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    Hardwood is a very popular covering that has been around for much of history. Wood naturally adds warmth, depth, and a unique appearance to a room that many other flooring choices do not duplicate. Because of this, hardwood floors can add value to your home.

    Manufacturers have improved their ability to produce better quality finishing, and construction techniques, which makes hardwood an even better choice for your home. If you are considering the purchase of hardwood, keep in mind that it has many options and applications that you can consider for your convenience.

    Carpet To Go has what you need! We offer homeowners high-quality, solid hardwood floors at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on caring for our customers and will ensure you’re happy with our service. Contact us today!

    Why Choose Carpet To Go for Your Hardwood Floors?

    Carpet To Go stocks various hardwood flooring options, with different color variations depending on your flooring project’s needs. Our specially engineered hardwood flooring features the following:

    • Quality materials: Our hardwoods are premium grade and feature protective finishes for high-quality results you will be proud of.
    • Express, full-service installation: We know how to install a hardwood floor quickly, completing most projects in a week or less.
    • Estimators and inspectors: Our skilled estimators and inspectors will work with you to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.
    • Five-year warranties: We partner with our suppliers to offer product protection, and all of our hardwood flooring installations come with a five-year installation warranty.

    Hardwood Floor Types We Offer

    At Carpet To Go, we offer a number of hardwood flooring options for you to choose from. These include

    Solid Hardwood Flooring

    Solid hardwood floors consist of single pieces of wood. Our experienced professionals lay them plank by plank atop a wooden subfloor. They offer timeless style, as you can refinish them again and again. They come in many different color variations, so there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Engineered hardwood planks are “composited,” meaning they contain multiple thin layers of wood, polymers, and resin, all topped with a layer of real hardwood. Unlike solid hardwood, one can install engineered hardwood flooring on more than just wooden subfloors, including concrete, tile, and linoleum. And while you cannot refinish engineered hardwoods, they are more cost effective than solid hardwood floors.

    Maple Hardwood Flooring

    Maple hardwood flooring is ideal for those who prefer a lighter aesthetic, ranging in hue from very light to light medium-brown. Maple flooring looks wonderful in rooms with a lot of natural light and works well in traditional and modern settings alike.

    Oak Hardwood Flooring

    Oak hardwood flooring boasts the sturdiness of its namesake tree. As one of the most popular hardwood choices in the US, oak hardwoods are a reliable choice for any homeowner. Oak hardwood flooring has a distinct pattern that is easy to recognize. In terms of color, they range from beige to brown, as well as with more reddish options.

    Hickory Hardwood Flooring

    Hickory hardwood floors come from hickory trees. Hickory hardwoods range in hue from lighter shades of brown all the way to dark, chestnut tones. They tend to skew toward darker colors, however. They vary in pattern, allowing homeowners a greater degree of flexibility than other hardwoods.

    What Are the Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood flooring comes with a range of benefits. These include but are not limited to:

    • It is one of the United State’s most popular floors.
    • It can be installed through the home over a variety of sub-floors.
    • It is versatile.
      It adds warmth and character to any room.
    • It is easy to care for.
    • It adds value to your home at resale time.
    • It is a beautiful way to make any room more inviting.

    Other advantages include:

    Enhances the Look of Your Home

    Hardwood flooring provides a timeless, traditional look that works well in almost any home. With so many variations in colors, wood types, and patterns, you’re sure to find something that works well for you and your loved ones.

    Low Maintenance

    Hardwoods require relatively little care, making them easier to clean and maintain than other flooring options, such as carpet flooring. Whereas carpets demand intensive vacuuming and costly cleaning services, you can clean hardwoods with a broom and a mop. With a protective finish, your hardwoods will last for many years.

    Strong & Durable

    Good, solid hardwood floors can take a beating. Homeowners the world over have come to count on their incredible strength and durability. Dropping items on hardwoods won’t hurt them, and treating them with the proper protective finish leaves them resistant to stains and water damage.

    Better Air Quality

    Professional-grade hardwood flooring also smells fantastic. Each wood has a unique scent that will make your home smell fresh and clean. Other flooring options often lead to worse air quality, as they are harder to clean and contain synthetic materials such as plastic or tile.

    Looks Good with All Types of Décor

    Hardwoods come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to match practically any living space. Both traditional and modern homes benefit from having hardwoods.

    Where Can I Find Hardwood Flooring?

    If you are looking into new flooring for your home and think hardwood flooring would be the best fit, please don’t hesitate to call one of our offices for a free estimate. We have numerous hardwood options available and would be excited to help you find the best fit for your home. Moreover, we now offer flooring financing, allowing you to get the exact flooring that you want for your home or business.

    Get Reliable Hardwood Flooring from Carpet To Go

    Carpet To Go offers professional, high-quality hardwood floors to homeowners and business owners in Seattle, Lynwood, Bellevue, and their surrounding areas. From the moment you start your flooring journey with us, we will treat you like family and meet your every need to the best of our ability. Give us a call today to speak with one of our flooring experts.

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