For almost a century, nylon carpet has been the preferred choice of carpet flooring. Nylon was the first authentically synthetic fiber to cover living room floors. Nylon carpets transformed the flooring industry and ushered in the popularity of synthetic carpets. To this day, nylon carpet is a highly sought-after floor option. However, before investing and installing nylon carpets, consider these pros and cons of nylon carpets.

Pros of Nylon Carpet

Stain Resistance

Nylon is famous for its ability to resist stains better than any other type of carpet. Although the synthetic fibers don’t naturally repel stains, manufacturers treat nylon with stain-fighting technology that provides ultimate stain resistance. If you have small children or messy pets at home, nylon carpet is a great consideration to provide the look and feel of high-end carpet for years to come. There’s no need to worry about unsightly stains when you shop with a trusted name-brand carpet manufacturer.

Strength and Durability

Compared to other carpets, nylon is ultra-durable and can easily withstand daily wear and tear. Nylon carpet can handle large amounts of foot traffic and “spring” back to avoid unsightly dents and flat sections of carpet. If you’re worried about carpet holding up to your pets and kids, nylon has you covered. Additionally, the color does not quickly fade, making it ideal for carpeting high-traffic areas of the home.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Its ability to readapt to its original form no matter the amount of compression makes nylon carpet ideal. Nylon carpet retains its appearance even after a steam cleaning. You should steam clean nylon carpets at a minimum every 12 to 18 months and more often for higher traffic areas.

Huge Variety of Style, Patterns, and Texture

Nylon carpet has a wider variety than other carpets in terms of style, pattern, and texture. The more extensive assortment of nylon carpet options makes it a good match for homeowners who want full customization over their living space.


Nylon is an environmentally friendly choice for homeowners looking for a more sustainable option. Old nylon carpet is exceptionally recyclable, even in the production process. Manufacturers can reuse synthetic fibers as fishnets, water bottles, and washing machine components from upcycling nylon carpets.

Cons of Nylon Carpet


When compared to other synthetic carpets, nylon carpet is expensive. The synthetic fibers used to make nylon carpets from scratch are costly, translating to a higher cost per square foot. Recycling sustainable carpets from old materials isn’t cheap, so the recyclability and environmental benefits come at a cost.

Not Breathable

Like most synthetic fibers, nylon cannot regulate temperature like a carpet made from organic products can. Materials like wool stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while nylon does the opposite. Nylon tends to trap moisture, leading to issues like mold if you’re not careful.


Of all the carpets on the market, nylon is the least soft. The stiff fibers that make nylon so durable do not make it comfortable or snuggly. For people who prefer a cozy soft carpet, options like wool or cut-pile carpet would be ideal.

Static Electricity

When you rub your feet together on carpet, electricity forms through friction. Static electricity can give an unsuspecting jolt when running on a nylon carpet. If you live in a dry climate, static electricity is more likely to happen as there is no moisture to absorb the shock.

Average Age of Carpet

How long a nylon carpet lasts depends on the quality of its fibers. If you purchase a brand-new nylon carpet and place it in a room that doesn’t see too much foot traffic, it can last upwards of twelve to fifteen years. However, a nylon carpet with lower-quality fibers might only last three to five years. If you’re looking to invest in a new type of carpet, make sure to factor in the average lifespan of the carpet.

Where to Get Nylon Carpets

Now that you know these nylon carpet pros and cons, if you’re looking for a carpet to accommodate a bustling family of active children or outdoor animals, nylon would be a superb carpet for your needs. However, if you are looking for a soft, temperature-regulated flooring option, nylon likely won’t fit your needs. At Carpets To Go, we can handle any of your carpet considerations. With almost 30 years of experience and a vast showroom of options, we’ve seen it all and can recommend the best carpet for your needs. Additionally, we offer a mobile showroom to-go. Call us today at 425-441-3658 for a free quote on nylon carpet!

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