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most durable flooring

Most Durable Flooring Options for Your Home

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Choosing the most durable flooring options for your home starts with using the right professional services. However, knowing how to choose the right flooring solutions is just the first step. The next step is knowing how to install the types of flooring you need. 

At Carpet To Go, we proudly pair our customers with different types of flooring materials beyond carpet and vinyl. We work with all major brands and can support you with all of your flooring needs. 

This guide explores different types of flooring materials and how to choose the right ones for your home’s needs. 


Types of Flooring Materials

Consider the following types of flooring materials: 


Hardwood Flooring

Numerous varieties exist for hardwood flooring, and you can resurface it every three to five years. 

most durable flooring


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring costs less than hardwood but can be challenging to repair. At Carpet To Go, we have extensive experiencing installing and maintaining laminate flooring


Vinyl or Linoleum

Vinyl and linoleum are easier to install, but some homeowners don’t appreciate their unnatural look. New styles are ver natural looking and can suit various types of rooms, both commercial and residential.


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile is not only extremely affordable and versatile but it is also very easy to maintain.



Carpet is inexpensive to install but hard to maintain if you have pets. That said, it does come in varying style, making it versatile.


How to Choose the Right Flooring

Knowing how to choose the right flooring starts by considering the following factors: 

  • Your home/work situation: The best qualities of a durable floor are scratch and water resistance. For example, water-resistant and solid hardwood flooring is generally better if your home has heavy foot traffic.
  • The type of room: Luxury vinyl tile works better in certain rooms, while carpet is the better alternative for others. The choice is yours and will depend on your individual needs.
  • Styles and tastes: While you always want resilient flooring options, some choices feature designs and variations that can better match your home’s space. Choose the type of flooring material and design that matches or enhances your home or business’ aesthetics. 
  • Your overall budget: You may want classy natural stone hardwood floors, but the initial installation costs might exceed your budget. Of course, you should also factor in the costs of maintaining your floors. Some materials require less maintenance than others. 
  • Your return on investment: Many homeowners will remodel their homes with the goal of increasing their resale values. Better quality and a more professional installation mean you’ll have a higher return on investment (ROI). 

With so many flooring options available, finding the right one for you and your home’s needs can feel overwhelming. Make the process of finding the most durable flooring options easier by working with a professional crew. 


The Qualities of a Durable Floor

The most durable floors should feature the following qualities: 


Impact Resistance in Floors

Dropping things by accident happens a lot to homeowners, which is why you need a floor with excellent impact resistance. The right flooring surface should handle dropped objects with ease. 


Water and Humidity Resistant Floors

Homeowners take great measures to prevent excessive humidity and moisture from invading their homes and floors. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to prevent areas like your kitchen, bathroom, or basement from having humidity or moisture. 

The qualities of a durable floor should feature moisture and humidity resistance, preventing your floor’s softer layers from receiving damage. Besides protecting your floors from damage, you can also prevent additional issues like mold or mildew from invading your home. 

Areas like your bathroom or basement can become hotspots for mold to grow. Besides causing structural damage, mold can trigger many adverse health risks, especially if you or your family members inhale these troublesome spores. 

Mold can also cause your HVAC systems to work harder, increasing your monthly energy bills. 


Scratch and Scuff-Resistant Floors

Among the most common types of flooring damage, scuffs and scratches remain at the top of the list. Various factors can create these scratches and scuffs, such as moving furniture, animal paws or claws, walking in high heels, and more. 

Unfortunately, many warranties won’t cover these issues because insurers consider them avoidable damage instead of defects. The right flooring solution will feature resistance against scratches and scuffs. 

Factors like budget and aesthetics should always play a role when choosing the right flooring system. However, many homeowners ignore overall durability. 


Contact Our Carpet To Go Team! 

Choosing between the most durable flooring options can be challenging as many solutions exist. For example, some homes may benefit more from carpets, while others should choose hardwood. Working with our Carpet To Go team can eliminate the stress of choosing. 

Bellevue residents can call our team today at 425-689-7559 for a free estimate!

4 Tips on How to Address Flooring Water Damage

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Even small amounts of water can cause significant damage to your floors, and if you don’t repair it quickly, it can spread and mean even more costly repairs — or a new floor. If you discover flooring water damage in your home, the following guide can help you address the issue, prevent mold, and protect your home from further problems. 

