Bedroom Rugs: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right One

Bedroom rugs add a level of comfort, coziness, and overall style to a sleeping space. It is the landscape to showcase the look that you are going for. And, as such it is an important consideration in your overall home design.

With valuable information and tips to help you choose the perfect area rug for your bedroom – you can enhance the look and feel of your bedroom tremendously. In this article, let’s look at how you can choose the right rug for your bedroom.

Small Bedroom Rugs

Choosing the right small rugs for your bedroom requires measuring the room to ensure proper fit. The rug should fit comfortably under the bed and extend out about two feet on each side.

Think About the Material and Quality of Your Rug
Material is also important; soft and plush materials create a cozy atmosphere, while synthetic materials are more durable. Lastly, the style and design of your bedroom area rugs should complement the overall decor of the space.

Large Bedroom Rugs

When it comes to choosing the best bedroom rugs, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some general guidelines for large bedroom rugs:

Bed Placement
The rug should be large enough to extend at least 2-3 feet beyond the edges of the bed. This will provide enough space for your feet to comfortably touch the rug when you get in and out of bed.

Room Size
Take into account the overall size of the room. If you have a particularly spacious bedroom, a larger rug can help anchor the space and create a cohesive look but it’s important that you consider space, the color of your flooring, and the design and color of your rug.

Furniture Placement
Consider the placement of other furniture in the room, such as dressers, chairs, or sitting areas. If you want these pieces to be partially on the rug as well, choosing a larger-sized rug may be your best option.

Rug Shape
Rectangle or square rugs are typically the most common choices for large bedrooms. However, if you have a round bed or unique room layout, you may opt for modern bedroom rugs that are round or custom-shaped.

Of course, your budget will also play a role in choosing the correct rug size. Larger rugs tend to be more expensive, so it’s essential to consider your budget while keeping the above factors in mind.

Area Rugs Under Dressers

Regardless of the size of your bedroom or bed, an area rug should not push up against the edge or legs of a dresser or other large piece of furniture. Choose a rug that’s large enough to fully slip underneath the entire dresser.

Or, pick an area rug small enough so that you can leave at least two or three inches of floor showing between the edge of the rug and the piece of furniture. This thoughtful consideration will guarantee a polished appearance in your bedroom decor.

How Much Space Should You Leave Between Your Bedroom Rugs and the Walls of Your Room?

It’s important to leave enough space around furniture and other objects in a room to prevent clutter and allow for easy movement. The recommended space is 8 to 24 inches on all sides, with 18 inches being a common suggestion. However, in smaller spaces, 8 inches may be enough. Leaving enough space will make the room look more spacious, functional, and easier to navigate.

Where Should a Bedroom Area Rug Be Positioned?

To position a bedroom area rug effectively, consider its size, placement in relation to other furniture, and overall design. The rug should be large enough to anchor the bed and allow for comfortable foot landing.

It’s recommended that the rug extends at least two feet on each side of the bed. You can position the rug partially under the bed or in front of it for different effects.

Additionally, the rug should match the room’s aesthetic and complement other decor elements. Experiment with placement options to enhance comfort and visual appeal.

Elevate Your Bedroom with the Right Area Rug

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