Homeowners must learn how to protect hardwood floors from various sources of damage. Why? Even a single tablespoon of water can severely damage hardwood floors, so imagine how badly excessive moisture could cause them to warp, discolor, break, or deteriorate over time.

However, regularly cleaned and maintained hardwood floors last a lifetime. Experts offer helpful information if you want to keep your hardwood floors in top condition. If you’re in Washington, why not ask Carpet To Go about maintaining beautiful and durable hardwood flooring?

Alternatively, read more below about effectively protecting your hardwood floors.


How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Elements that Cause Hardwood Floor Damage

Learning how to keep hardwood floors looking amazing starts with identifying the risks. The most damaging elements to hardwood surfaces include the following:


Moisture wreaks havoc on exposed hardwood floors. Small particulates will enter the porous hardwood floors to cause cracking, splitting, warping, and discoloration. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure can create the perfect environment for black mold growth and mildew.

  • Handle spills or flooding immediately.

Crumbs from Food

Food accumulates within the gaps between floorboards. Dropped food crumbs attract unwanted pests, wood-boring insects, and mold growth into your home.

  • Avoid dropping food items containing acid–it dissolves hardwood finishes to decrease the flooring’s lifespan.

Dirt and Dust

Dirt and dust tracked onto hardwood floors reduces indoor air quality, scratches the wood, and leaves smudges and streaks.

  • Wipe off your shoes before walking on hardwood floors and insist visitors do the same.
  • Promptly remove dirt from your flooring to avoid permanent damage.


Harsh UV radiation damages wood fibers. Neglected hardwood floors under daily sun exposure may warp, develop cracks, become discolored, and age rapidly.

  • Why not speak to local flooring professionals like Carpet To Go about finding protective coatings for your hardwood flooring?

How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Damage

Homeowners have myriad options when it comes to protecting beautiful hardwood floors. The tips below should preserve your hardwood floors effectively:

Avoid Using Water to Clean Your Hardwood Floor

Moisture will easily damage hardwood flooring without quick cleanup efforts. Use small amounts of water for routine hardwood flooring cleaning. If you must use water to remove stains or smudges, simply wet a microfiber cloth, wring it out, and avoid excess water.

Remove Pooled Water Immediately

Pooling water destroys hardwood floors as mold takes over. You may need experts to safely remove pooled water with air movers and water extractors to prevent further damage.

Maintain a Clean Floor

Did you know that a well-maintained hardwood floor can last well over 100 years? Be sure to create a weekly cleaning schedule, including daily dry mopping, weekly dust removal, and monthly deep cleaning.

Choose the Best Cleaning Supplies

Only use cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood floors. If you aren’t sure, rather ask experts like Carpet To Go for safe recommendations.

Help Your Pets in Protecting the Flooring

It helps to promptly remove pet fur and dander from hardwood floors, preferably with weekly dry mopping.

The Best Hardwood Floor Protectors

No matter the causes of hardwood floor damage, maintenance matters. Even chair legs can scratch exposed hardwood floors, given enough force or frequent use. The following tips could protect your hardwood flooring for decades:

Pads for Self-Adhesive Furniture

Big-name brands sell self-adhesive pads for the legs of couches and chairs. Widely used for stationary furniture items, these self-adhesive pads offer a durable, versatile, and simple solution to effectively protect hardwood floors for many years.

X-Protector Furniture Felt Pads

Felt pads remain the gold standard of hardwood protection. Just install x-protector felt pads on the bottom of your furniture items and relax knowing your hardwood floors will be safe from scratches and scrapes.

Nail-On Floor Protectors

More robust solutions include nail-on floor protectors, which reduce the noise of moving furniture and simultaneously protect hardwood surfaces from abrasions, streaks, scratches, and other damage. The pads are easy to install, remove, or replace.

Tap-On Furniture Pads

Our final tip involves tap-on furniture protectors for furniture moved across hardwood floors. Why not keep a nearby box of felt pads so that you can pop one on if you ever want to move a heavy piece of furniture?

Contact Carpet To Go

Protecting hardwood floors is easy with the handy tips above. To learn more, trust the Carpet To Go team for expert advice. We have proudly served King County’s various communities for over 30 years.

Call Carpet To Go at (425) 689-7539 today for tips on how to protect hardwood floors from scratches and more in Seattle, WA.

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