You’ve waited a long time to make this decision. Between work and taking care of your home, you’ve taken your time to decide what is the best flooring choice for your home. You haven’t skimped on your research, and your budget allows you to choose between several of the top preferred choices to replace your existing wall-to-wall carpeting. Now it’s time to make a final decision and you’ve narrowed it down to either tile or wood plank flooring. flooring tile awesome

Tile vs Hardwood: Which Flooring to Choose?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing new flooring; things like how your lighting will interact with your new floors and the atmosphere flooring establishes throughout the home. Tile and hardwood floors each have some pros and cons which are worth examining. • Tile pros and cons: Cost is important, and tile is less expensive than hardwood flooring. Tile floors are extremely durable and have some environmental benefits such as being non-allergenic. Also, they don’t readily attract dust, dirt or pollens. On the con side, they’re hard, which can make them difficult to stand on for long periods of time. The installation process for tile requires a certain expertise that cannot be compromised. • Hardwood pros and cons: Hardwood is very versatile and offers a wide variety of styles and options. They’re also easy to maintain. On the minus side, hardwood floors are typically the most expensive choice. They can also be noisy at times, and though they last for many years, they do eventually begin to wear over time.  

Time to Make a Choice

Given that both options are able to beautify your home with new floors throughout, you can be forgiven if you’re leaning towards the most economical of the two choices. Still, you want to be sure. Given your concern for coming in at or under your projected budget, tile seems the likely choice.  

Top Reasons Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Tile Flooring

Aside from the cost benefit in choosing tile over hardwood floors, there are other solid reasons why choosing tile flooring is an awesome choice for your home. 1. Tile flooring will last a long time. You’ve waited a long time to upgrade your floors and you’d rather not do it again for many years to come. Consequently, you want good looking floors that will last for years. Tile, because of its good looks and durability, more than fulfills this requirement. 2. Tile flooring is available in a wide variety of styles and options. It’s safe to say that there are a multitude of choices when it comes to tile floors, choices that cover just about any style, color or texture you can imagine. You can even select a porcelain tile that looks exactly like your favorite hardwood. 3. Tile flooring has decided health and safety benefits. It’s hard to argue that tile floors clean up much easier than do hardwood floors. This is especially important in areas such as your kitchen and bathrooms. Tile flooring, unlike hardwood, vinyl and linoleum, is resistant to burns and non-flammable. 4. Tile flooring is easy to maintain. Generally speaking, all you need to return your tile floors to their original sheen and luster is a good broom and mop. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep your tile floors as beautiful as the day they were first installed. One of the best features of tile floors is that they are resistant to stains of all types, and cleaning up after spills and pet accidents is almost effortless. 5. Tile floors are extremely durable. With the exception of natural stone flooring, no other choice performs as well in terms of durability and resistance to spills and accidents than does tile. Tile is a hard-wearing surface that is ideal for areas of high traffic and high activity levels by both adults and children. 6. Tile flooring offers a great return on investment. One of the most overlooked benefits in choosing tile floors is that they enhance the value of your home, especially if and when you ever decide to rent or sell your home. If that time ever arrives, you’ll be thankful you chose tile floors.  

Time for Action

Now that you’ve decided on tile flooring as your preferred choice, what’s your best course of action? For over two decades, Carpet To Go has been at the forefront in offering Seattle area residents with great flooring choices at affordable prices. In addition, they offer a full service installation department manned by a staff of expert professionals. Don’t delay in contacting Carpet To Go today!

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