Removing carpet is a relatively easy project that takes only a few hours. However, not many homeowners know how to remove carpet. Fortunately, learning how to pull out carpet is simpler than you think. Do you have an old or worn-out carpet? You can revamp your space by pulling out your carpet yourself. All you need is the right tools along with some know-how. This step-by-step guide will walk you through safely removing your carpet.

Reasons to Pull Up Carpet

You may have several reasons to remove carpet in your home. Some common reasons include:

Must-Have Tools and Items for Tearing Up Carpet

Before tearing up carpet, you must have the right tools for the job. You should collect the following tools: Fortunately, acquiring these items is straightforward. Once you have them, you’re ready to learn how to remove carpet.

Easy Steps to Pull Out Carpet

These steps will teach you how to rip up carpet:

Step 1: Clear the Area and Put on Your Safety Equipment

Clear your working area and put on all your safety equipment. This equipment includes safety glasses, protective gloves, knee pads, and a dust mask.

Step 2: Take out the Baseboards

With the area clear and your safety gear on, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Carpet removal brings up dust and debris including dried mold and mites. After vacuuming, you can proceed to take out the baseboards.

Step 3: Remove the Carpet

When removing the carpet, start pulling it from one corner, ensuring you avoid the tack strips around the edges. If the carpet doesn’t budge, use your utility knife to cut a small square from the corner. Then, pull on the larger section.

Step 4: Cut the Carpet into Strips

Use your utility knife or a carpet cutter to cut the carpet into strips. Make sure the strips are sizes you can roll up easily.

Step 5: Get Ready to Take out the Carpet

After cutting, roll the cut section and use duct tape to keep it from unrolling.

Step 6: Remove the Tack Strips

Tack strips are narrow pieces of wood that a carpet installer nails to the subfloor. Use your flat pry bar to remove them.

Step 7: Remove the Padding

Most padding attaches the subfloor with stapling. So, removing it can be as easy as grabbing a seam and ripping.

Step 8: Remove the Adhesive

Use your scraper to remove the adhesive from the carpet.

Step 9: Remove the Carpet and Padding and Dispose of Them

Take the rolled-up carpet and padding to your disposal area.

Step 10: Make the Floor Shiny

Clean and buff the floor, preparing it for the new carpet you plan to install.

Need Any Professional Assistance?

Now you know how to tear up carpet. However, you may wonder whether you should remove it yourself or if you should get professional assistance. Either option has its pros and cons. For instance, removing the carpet yourself saves you money but exposes you to potential risks. You could get hurt by the tack strips, damage the subfloor, or expose yourself to mold. Alternatively, professional assistance costs more money. However, professional installation guarantees quality results.

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