Hardwood Care & Maintenance

You will love how durable your hardwood floors are! With proper care, upkeep, and spot treatment, your floors will shine for decades.

Daily Maintenance

The key to daily hardwood maintenance is removing abrasive particles such as dirt, dust, and pet dander from the surface effectively. Sweep your hardwood floor with a soft bristle broom or dust mop as frequently as possible. Use mats at all entranceways, remove footwear at the door during rainy or snowy weather, brush all pets frequently, and trim pet nails.

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Hardwood Spill Treatment

All moisture on hardwood floors and any spill needs to be wiped up immediately with a dry, clean cloth. For dried spills, use a hardwood-specific cleaner and use liquid scratch concealer, wood floor polish, floor wax, and touch-up kits as needed. Make sure to read all instructions before using them to ensure the product is safe for your wood species and finish.

Hardwood Installation

After you have been through the process of carefully selecting your new favorite hardwood planks, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the hardwood installation process. The Carpet To Go experts can help you prepare before, during, and after your new hardwood installation. Now it’s time to prepare for your stylish new flooring!

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