Are you wondering how to stop cat from scratching carpet? Cats are great pets, but their sharp claws can quickly wreak havoc on your home. One way to prevent your cat from scratching is by applying our tips below. Keep reading to learn how to keep your cat’s claws away from your carpets. Doing so will keep your home in top shape. If you are still struggling with carpet maintenance, call the professionals.  

Why Do Cats Scratch Carpets?


Mark Their Spots

Cats have scent glands on their toe pads. Whenever they scrape a carpet, their toe pads release their scent. Therefore, they use their claws to assert that the carpet is their territory.  

Sharpen Their Claws

When cats sharpen their claws, they perform “stropping.” That is, their scratching a carpet removes the outer layer of the cats’ claws. As a result, the cats expose the sharper layer underneath.   

Just for Fun

When learning how to stop a cat from scratching the carpet, note that they will do it just for fun. Cats may simply be bored and looking for someone or something to play with.  


Sometimes, a cat may scratch the carpet to exercise themselves. When cats scratch without stopping, they are trying to strengthen their muscles.  


If you don’t give your cat the attention they want, they may scratch the carpet to get your attention.  

How to Get Cat to Stop Scratching Carpet


Ensure They Get Enough Exercise

You should try playing with your cat more often to give them the necessary exercise. You will alleviate the cat’s boredom while promoting muscle strength training. Use toys or buy new toys that boost their physical health.  

Clean the Area

If the cat scratches for territorial reasons, removing their scent encourages them to stop. Locate the area you want your cat to stop scratching. Then, use a mild solution or washing ingredient to scrub the scent away. Keep your cat from returning to that area until it has thoroughly dried. It will also help stop the habit of coming to the carpet.  

Get a Scratching Post

If your cat needs to sharpen its claws, a scratching post prevents the cat from using your carpet. Once you have a scratching post, show the cat what to do with it. Then, slowly encourage your cat to use the post for scratching. You can encourage the cat to use the post by placing toys on the top or using cat nip. Do it enough until the cat is comfortable using the scratching post.  

Use Comfort Zone Sprays or Cat Scratch Deterrent

Scratch control sprays and comfort zone sprays mimic your cat’s pheromones. Spray these products on the carpet areas your cat likes to scratch. These sprays relax your cat and deter scratching. By applying these tips, you will know how to stop a cat from scratching the carpet. Don’t forget to contact experts if your carpets need fixing.  

Reasons Why Cat Scratching the Floor

As we’ve seen, cats scratch the carpet for various reasons. They can also scratch your floors. Some cats can even ruin your wallpapers and other household materials.  


Indoor cats may develop a habit of sharpening their claws inside a home. The rough texture of certain carpets and other materials can promote this behavior.  

Help Increase the Feeling of Security

When cats aren’t doing emotionally well or feel vulnerable, they will try to use their scent to feel more secure. Therefore, they will self-soothe by scratching furniture, floors, and other materials.  


Cats may be fascinated by loose wallpaper or other items in the house. These materials can encourage your cat to play by scratching and ripping.  

Communicating with Other Pets

If your cat feels territorial, it will scratch areas to communicate with other pets. This type of display asserts a cat’s presence. It helps to understand that cats don’t scratch your carpet out of malice. It’s not their intention to damage your home. They can scratch for attention, play, boredom, and many other reasons. Naturally, you want to take care of your belongings and home. So, learning how to stop cat from scratching carpet can benefit you.  


Learning how to stop cat from scratching carpet will keep your home damage-free. If you have damaged carpets, trust the professionals to help you install new ones. At Carpet To Go, we provide top-quality carpet installation services in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas. Call Carpet To Go at (425) 441-3658 today to discuss your carpeting needs. We can help you refurbish your existing carpets or get beautiful new carpets for your home.

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