Keep reading for more tips on repairing floors from water damage from the experts at Carpet to Go, Seattle’s leading flooring provider for over three decades.


How to Address Flooring Water Damage 

Deciding how to repair water-damaged floors depends on the extent of the damage. In some cases, you can nail or screw a damaged section of wood flooring back into place or replace a section of wood, tile, or carpet with new materials. After completely drying the floor, remove the damaged area and replace it with new materials.

However, widespread water damage usually requires replacing the entire floor. If the subfloor sustains damage, it, too, will need repair or replacement. 


4 Tips on Repairing Floors from Water Damaged

If you have a plumbing leak or another water incident, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to make flooring repairs. The sooner you clean up the water and dry the floor, the less likely the damage will be severe. Here’s how to repair water-damaged floors.

Check for Moisture Damage Symptoms

Depending on the flooring type, the signs of water damage after a leak will vary. Excess moisture on wood floors can cause discoloration, warping, swelling, and buckling, while laminate floors will split and crack. Water-damaged tile may be loose, cracked, and stained, while vinyl may develop bulges or look warped. 

Repair the Leaks

Before making any repairs, locate the water source and address the problem to prevent further damage. Water may be clean water from rain or plumbing leaks, gray water from appliances, black water from a sewage leak, or groundwater. In the case of black water, you’ll need additional cleanup to eliminate health risks. 

Prepare the Floor for Replacement or Repair

Before making water damage repairs, remove the surface water and clean the affected area. Use a mild detergent, disinfectant, and a gentle brush to remove dirt and grime and prevent mold from growing. Dry the floors completely before making repairs since any remaining moisture can cause mold or further damage. 

Do the Required Repairs 

Once the floor is dry, perform the repairs. Consult a professional to determine whether the entire floor requires replacement. In some cases, replacing the whole floor may be more cost-effective than attempting to fix the damaged area. 


How to Identify if Your Floor Has Water Damage?

Any flooring can sustain water damage, but the specific signs vary between materials. The surface may also appear warped, with bulges and bubbles. 

Linoleum Flooring Symptoms

Linoleum resists moisture reasonably well, but discoloration and sudden stains are often signs of water damage.

Tile Flooring Symptoms

Tile is typically impervious to water, but if the subfloor gets wet and swells, the tiles will show signs of damage. Some symptoms of a damaged tile floor include loose tiles, cracks in the grout or tile surface, stains, a hollow sound when tapping the tile, and musty odors. Broken tiles can also cause visible mold. 

Carpet Flooring Symptoms 

Wet carpets can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and wool carpets, in particular, can rot if not dried quickly. Signs of water-damaged carpet include discoloration and a foul or musty odor. 

Laminate Flooring Symptoms 

Although considered more durable than hardwood flooring, laminate flooring is vulnerable to water damage, especially if it is not waterproof. Water can infiltrate the core of the laminate planks and cause swelling, which leads to warping, swelling, splitting, cracking, and mold growth. Water-damaged laminate may also become stained or discolored. 

Hardwood Flooring Symptoms 

Hardwood flooring is most vulnerable to water damage. The most common signs are cupping, when the sides of the boards curl upwards, and crowning, when they curl downwards with the center bubbling up. Wet hardwood can also buckle or warp, detach from the subfloor, and develop dark or discolored spots. 


Contact Our Carpet to Go Team!

If flooring water damage means you need to replace your floors, visit the flooring experts Seattle area homeowners trust, Carpet to Go. Visit our showroom today to explore a wide selection of flooring options. Or call us at (425) 441-3658 or complete the online form to request an estimate today. 

nylon and polyester carpet

Nylon vs Polyester Carpet: A Comparison

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Ask yourself what you want from your flooring options by contemplating factors like durability, absorbency, price, and eco-friendliness. When considering nylon vs. polyester carpets, you’ll want to consider how the carpet will contribute to your space. Both options use synthetic fibers but perform differently. 

For additional guidance when deciding between nylon vs. polyester carpet, contact Carpet To Go of Bellevue, WA, at (425) 689-7539. As the leading provider of flooring options in Washington state, we have extensive knowledge to fit you with the right carpet.


