Types Of Laminate Flooring | How To Choose From The Different Types

  • February 8, 2021

Are you struggling to understand the different types of laminate flooring? You’re not alone. 

A lot of home and business owners have trouble seeing the subtle differences between different laminate flooring options. And this is why our flooring experts have sat down and created this blog post for you!


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Here at Carpet To Go, we offer a wide range of different types of laminate flooring to ensure that every homeowner gets the best laminate flooring to suit their design as well as practical needs. 

Our knowledgeable flooring specialists would be happy to discuss your home’s needs with you in order to help you find the best laminate flooring for your home.

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Types Of Laminated Flooring Textures

When it comes to the types of laminate floors, there are several factors that need to be examined in order to help you choose the right flooring for your home. 

For example, laminate flooring comes in a variety of different textures which can affect the durability and appearance of your flooring. Perhaps you prefer a smooth surface type, if so, there is a wide range of laminate flooring on the market that offers a smooth texture and bright sheen. If a smooth texture is not your thing, you can choose a more rugged laminate flooring that is textured for added aesthetic appeal. 

Some of the different textures that laminate flooring may be found in include:

  • Smooth or satin. This is the typical soft laminate flooring aesthetic that lacks deep grains and has a smooth feel underfoot.
  • Distressed or hand-scraped. Laminate flooring with this texture mimics the look of real wood and has some natural-looking deep grains and wood markings.
  • Brushed. Laminate flooring with this texture has softer markings than those found on distressed laminate flooring but still offers the same vintage feel.
  • High-gloss. The high-gloss laminate texture offers a sleek, modern vibe to any interior and is ideal for clean, minimal aesthetics. 


laminate flooring types


Different Types Of Laminate Flooring Installation

There are several different methods for installing laminate flooring, the most common installation methods include:

  • Pre-glued. This is a convenient laminate flooring installation method because it means you don’t have to apply glue to the planks. Instead, the pre-glued installation method means that the laminate flooring you purchase already has glue applied and is ready to be installed. Nonetheless, your laminate may need some help with glue activation. In this is the case, simply moisten the joints to help activate the glue when joining the laminate together.
  • Glueless-click installation. Glue is not necessary for this method of installation because the laminate planks are manufactured with interlocking capabilities in order to allow them to snap together. Extremely easy for installation and repairs, glueless-click makes up more than two-thirds of laminate flooring in people’s homes.
  • Glue method. This method of installation involves applying glue to the laminate flooring and placing it directly on the underlay. Perhaps the most time-consuming in terms of installation, glued laminate requires that the laminate joints be glued together. The downside of glued laminate is the high labor cost, but the upside is that it is the strongest of the laminate flooring options. 


Styles Of Laminate Flooring

Now let’s take a look at the different styles of laminate flooring. 

The good thing about choosing laminate flooring is that the sheer number of laminate flooring types and styles enables you to follow your aesthetic preferences and tastes to perfectly curate your home. 

Some of the different styles of laminate flooring include wood styles such as:

  • Pine
  • Maple
  • Cherry oak

And other styles like:

  • Marble 
  • Stone



What Are The Benefits Of Laminate Flooring?

There is a myriad of benefits associated with having laminate flooring. More and more homeowners are choosing laminate flooring because of the large number of benefits their homes receive as a result.

Below are just a couple of benefits of laminate flooring. 


1. Easy maintenance, installation, and repairs

Laminate flooring, regardless of the exact type you choose, is a breeze in terms of maintenance. If requires minimal cleaning and rarely requires large annual maintenance to be made on its behalf.

Contrary to many other flooring types on the market today, laminate flooring is simple to install and requires very little time to get the job done. Repairs as well are easily executed efficiently and take next to no time at all.


2. High durability 

Laminate flooring is extremely durable and has the ability to look amazing for many years. It doesn’t suffer from the same rapid aging that many other flooring types are subjected to and can withstand heavy foot traffic quite nicely.

Laminate flooring can withstand a lot of footsteps and is an ideal floor type for high traffic areas, like:

  • Mudrooms
  • Sun porches
  • Kitchens

Laminate floors are great for individuals or families that enjoy an active lifestyle. Scuffs from boots or tracks from bikes won’t damage your laminate floor – it’s made to look great for a long time


3. Quality flooring at a low cost

One of the most obvious benefits of laminate flooring is the incredible affordability for such a high-quality floor. Laminate flooring is incredibly affordable in comparison to other flooring types and offers the same level of quality.

