If you can’t remember the last time your carpets got a good cleaning, you may want to consider some of the ways you can treat the spots and dirt that have built up over time. When you take self carpet cleaning one room or one mess at a time, the cleaning process goes smoothly and leaves your home looking and feeling its freshest.
self cleaning carpet
How To Self Clean Carpet
When you know how to treat messes and stains, you can awe everyone at your next family get together when a glass of Merlot comes crashing to the floor and you handle the situation like a professional. Here are seven little known tips to help you self clean your carpets in the worst of situations:  

7 Expert Tips For Self Cleaning Carpet


1. When You Spill, You Should Also Blot

When something spills onto your dining or living room carpet, take care to blot the residual liquid or goo away. Always blot spills, never rub them as it ends up causing a bigger mess. When you’re dealing with a mess, the last thing you want to do is short circuit your cleaning efforts by spreading the problem!  

2. Dry-Freeze Bubblegum

Oh no! Your toddler found your bubble gum, chewed on a piece and left it in the middle of your family room rug. You already know that bubble gum is a carpet’s worst nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be traumatizing. To remove bubble gum from carpet, place cubes of ice in a bag directly on the gum to harden it. Then you can use a spoon to separate the blobs of gum and ether pull them off or cut the strands as close to the gum as possible. Don’t forget to hide the bubble gum from your little one for the next decade or so.  

3. Use Club Soda For Beer and Wine Stains

Club soda is a miracle worker when it comes to removing wine and beer stains from carpet. Most experts agree that you can treat wet stains with club soda by pouring an equal amount of soda onto the spot directly. Then, work with a towel and blot the mess out of the carpet, little by little. It may take some time and a few towels to get the job done, but if you do it the right way, you’ll never remember anything ever spilled on that section of carpet.  

4. Use Dishwasher Detergent for Grease Stains

If someone accidentally tracked garage grease in on their shoes, you need a foolproof way to get this pesky stain right out of your carpet. Surprisingly, common dish soap is the best answer for greasy stains. First dilute the dish detergent into water and use the mix in a spray bottle. Then spray to the affected area and blot out with a towel for total removal.  

5. Fight Blood with Hydrogen Peroxide

While you never plan to have blood on your carpet, suffering an accidental cut or having a pet with a wounded paw can quickly lead to a very bad stain. For these occasions, turn to hydrogen peroxide. Simply apply the hydrogen peroxide with an eyedropper to the affected area and then dab it up with a cloth. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the stain and helps you to lift some of it out of the carpet. It also has a lightening quality that removes evidence of the stain in the first place.  

6. Scrape Off Crushed Candy

If you have children, it’s nearly impossible not to get candy crushed on your carpet at some point or another. In these cases, don’t jump straight to the soap, first scrape it off with a butter knife and then wash the area with a soapy sponge. Be sure again to blot, rather than rub, to remove any remaining residue.  

7. Furry Friends Need Natural Cleaners

If you have pets, you should always purchase natural carpet cleaners for your home carpet cleaning needs. Even the best-trained pets can have accidents, so always keep a stock of organic carpet cleaner to clean your carpet when Fido doesn’t get outside in time.  

Bigger Stains and Complex Maintenance?

Self carpet cleaning is great for handling your everyday stains. We hope that the carpet cleaning advice offered here gives you a head start in treating your most affected areas. However, sometimes your carpet has complex needs or big set-in stains that you simply can’t handle alone. Professional carpet cleaning is ideal for these maintenance needs, since you don’t want to risk your carpet quality with a poorly executed or advised DIY cleaning method. For carpet needs in the Greater Seattle, Washington area, contact us at Carpet to Go to learn more about the carpet cleaning and maintenance services that we offer. Choose from a list of services to clean your problem areas, or, simply get new carpet. Contact us today for a consultation and quote!

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