Deciding which waterproof flooring to have installed in your bathroom or mudroom can be a challenging choice to make. Finding a type of flooring that will uphold its beautiful appearance while also staying undamaged by wet, muddy shoes, or splashes of water from the kitchen or bathroom sink can be difficult to find. types of waterproof flooring Thankfully, there are a number of excellent waterproof flooring options on the market for homeowners and this article will look into a few of the best — their pros, cons, and a brief description.  

Waterproof Flooring Type #1 – Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is one of the best waterproof flooring options available. Highly customizable and beautiful in your home, porcelain tile is often used in showers, bathtubs, and pools — a testament to just how waterproof it is.




Waterproof Flooring Type #2 – Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is 100% waterproof and among the best waterproof flooring options for many reasons. It’s budget-friendly, customizable for the creative homeowner, and has few (if any) seams — making it impenetrable to water.




Waterproof Flooring Type #3 – Concrete

Concrete is increasing in popularity as it is easy to clean and has a really simple look to it — making it an excellent choice for mudrooms and garages, as they tend to be heavy in traffic and see quite a bit of water and mud. If properly sealed, it is one of the best waterproof flooring options on the market.




Flooring That Doesn’t Leak

If you’d like to know more about having waterproof flooring installed in your home, contact Carpet To Go today. Our team of flooring experts would be happy to assist you in choosing the waterproof flooring that best suits your family’s needs.

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