Buying new carpet can be an overwhelming process. You want to find flooring that fits the style of your home, handles frequent foot traffic, and does not break the budget. Homeowners in the process of remodeling know how hard it can be to find carpet that fits every criteria. One floor may be visual perfection, but the price tag hurts to look at. Another floor might look great and cost less, but is not designed to withstand the amount of roughhousing that happens in your child’s playroom.   carpet costs At Carpet To Go, we understand the time and effort homeowners put into buying new carpet. With that in mind, we compiled some questions on the ways carpet is priced, then weighed the pros and cons of each price range. We hope the following information can help you find the perfect carpet for your home and budget.
What Determines Carpet Price?
When it comes to carpet pricing, there are several major determining factors. Perhaps the most obvious factor is brand-name pricing. If a brand is considered “high end,” their products will almost certainly be more expensive. However, while consumers may look for a loophole in the system to purchase quality and cheap carpet, a carpet’s price is generally a good indication of its durability and make. High end carpet brands usually make high quality products. But this does not mean that more expensive carpet is what you need. Your family’s flooring needs may not demand top shelf carpet. That’s why it’s important to know what exactly you’re looking for. Two great questions to ask are “What room will this carpet be installed?” and “What happens in that room?” From here, you can consider a room’s style, purpose, and the carpet type that will fit it best. A second factor that determines the price of carpet is its fibers. How was it made and what material was used to make it? The cheapest carpet fiber is olefin, which tends to wear quickly if installed in rooms with high foot traffic. Nylon is next on the totem pole. It is used the most frequently out of any carpet material, and its midrange price is manageable for many homeowners. The most expensive—and most reliable—fiber is wool. Again, price tends to be a decent indication of quality, with wool being more durable and soft than other carpet types.
Is Expensive Carpet Worth the Money?
As mentioned above, the more expensive a carpet is, the higher quality it tends to be. Of course, this statement can’t be applied to every flooring purchase. Manufacturer warehouses and retailers may differ, and carpet prices can be different in various locations. But the question remains—is expensive carpet really worth the big bucks? Here’s the short answer: that depends on you. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Many people consider anything above $25 per square yard to be not worth the money. Wool has its downsides, and some homeowners think that a mid-range, $20 per yard nylon carpet will do just fine. And they might be correct, considering their own needs and tastes. But the fact remains that you, the carpet shopping homeowner, wants new flooring that compliments your own interior design, as well as accommodates the kids, pets, or whatever may pose a risk to new carpet. If you are looking for something more luxurious and long-lasting, and you have a decent budget, wool carpet may very well be your best option. But if you are replacing the carpet in a child’s bedroom, you’re better off with a sturdy, affordable nylon carpet.
Talk to a Professional
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