When you put new flooring into a room, it instantly makes the room look better. Laminate floors are available in several styles, so it’s easy to match the existing room paint or furniture. Create separation or complement an existing aesthetic with laminate flooring that looks like hardwood floors, stone, marble, and more.

Laminate flooring is more affordable than hardwood, carpet and vinyl flooring, but just because it costs less to buy and install doesn’t mean it’s lower quality. When properly cared for, a laminate floor will last for several years. If you don’t have a budget for hardwood flooring, you can still get a hardwood look and textured feel with laminate flooring.


4. Laminate flooring gives you flexibility

Laminate flooring, with the many diverse types and textures, gives you design and aesthetic flexibility in your home. Stylistically, you have control over so much of your interior aesthetic when you choose laminate flooring. 

All of the seemingly small details that make up the overall aesthetic of your home can be tailored perfectly to your desires using laminate flooring.

styles of laminate flooring

More Benefits Of The Different Types Of Laminate Floors

Here are some of the reasons why laminate flooring has become increasingly popular in the past few decades:

  • Laminate can be installed over most existing floors
  • Laminate is moisture-resistant
  • Laminate is scratch-resistant and durable
  • Laminate is convenient to install
  • Laminate flooring is comfortable underfoot
  • Laminate is noise-resistant
  • Laminate flooring is easy to maintain
  • Laminate is compatible with radiant heating systems 


Different Types Of Laminate Flooring Ratings

The AC rating (abrasion class rating) tells you how durable a particular laminate flooring is using a one to five scale measurement system. 

The AC rating system is as follows:

  1. AC1: Laminate floors in this category are considered “moderate residential” and appropriate for areas with minimal foot traffic.
  2. AC2: Laminate in this category is suitable for common rooms that see a moderate amount of traffic.
  3. AC3: Laminate floors in the AC3 category are ideal for high-traffic areas of the home and may even work in commercial areas that experience light foot traffic.
  4. AC4: Laminate floors in this category are good for commercial usage and the amount of foot traffic that is generally associated with a business.
  5. AC5: The strongest of the laminate flooring types, AC5 laminate flooring is suitable for heavy commercial usage. 


different types of laminate flooring


Understand HPL vs. DPL

Three layers go into making laminate flooring: the decorative layer on top, the core layer in the middle and the floor backing. High Pressure Laminate (HPL) seals and compresses these three layers of flooring with 1,000 pounds of pressure. Go this route for a durable floor that will see significant activity.

Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL) only uses 500 pounds of pressure to seal and compress laminate floors. This is a better choice for smaller rooms or offices.


How To Choose The Best Type Of Laminate Flooring For Your Home

Determine Where You Would Like To Have Laminate Flooring Installed

First off, ask yourself where you would like to have the laminate floor installed and what is the primary use of that room. This will help you determine if you need a heavier duty laminate flooring type or if that is a non-issue.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s Your Style? What color should your laminate floor be? Do you want it to resemble another type of flooring, like hardwood or stone?
  • Where in Your Home? What rooms are getting the laminate flooring? Do you want the laminate floors in your bathroom to match your kitchen? When should two different styles of laminate flooring be used to create separation?
  • How Do You Want it to Feel? Do you want a smooth feeling laminate? Would you prefer a textured, scraped finish?


Glueless click laminate floors


Determine The Aesthetic Of Your Home

What is your aesthetic? What would you like your home to convey to visitors? Looking up a list of interior design styles might help you in pinpointing what your aesthetic is — which in turn will help you determine what type of laminate flooring to choose for your home.

Because there are numerous types of laminate floors available, and you should choose the right laminate for your home based on the following factors:

  • Appearance. Chances are you’ll buy the laminate floor you want based on the way it looks. You have a vision for your home and your new laminate flooring is the next step in your project. Decide how you want your laminate floor to look first.
  • Texture. If you like walking on your floor in socks or bare feet, the texture is certainly an important consideration! There are several finishes and textures to choose from with laminate flooring, like:
    • Satin
    • Matte
    • Hand-scraped
    • Natural wood
    • Slate
    • Stone
    • And more!
  • Thickness. How thick your laminate floor should be is determined by the stability and thickness of your subflooring.
  • Number of planks. How many “strips” make up the pattern of your laminate floor.
  • Installation Process. Influenced by your existing subfloors, a laminate flooring company will use either glueless laminate flooring, glued laminate flooring, pre-glued laminate flooring, or underlayment attached installation.


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