Comparing Nylon and Polyester Carpet Fibers

There are a few key differences when comparing polyester and nylon carpets. Both differ in how they stand up to weight, staining, production, comfort, and cost. Reflect on what you want from a carpet and deliberate the differences, including: 

Durability: Nylon is much more durable than polyester in its weight-bearing and stretching abilities. 

Stain resistance: Polyester is best for repelling liquid, as the synthetic fibers are not as absorbent as nylon. 

Eco-friendliness: Nylon and polyester carpets require lots of energy for production and do not decompose naturally. For an eco-friendly option, consider a recycled form of nylon or polyester carpet. 

Softness: Because nylon is much more absorbent than polyester, it is also softer. 

Cost: Nylon’s durability and comfort make it the more expensive option. Polyester is much more cost-effective but may have a shorter lifespan.


Nylon vs. Polyester: Which Makes the Best Carpeting?

There is no definitive best carpet; it depends on the carpet’s surroundings. Things to ask yourself when shopping for nylon vs. polyester include:

How many people will walk on the carpet every day?

What is the size of the space for my polyester or nylon carpet?

Do I have any pets or animals that will be around the carpet?

What is my budget for nylon vs. polyester carpet?

How much time do I have for carpet maintenance?

Because of its easy-to-maintain qualities and affordability, polyester carpet caters to more needs than nylon. Additionally, finding a polyester carpet that looks similar to a nylon carpet is not hard to do. If you find a nylon carpet that you like but is out of your price range, the experts at Carpet To Go can help you find a similar carpet in polyester. 


Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet Fibers: What Is the Better Option for Your Home?

Ease of cleaning: Nylon is more challenging to clean than polyester, as it traps debris more easily.

Stain resistance: Nylon is not as stain-resistant as polyester, meaning you will need to pay more attention to stains than with polyester. 

Durability: Nylon is the more durable of the two carpets. It is better for heavy walking traffic and regular use.

Comfort: Nylon is typically more comfortable than polyester because its creation relies less on chemical makeup. Its softness makes it an excellent option for households with small children, frequent houseguests, or those sensitive to rough materials. 

Mildew and mold: Nylon carpet is more prone to mold and mildew because of its ability to retain moisture. Stick to polyester if you are wary of home contaminants. 

Environmental impact: Both nylon and polyester go through rigorous production methods and sit in landfills for years. Nylon requires a longer time to produce, while polyester uses more chemicals. 

Budget: Polyester is the more affordable option, averaging around two dollars a square foot. Nylon typically ranges from three to seven dollars per square foot of carpet. 

Total average: While they both serve different uses, polyester has more advantages over nylon. 

Nylon makes for a better carpet if you do not have a large household or expect heavy traffic. Nylon carpet is a good fit for those with higher budgets and ample time for cleaning.

On the other hand, polyester suits almost any household. If you have a large family with animals, a tight budget, and a fixed amount of time, stick to polyester carpet options. 



Both nylon and polyester carpets are excellent options and serve their purposes. Polyester is an accessible crowd pleaser, while nylon carpet caters to individual needs. If you’re still unsure which carpet best suits your home, contact the experts at Carpet To Go

With a wide range of thousands of yards of carpet, it’s easy to see why Washington continues to choose our services after 30 years. Our skilled associates, comprehensive buying process, and quick installation will serve your home well.

Call Carpet To Go of Bellevue, WA, at (425) 689-7539 today for a free quote when deciding between nylon vs. polyester carpet. 

how to stop your cat from scratching your new carpet

How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your New Carpet?

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Are you wondering how to stop cat from scratching carpet? Cats are great pets, but their sharp claws can quickly wreak havoc on your home. One way to prevent your cat from scratching is by applying our tips below.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your cat’s claws away from your carpets. Doing so will keep your home in top shape. If you are still struggling with carpet maintenance, call the professionals.


Why Do Cats Scratch Carpets?


Mark Their Spots

Cats have scent glands on their toe pads. Whenever they scrape a carpet, their toe pads release their scent. Therefore, they use their claws to assert that the carpet is their territory.


Sharpen Their Claws

When cats sharpen their claws, they perform “stropping.” That is, their scratching a carpet removes the outer layer of the cats’ claws. As a result, the cats expose the sharper layer underneath. 


