Preparing Your Floor for New Laminate

  • July 1, 2020

Laminate flooring is a wonderful addition to any home. It comes with many benefits for homeowners, is convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. If you’re new to the world of laminate flooring, this article will help you know how to best prepare your home for laminate. Before getting started, let’s look at some of the ways that laminate flooring benefits your home.


Preparing Floor for Laminate


What are the Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

Here are some of the primary benefits of laminate flooring and why homeowners often choose it when they are looking to have a new floor installed.

  • Laminate flooring is an eco-friendly flooring option. Because it is designed to mimic the looks of other natural materials without the use of them. While hardwood flooring necessitates the cutting down of trees in order to make, you can get the same hardwood look and feel with laminate flooring without the destruction of any trees.
  • Laminate flooring is convenient for busy homeowners. It has a short and easy installation process and requires very little upkeep (only an occasional sweep and mop and it looks fabulous).
  • Laminate is durable. For most homeowners, this is one of the most important things that they look for in a flooring type. They want something that is durable and will look great for years to come. Laminate flooring checks both these boxes and is good for virtually every type of household (pets, kids, high traffic households — you name it! Laminate looks great in all households).
  • Laminate is aesthetically pleasing in virtually every home. No matter what type of interior aesthetic you have or are going for, laminate flooring will look wonderful in your home. Laminate can be designed to look like hardwood, tile, ceramic, and more, so whatever type of surface you’re going for, laminate is bound to have something.
  • Laminate is cost-effective. This is one of the next biggest factors for homeowners who are looking for a gorgeous as well as affordable floor. Laminate flooring meets both criteria and offers homeowners a great value floor for their investment.


Laminate Flooring

Calculate How Much Laminate Flooring You’ll Need

The first thing to do when preparing your home for laminate flooring is to calculate the amount of laminate you’ll need to cover your space. Measure the square footage before purchasing your laminate. The last thing that you want is to run out of your laminate before your project is complete and be unable to reorder the same kind. Know the exact square footage of your space and then tack on another few feet just in case (there’s bound to be mess-ups along the way and you should plan for that ahead of time).


Prepare the Subfloor Before Installing Laminate Flooring

Before having laminate flooring installed at your home, you first need to prepare your subfloors so that they are ready for laminate flooring installation. Here are two things you should do to prepare your subfloor for laminate flooring installation.

Make Sure the Subfloor is Flat

Use a level to ensure that your subfloor is flush and flat and that there aren’t any rises or unlevel spots. Laser levels come in handy for determining if a subfloor is flat or not.

Grind the Subfloor Where Needed

If you’ve checked your subfloor with a level and determined that it isn’t flat, you will need to grind down and high spots. There’s also the option of raising the rest of the subfloor to meet the rise, but in most cases this is the less convenient option and it’s better to just go with grinding the rise down.


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