You’ve finally come to a point where your existing carpeting needs to go. It’s no longer fitting in with your decor preferences and you’ve begun to suspect that, no matter how much you clean it, there may be issues developing regarding allergens and possible mold deep beneath the surface. You’ve received referrals for new carpet installation companies, but you’re hesitant to make the initial call because you’re not certain you know enough about carpet to ask the important questions that need be asked. carpet installation professional

Six Questions to Ask A Carpet Professional

Sound familiar? Don’t feel alone if you do. Many consumers in your position often put off this same type of discussion – but the good news is you don’t have to. There are many questions regarding carpet sales and installation, but here are six critical ones you need to ask any professional sales and installation company.  

1. Why Is This Carpet the Best Choice for Me?

When you receive a quote from carpet installation companies, they’re usually trying to match up your desires regarding quality and costs and present you with recommendations that reflect such. It’s important that you ask questions that will help them find the best match for the criteria you have established. Often, just asking the question, “Why is this carpet the best choice for me?” allows them to contrast the differing points relative to carpet quality, maintenance, warranty concerns, installation and costs in a way that can help you to feel comfortable with their recommendation. This, in turn, may make it easier for you to accept the quote, knowing it offers you the conditions that are most important to you.  

2. How Do I Know the Quote Is Accurate, and Is It Non-Binding on Me?

Before you ask this question you’re going to need to brush up a bit on your knowledge of carpet. Fortunately, there are several tools online you can access. One, a Carpet Price Comparison Guide is included here for your convenience. As you listen to the person providing you a quote it is perfectly acceptable for you to refer to this guide and make sure the prices you’re hearing are in line with the comparison guide. Remember, there are many factors that go into a carpet quote so don’t expect exact matches, but if something doesn’t seem right this will help you to recognize and question it. Also, don’t even schedule a quote with anyone who does not clearly state that the quote is free and there is no obligation on your part to accept it.  

3. Is the Quoted Price All-inclusive?

This is critical. Make absolutely sure that the price being quoted to you is all-inclusive, which means the quoted price represents both the sale and the installation of the new carpet. Unfortunately, there have been occasions when a consumer thought they had been quoted an all-inclusive price, only to discover they hadn’t when they were presented with a separate bill for installation, after the fact.  

4. How Do I Best Maintain This Carpet?

You know that you vacuum regularly and remove stains as soon as they appear, making sure family and friends wipe their feet as they enter your home. What you’re looking for from the carpet professional who’s trying to sell you the carpet is if there are any care and maintenance tips that are particular to the type of carpet you are looking to buy. For instance, how you care for Berber carpet may not be exactly the best way to care for Saxony Plush carpet. Same goes for different manufacturers and for different qualities of carpet. The main point here is to ask for any expertise this person has to share and, just to be safe, see if you can’t procure some printed literature from the manufacturer that deals with care and maintenance.  

5. What About Professional Maintenance – How Often and What Type?

Chances are the professional carpet company you’re dealing with sells professional grade cleaning and maintenance products. They may even have staff on hand who perform such maintenance, but, if they don’t, they’ll know a good professional carpet cleaning company they can recommend to you. If you’ve ever had your carpets steam cleaned by a professional you already know what a difference it can make. Professional carpet cleaning is, generally, recommended to be performed once a year, or every 18 months at the most. During the interim, you’re going to need to perform regularly scheduled maintenance yourself. Make sure the person talking to you offers whatever knowledge and/or resources regarding the advantages and types of professional carpet cleaning they have at their disposal.  

6. What Type of Warranty Comes with This Carpet?

Listen carefully to the person providing you with a quote as they go through the warranty conditions. The important distinction here is for you to not base your decision totally on this criteria. While carpet warranties may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the higher in quality (Best and Better) the carpet is, the more chance warranties are going to be similar in what they offer. Be prepared that the same level of warranty coverage from carpet that is rated “Good” may not necessarily be as comprehensive.  

Confidently Choose The Best Carpet For You

Asking the right questions is going to make you feel more confident during the whole process of selecting and purchasing new carpet for your home. The only thing more important, perhaps, is your choice of carpet installation companies. In the Bellevue area, Carpet To Go has been offering residents access to all major brands of carpet as well as a full-service installation team. Their commitment is to provide honest and professional service for all of their customers. Contact them today to begin finding the perfect carpet for your home!

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