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Investing in a quality area rug is one of the quickest, most effective ways to add style and personality to a room. You can use them to define a space, complement interior décor, or provide extra comfort.

Are you wondering where you can buy the best rugs in Seattle? Carpet to Go[T1]  offers beautiful, functional, and inexpensive rugs right here in Seattle.

Area Rugs Seattle

A rug from Carpet to Go will enhance any room in your house. Our products are high-quality – Carpet to Go uses quality materials and manufacturing to produce carpets that will give you years of enjoyment. We can custom-make rugs that suit your home design vision.


What Are Area Rugs Made From?

Carpet to Go offers area rugs made from various materials, including wool, cotton, nylon, olefin (polypropylene), and silk. Each type of material can be a sensible choice for a rug depending on its intended use and area in the home.

For example, if you want a quality rug for a living area, we may recommend wool for its combination of softness and durability. However, an olefin rug may be a preferable choice for a high-moisture area like a basement.

Many people like to place rugs over the hardwood flooring. But they pair well with almost any type of flooring, including concrete, tile, and even carpeting.


Area Rugs for All Occasions

A plush area rug is a classic home design element. One can find a place in almost any room in the house, from a living room to a basement studio.

In the dining room, a tastefully chosen rug under the dining table can give chairs stability and prevent them from skidding or scraping. Make sure your dining room rug is easy to clean and large enough to fit your table and all the chairs.

In the bedroom, nothing equals the comfort of stepping on a soft, warm rug as you get out of bed on a chilly morning. You may choose one large rug or lay runners on both sides of the bed.

The right piece can work magic on a living room decoration job. A warm, cozy rug also works great as a sitting or playing area for children.


Benefits of Area Rugs 

An area rug can be a lot more than a décor item. The high-quality rugs by Carpet to Go may have many functions, such as:

  • Reduce noise levels and echo, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Protect your flooring from scuffs, scratches, and spills
  • Give a warm, cozy feel when walking barefoot on cold days
  • Add insulation in chilly areas like hallways and basements
  • Stabilize and anchor pieces of furniture

In many ways, area rugs can perform like wall-to-wall carpeting, but with the advantages of portability and flexibility. Placing an area rug on the floor requires no specific equipment or skills. Also, you can transfer an area rug to another room, roll it up for storage, or move it for cleaning without a lot of hassle.


Types of Area Rugs

What type of area rug should you choose for your Seattle home? Here are some of the area rug varieties Carpet to Go offers.

  • Wool: Sustainable, low-maintenance wool rugs will retain their vibrant colors for many years.
  • Cotton: Perfect for the summer months, cotton rugs offer a cool feel and a dazzling variety of colors.
  •  Nylon: If you need an especially durable rug that can withstand extra heavy traffic, nylon is a practical, affordable option.
  • Olefin: Water- and stain-resistant, olefin rugs are a budget-friendly option for humid areas.
  • Silk: Intricate, expertly woven silk rugs are usually decorative items, best fit for displaying on a wall.

The beauty of our rugs is in their versatility. You can choose a luxurious wool rug for your living room, a spill-resistant olefin rug for your dining room, and an easy-to-clean nylon rug for your kids’ play area.

Want to learn more? The knowledgeable staff of Carpet to Go is ready to answer all your questions about the style, function, or durability of our Seattle rugs.


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