carpet replacement Remodeling your home is an exciting process, but, like anything, it can have its pain points. Having to choose between different paint colors, types of countertops, and flooring options can seem like information overload. Thankfully, if you have a team of professionals helping you install everything, at least you won’t have to worry about that part of the process! Carpet replacement is a bit of a tricky process and it’s best to have the professionals help you with it. Here is a basic overlook of what the carpet removal process will be like. Materials needed: They will begin by removing all the furniture from the room and potentially anything hanging that might be heavy, like art on the walls. It’s also a good idea to remove any doors that swing into the room. carpet replacement With the mask and gloves on for protection, they will pull back the carpet at a corner with the pliers. It’s best to cut up the carpet as you go (it will make cleanup easier for you). Use the measuring tape to measure 4-foot strips and then use the carpet blade to cut strips of this width along the whole length of the room. Once they’ve removed all the carpet, it’s time to remove any of the underlayer. They may not have to remove it though if it’s still in good shape — no moisture or pest damage. If they do have to remove it, it should be fairly easy to rip up. Just pull back on it until everything gets pulled up. The most difficult part will be removing the staples. Spend some time pulling these up with the pliers. Lastly, if any of the tack strips are rotten or rusty, they will need to pry them up and replace them. If they still look nice, they can be left to use for the new carpet. Removing carpet is generally easier than installing it. Once the carpet has been removed from your home, it’s time to install the new carpet. It’s very important that the installation be done cleanly and correctly to avoid any rippling in the carpet. When it comes to choosing the new carpet to install in your home, you need to consider these questions: Once you’ve answered these questions, that is going to help you choose the style and type of carpet for each room. If you want to know more about carpeting options, read our article on how to choose carpeting for your home

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