will damage the floor. To make your cleaning solution. Mix 2 parts water, with ¼ cup distilled white vinegar or ½ cup isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). Pour the rubbing alcohol solution into a spray bottle.
  3. Use a damp soft brush mop to clean the laminate floor: Spray a light coat of the mixture over the floor. Excess liquid can damage your laminate floors. Then use a microfiber mop to clean, and work in a grid pattern to ensure you don’t miss a spot. If the floor is very dirty, keep cleaning the mop head when necessary.
  4. Buff the floor till it shines: To shine laminate flooring, use a microfiber cloth to buff the floor till it sparkles and shines. 


Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors

Your laminate floors should be cleaned daily.

  • Use a gentle cleanser to spot-clean visibly dirty areas.
  • Dry the floor after cleaning using an absorbent damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.
  • Vacuum the surface using a soft-headed vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the cracks and crevices.
  • Never let your laminate floor get too wet! This can cause irreversible damage.


Deep Cleaning

  • How do you clean waterproof laminate floors? To clean waterproof laminate floors sweep and then use a softheaded mop to clean the floor. Use as little water as possible. 
  • How to clean very dirty laminate floors? To remove ingrained dirt, sprinkle the area with baking soda. Mix hot water with 1 cup of distilled vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing soap in a bucket. Use a small amount of this mixture to remove the dirt. Ensure that the floor doesn’t get too wet. Dry with a microfiber cloth immediately. 
  • How to clean Mohawk laminate floors? Use a dust mop, soft bristle broom, or vacuum to remove surface dirt. Never use a wet mop or steel wool on a laminate floor.


Removing Stains From Laminate Flooring

How to clean laminate boards and the best way to remove stains. Laminate floors are coated with a powerful aluminum oxide top coat that helps them resist stains. Life sometimes get’s messy so follow this guide on how to remove tough stains.

  • How to clean laminate wood flooring with coffee, wine, juice stains, or shoe polish
    Wipe up the spills immediately. Soak up any liquid using a paper towel. Spray a small amount of vinegar and water, this should remove the stain. Avoid using nail polish remover.
  • How to clean wood laminate floors that have a candle wax stain
    Wait till the wax is completely dry, then use a non-abrasive scraper or plastic knife to remove the wax very carefully. Do not use a metal knife or steel wool. After the wax has been removed, wipe the area with a vinegar-water solution. Dry the area with a microfibre cloth. The same may work for chewing gum stuck to laminate floors.
  • How to clean paint off laminate floors And marks furniture legs
    This one might require some elbow grease. Use a dry paper towel to clean up the paint spill. Spray a vinegar and water solution onto the paint then wipe away the remaining residue. Continue this process until all the paint has been removed. The same applies to a nail polish spill.


Don’t Use Too Much Water

The most important tip to remember is to never use too much water! Excess water can damage the protective coating on the laminated floor and cause it to warp.

  • How to deep clean laminate floors: Sprinkler baking soda over the floor. Mix hot water, vinegar, and dish soap into a solution. Spray the area then clean as usual. 
  • How to clean laminate floors without leaving a film: To prevent a film from forming after cleaning, mix equal parts hot water and white vinegar, and put this mixture in a spray bottle. Shake well before using. Spray the area, then simply wipe it away. 
  • How to clean laminate wood floors: Use a gentle cleanser to spot-clean visible dirt. Always remember to wipe up any liquid.


Don’t Use Abrasive Tools

Don’t use abrasive materials on laminate floors as they can damage the floor. How to clean laminate flooring properly? You will need to use a soft-bristle traditional broom or dust mop. Don’t use a steam cleaner as this can also damage the floor.

Think about your floor as if it was like delicate skin with a protective wear layer. Never use harsh products or tools on it. Only the softest tools and most gentle cleaning products keep your floor clean. Area rugs work well to protect high-traffic areas on your floor area.


Safety Considerations When Cleaning Laminate Floors

The 3 most important rules to follow with regular cleaning and caring for your laminated floors are as follows:

  1. Always Use a Microfibre Mop or Dry Dust Mop
    Remove everyday dirt by sweeping daily with a barely damp mop, which will avoid dirt build-up. But once a week, you will need to use a spray mop to get rid of any streaks, spills, or other messes. When dealing with this type of cleaning, always use a microfiber mop, sponge mop, or terry soft cloth. The dry mop should be clean and in good condition. The mop should feel soft to the touch. Don’t use an abrasive scrubber or standard floor brush. These can scratch the floor and damage the laminate flooring. 
  2. Laminate Wood Floors Should Not Remain Wet
    It doesn’t matter what type of materials were used to create your floor, excessive moisture is always a bad idea, and the number one enemy when it comes to laminated floors. For the same reason, steam cleaners are not recommended. A great rule of thumb to follow is, as soon as anything has been spilled, clean it immediately. Don’t ever submerge your mop in water, instead, use a spray bottle to apply a little water and cleaning solution, and use only a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Always dry the entire floor after cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth.  
  3. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners, Clorox, Bon Ami, and Steam Mops
    Harsh chemicals that are marketed to clean tile and vinyl are not suitable for cleaning laminate wood floors. There are many products designed for cleaning laminate floors, or just use a small amount of warm water in a spray bottle for the best results. Instead, opt for a laminate floor cleaner and floor waxes designed for a laminate floor.


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