Laminate Flooring
In Bellevue, Washington

We can’t wait to help you explore the realistic laminate styles for your inspired home. Visit Carpet To Go in Bellevue, WA, and we serve greater Seattle as well!

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With realistic texture, tones, and finishes, laminate flooring offers an incredible visual at a lower cost than the material it emulates. Whether you love the look of wood or stone, laminate flooring is a durable alternative that offers moisture and scratch resistance. Ideal for quick remodels, design refreshes, or repairs, laminate floors are an outstanding choice.

We Carry The Top Name Brands In Laminate

When you want to elevate your interior spaces, your home deserves the very best. Carpet To Go carries the most trusted laminate brands for the top quality that you can rely on.

Why Choose Laminate?

When you need affordable flooring solutions, laminate is a great place to start. Not only are laminate products cheaper to purchase, they are also cheaper to install and repair if necessary. With engineered, multi-layered constructions and reinforced finishes, laminate floors are a great fit for active homes with plenty of unpredictable adventures!

Laminate flooring | Carpet To Go

Types of Laminate

The varied laminate constructions and finishes offer different characteristics that can ideally fit the spaces you are designing for. In high-use areas like entranceways, hallways, and common rooms in the home, laminate products that offer greater scratch, dent, and scuff resistance will be terrific. For kitchens, kid's areas, bathrooms, and mudrooms, water-resistant laminate will make your home easy to maintain. 

Laminate Installation

After you have been through the process of carefully selecting your new favorite laminate styles, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the laminate installation process. The Carpet To Go experts can help you prepare before, during, and after your new laminate installation. Now it’s time to prepare for your stylish new flooring!

Laminate Care

Now that you have new laminate floors installed, it’s time to keep your rooms looking stunning for as long as possible! The key to being ready for any mishaps that can occur at a moment’s notice is to know the proper laminate care steps for each situation. From preventative steps and proper regular care to stain removal procedures, it always helps to be prepared. Always refer to the manufacturer's warranty for care instructions.