If you’ve chosen to utilize custom area rugs in your home in lieu of carpeting, it’s imperative that you know how to keep yours clean and well maintained. However, this might not be as easy as it seems given the time you spend at your job and taking care of your home. Fortunately, with the aid of some handy, helpful cleaning and maintenance tips, this is one chore that can be easily fit into your busy lifestyle.
how to clean and maintain area rugs
How To Clean Your Rugs

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5 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Area Rugs Clean

Several factors go into establishing a dependable cleaning routine. These factors revolve around the size and material of the rugs, so consult with your carpet and flooring expert to make sure you are using the proper cleaning regimen.

1. Give your rugs a good shaking

Unless the rug is particularly large, don’t hesitate to take it outside and shake it to help remove debris that has not embedded into the depths of the rug. Even large rugs can be rolled up and taken outside if you have someone in the home to help you. By doing this before you tackle the deep cleaning procedure, you will find that you’ve removed a good portion of the loose dust and dirt in advance.

2. Regular vacuuming

Now that you’ve removed most of the loose debris, it’s time to break out the vacuum cleaner. Regular and systematic vacuuming is going to be your rugs’ best friend in terms of maintaining its original sheen and luster. It can literally add years to the life of your rugs.

3. Deal with any stains on the rugs

If you forgot, or failed to tackle a stain when it first occurred, you may need a serious stain removal product which is compatible with the material of the rug. Blot the stain from outside to inside and then rinse. If need be, repeat these steps. Try not to scrub the stained area too hard as this may adversely affect the fibers.

4. Deep cleaning

Depending on the material with which the rug was constructed, you should perform a deep cleaning at a minimum of once per year. If your rug is subject to a lot of foot traffic, or your household includes young children and/or pets, a deep cleaning might be in order on a more regular basis. If the rugs are delicate, hand wash them only. Rugs made from natural fibers are best cleaned with gentle cleaners and just a little warm water. Woven and braided rugs can be machined washed, but be sure and follow the instructions for washing them.

5. Make sure the rug is thoroughly dry

After a deep cleaning you want to be absolutely sure that it is dry on both sides. After squeezing out any excess water, use the heat of the sun, if possible, or indoor fans to speed up the drying process so as to prevent any possibility of mildew or mold setting in. area rug cleaning

3 Helpful Tips for Maintaining the Quality of Your Area Rugs

There are a few things you can do outside of being sure your area rugs are clean to maintain the quality of your rugs. Follow these suggestions to bring out the best in your rugs.

1. Include quality padding

Now that you’ve purchased some nice rugs, be sure that they are supported by quality padding underneath. This not only enhances the comfort factor, it prevents slippage and aids in reducing wear.

2. Rotate them regularly

Make sure and rotate the orientation of your rugs at least once a year. Depending on the degree of foot traffic the rug experiences, some people rotate them as often as once every six months.

3. Change your furniture arrangement periodically

Besides giving a room a new look, rearranging furniture breaks up or eliminates natural pathways that people usually traverse across. This can add years to the life of your rugs. how to clean area rug

How to Clean an Area Rug in 7 Steps

Methods of cleaning will vary greatly depending on what type of rug you have in your home. For example, cleaning an antique rug will require different products and methods than cleaning a jute or bamboo rug would. To keep your area rug looking fresh, and for the sake of its longevity, it’s important to know what kind of rug you have and tailor your cleaning methods to suit its material.

1. Check the Care Instructions

Oftentimes rugs will have a small tag on the underside with instructions for how to best clean it. As a first step, you’ll want to review these instructions if they are available. If your rug doesn’t have a cleaning instructions tag, you can also look up cleaning instructions online to find the best way to clean your particular rug fabric.

2. Set Up a Workstation

Cleaning your rug can be quite the undertaking. It is a good idea to set up a workstation for the cleaning process. We recommend using the garage or your driveway to avoid making any messes indoors.

3. Collect the Tools You’ll Need

A couple of items you might need to clean your area rug are: First, sprinkle your rug with baking soda and vacuum it thoroughly. Using baking soda will help deodorize your rug and vacuuming will ensure that all dirt particles are picked up prior to washing. After you’ve vacuumed your area rug, use an appropriate cleaner for your rug’s material and gently scrub your rug with a soft-bristle brush or microfiber cloth.

4. Find the Right Rug Shampoo

Search online to find the best rug shampoo for your particular area rug. Take into account the material, design, and colors of your rug to avoid bleeding colors or fraying edges.

5. Wash Your Rug

Once you know the kind of shampoo you need, gently massage it into your rug using a soft brush or rag. After shampooing your rug, rinse it thoroughly and hang it out to dry. Do not machine dry your rug; many rugs are too large for non-commercial dryers to handle and the heat from your dryer could potentially damage your rug.

6. Vacuum Once More

Once your rug has fully dried, make sure to vacuum it one last time to help it look fresh and natural. Going forward, a good tip to keep in mind is to rotate your rug every few months so that you can even out the wear and effects of foot traffic (this will help avoid one side of your area rug wearing out much quicker than the other).

7. Consider A Replacement

If you find that your area rug still looks dirty or aged after you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, it might be time to consider replacing it with a newer rug. Or, if you really like your rug and would like to save it if possible, consider hiring a professional rug company or carpet cleaner to come clean-or restore it for you. area rug cleaning

Why Consider Calling in a Professional

No matter how great a job you do in cleaning and maintaining your  rugs, there are bound to be times – due to either convenience or excessive staining or buildup of dirt and grime – when you need the services of a pro. No matter what the cause, there are many good reasons to entrust the cleaning of your area rugs to professional cleaners. They definitely know how to clean an area rug by doing a deep clean and giving you the satisfaction you are looking for.

1. Expertise counts

No matter what the material, size, or condition of your area rugs, professional cleaners know exactly what to do to make them look clean and healthy.

2. Steam cleaning goes a step beyond

Professionals go well beyond the tips you’re following to clean and maintain your rugs. Nothing beats a good professional steam cleaning for ensuring your rugs have been thoroughly cleaned. You’ll find comfort in knowing you’ve taken positive steps in providing a healthy home environment.

3. No problem is too large

Professional cleaners tackle the deepest stains and the dirtiest rugs with the tools and cleaning agents that are consistently proven to provide successful deep clean outcomes. The result is an area rug that looks almost brand new.

4. Your lifestyle demands it

It may be that what with your work in and out of the home, you just don’t have the time to keep your rugs in the kind of shape you desire. Some people contract with a professional cleaner for periodic cleanings and maintenance for their area rug on a regular basis. For them, the cost and peace of mind of this service is well worth it.

Enjoy Your Home In A New Way

Area rugs can be a big plus in your home. In addition to knowing how to properly care for them, it’s just as important to deal with a reputable carpet company in selecting the rugs you wish to purchase to begin with. If you’re looking to add another area rug to your home, Carpet To Go can assist you with all of your flooring needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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