The kitchen is a high-traffic area with a lot of wear and tear. If your kitchen floor has seen its better day and you’re looking for a replacement, you need something that can withstand spills and look great for many years. For an affordable, durable floor that can hold up against moisture, scratches, scuffs, and dents, waterproof laminate flooring for kitchens is a fantastic option.  Use this guide to waterproof laminate flooring options to help you choose from the many ideas in the kitchen flooring. 

Top 5 Best Kitchen Laminate Flooring Options 

When shopping for laminate flooring for your kitchen, look for products that include the following options. 

Laminate with High-Pressure

High pressure refers to the laminate manufacturing process. Most laminate manufacturers fuse four layers of material in a single step, a process known as direct pressure laminate (DPL). The high-pressure laminate process treats each layer with resin before it’s fused to the next, creating a stronger and more rigid finished product. 

Glueless, Click-Lock, or Floating Installation

In the kitchen, it’s best to use laminate flooring that isn’t glued down but connects each plank using a click-lock or tongue-and-groove to lock them in place. This installation creates a more water-resistant seal and makes it easier to replace damaged boards without replacing the entire floor. Glueless laminate can also be a floating installation, meaning it can go over any subfloor with the correct underlayment. 

Laminate Boards with Square Edges 

Square-edge describes the cut edges of the laminate planks. Opting for a square, not beveled, edge creates a tighter seal between boards and eliminates grooves that can collect moisture. The result is a seamless, water-resistant surface. 

Having a High AC Rating Laminate 

AC stands for Abrasion Class, which rates how well laminate flooring withstands scuffs, scratches, and other damage. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the flooring. Choose a kitchen flooring with at least an AC3 rating so it can resist the typical wear and tear in such a high-traffic space. 

Waterproof Laminate Flooring 

To prevent water damage on your kitchen floor. Choose a waterproof — not water-resistant— laminate flooring. This means it has a water-repellant surface seal, watertight joints, and a water-resistant core. 

Which Laminate Flooring is Ideal for a Kitchen?

Waterproof laminate flooring for kitchens is an attractive and affordable option, especially in comparison to other materials. Some laminate products even mimic the appearance of different tiles, including the following. 


Durable and easy to maintain, porcelain tiles can mimic the appearance of other materials like natural stone and wood and are stain and water-resistant. 


Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, ceramic is stain and water resistant, durable, easy to clean, and less expensive than porcelain. 


Travertine tiles are natural and rustic. Made from limestone, it’s durable and unique and adds to your home’s value. However, it can be cold and slippery and requires more maintenance than ceramic or porcelain. 


Granite is a solid natural stone ideal for high-traffic areas. It requires some maintenance, including regular sealing, to maintain its appearance, but it’s heat, scratch, moisture, and fade resistant. 


Elegant and luxurious, marble flooring is the most expensive option, but it will increase your home’s value. Although easy to polish, it’s also highly susceptible to stains and scratches and requires a great deal of maintenance. 

Slate Tile

Smooth, natural slate is a beautiful and durable option that requires little maintenance. Less expensive than granite or marble, slate tiles are naturally water and fire-resistant. 

Pros and Cons of Waterproof Laminate Flooring 

As with any flooring, waterproof laminate has pros and cons.  On the positive side, choosing to install laminate flooring means: Some of the cons of waterproof laminate include:

Choose the Best Options from Carpet to Go

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