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    Is it time to have a new floor installed at your home? If you are floor shopping and want a beautiful addition that won’t break the bank or be too much maintenance, then Marmoleum flooring could be the perfect fit for your home. 

    Marmoleum flooring is a beautiful flooring type that can greatly enhance your home’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of the qualities of Marmoleum flooring and instead have negative misconceptions about Marmoleum flooring. What many homeowners don’t know about Marmoleum is that it is a very diverse flooring type and can match virtually any style of interior design. So no matter how creative or traditional you want your interior to be, Marmoleum flooring has an option that will suit you. This page will introduce you to the benefits of Marmoleum flooring and help you figure out if this might be a good flooring option for your home. If you have flooring questions that aren’t answered on this page or to request a flooring estimate for your home, please contact Carpet to Go today.

    What is Marmoleum Flooring?

    Marmoleum is a type of linoleum flooring produced by Forbo and is composed of natural materials and finish. Marmoleum is made from natural ingredients, including jute, pine rosin, linseed oil, and wood flour. Because it is a natural linoleum flooring, Marmoleum is especially beneficial for homeowners who are sensitive to synthetic flooring or those who prioritize natural homes. Marmoleum flooring is also a good choice for those with allergies or pets who require non-toxic flooring.

    What are the Benefits of Marmoleum Flooring?

    Now, onto the fun part!  Let’s introduce you to some of the benefits Marmoleum floorings can bring into your home. 

    Easy Maintenance

    Marmoleum flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike hardwood flooring which needs to be refinished every 3-5 years, Marmoleum requires very little attention to keep it looking fresh. Daily sweeping and weekly mopping are enough to keep your Marmoleum floor looking sleek and new for years to come.

    Easy Installation

    Marmoleum flooring may be installed as a sheet or as a click floor. The installation process is generally very quick and easy and with a skilled installation team, you can have your new Marmoleum floor installed in a day or two. This is far faster than most other flooring options.

    Wide Range of Options

    By choosing to have Marmoleum flooring installed at your home, you gain access to a lot of different flooring shades and patterns.  So no matter your interior design style, you’ll be able to find a Marmoleum flooring pattern to match.

    Eco-Friendly Flooring

    Marmoleum is not only biodegradable, but it also has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and is a sustainable flooring option for eco-conscious households. If working with environmentally-friendly materials is important to you, then you will appreciate knowing that Marmoleum friendly has a very low impact on the environment.

    Marmoleum Flooring is Durable

    Have a busy household that needs a durable floor? Marmoleum is an excellent option.  Whether you have a busy household with multiple kids or small pets, Marmoleum flooring will stand up to the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic.

    Sheet or Click Marmoleum Flooring?

    Marmoleum comes in two popular types, click and sheet.  Click Marmoleum flooring comes in tiles that fit together (usually with a glue-free secure installation). Sheet Marmoleum comes in rolls that can be easily rolled and installed.  If you have completed flooring installation projects in the past, Marmoleum flooring installation may be a project that you want to take on yourself. However, for homeowners without installation experience, we’d advise that you hire a flooring installer and have your Marmoleum installed by a professional rather than attempting to install it yourself.  Making a mistake during the installation process can result in costly issues later on. This is why it’s better to rely on a skilled Marmoleum flooring installer rather than attempting the project on your own.

    Marmoleum Flooring Designs

    Marmoleum flooring comes in every look imaginable. Whether you want a tiled look, the appearance of a hardwood floor, or something like concrete, Marmoleum flooring has options for you. If you want something retro, modern, simple, or exciting Marmoleum will help you accomplish this.  If this is your first time having Marmoleum flooring installed at your home, call Carpet To Go today to help you decide which pattern or shade of Marmoleum to have installed at your residence.

    Marmoleum Flooring Installation Near Me

    Looking for a Marmoleum flooring installation service near you? Carpet To Go is ready to lend a helping hand. Our team of Marmoleum flooring installation professionals are efficient, skilled, and would be honored to install your new floor. If you would like to discuss the possibility of having Marmoleum flooring installed in your home, give Carpet To Go a call today. We’d be happy to set up an appointment for our team to visit your home to install Marmoleum floors or help you choose the best Marmoleum for you.

    Marmoleum Flooring is Durable

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