Just for Fun

When learning how to stop a cat from scratching the carpet, note that they will do it just for fun. Cats may simply be bored and looking for someone or something to play with.



Sometimes, a cat may scratch the carpet to exercise themselves. When cats scratch without stopping, they are trying to strengthen their muscles.



If you don’t give your cat the attention they want, they may scratch the carpet to get your attention.


How to Get Cat to Stop Scratching Carpet


Ensure They Get Enough Exercise

You should try playing with your cat more often to give them the necessary exercise. You will alleviate the cat’s boredom while promoting muscle strength training. Use toys or buy new toys that boost their physical health.


Clean the Area

If the cat scratches for territorial reasons, removing their scent encourages them to stop. Locate the area you want your cat to stop scratching. Then, use a mild solution or washing ingredient to scrub the scent away.

Keep your cat from returning to that area until it has thoroughly dried. It will also help stop the habit of coming to the carpet.


Get a Scratching Post

If your cat needs to sharpen its claws, a scratching post prevents the cat from using your carpet. Once you have a scratching post, show the cat what to do with it. Then, slowly encourage your cat to use the post for scratching.

You can encourage the cat to use the post by placing toys on the top or using cat nip. Do it enough until the cat is comfortable using the scratching post.


Use Comfort Zone Sprays or Cat Scratch Deterrent

Scratch control sprays and comfort zone sprays mimic your cat’s pheromones. Spray these products on the carpet areas your cat likes to scratch. These sprays relax your cat and deter scratching.

By applying these tips, you will know how to stop a cat from scratching the carpet. Don’t forget to contact experts if your carpets need fixing.


Reasons Why Cat Scratching the Floor

As we’ve seen, cats scratch the carpet for various reasons. They can also scratch your floors. Some cats can even ruin your wallpapers and other household materials.



Indoor cats may develop a habit of sharpening their claws inside a home. The rough texture of certain carpets and other materials can promote this behavior.


Help Increase the Feeling of Security

When cats aren’t doing emotionally well or feel vulnerable, they will try to use their scent to feel more secure. Therefore, they will self-soothe by scratching furniture, floors, and other materials.



Cats may be fascinated by loose wallpaper or other items in the house. These materials can encourage your cat to play by scratching and ripping.


Communicating with Other Pets

If your cat feels territorial, it will scratch areas to communicate with other pets. This type of display asserts a cat’s presence.

It helps to understand that cats don’t scratch your carpet out of malice. It’s not their intention to damage your home. They can scratch for attention, play, boredom, and many other reasons.

Naturally, you want to take care of your belongings and home. So, learning how to stop cat from scratching carpet can benefit you.



Learning how to stop cat from scratching carpet will keep your home damage-free. If you have damaged carpets, trust the professionals to help you install new ones. At Carpet To Go, we provide top-quality carpet installation services in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Call Carpet To Go at (425) 441-3658 today to discuss your carpeting needs. We can help you refurbish your existing carpets or get beautiful new carpets for your home.

Pros and Cons of Nylon Carpet Flooring

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For almost a century, nylon carpet has been the preferred choice of carpet flooring. Nylon was the first authentically synthetic fiber to cover living room floors. Nylon carpets transformed the flooring industry and ushered in the popularity of synthetic carpets.

To this day, nylon carpet is a highly sought-after floor option. However, before investing and installing nylon carpets, consider these pros and cons of nylon carpets.


Pros of Nylon Carpet


Stain Resistance

Nylon is famous for its ability to resist stains better than any other type of carpet. Although the synthetic fibers don’t naturally repel stains, manufacturers treat nylon with stain-fighting technology that provides ultimate stain resistance.

If you have small children or messy pets at home, nylon carpet is a great consideration to provide the look and feel of high-end carpet for years to come. There’s no need to worry about unsightly stains when you shop with a trusted name-brand carpet manufacturer.


Strength and Durability

Compared to other carpets, nylon is ultra-durable and can easily withstand daily wear and tear. Nylon carpet can handle large amounts of foot traffic and “spring” back to avoid unsightly dents and flat sections of carpet. If you’re worried about carpet holding up to your pets and kids, nylon has you covered.

Additionally, the color does not quickly fade, making it ideal for carpeting high-traffic areas of the home.


Easy to Maintain and Clean

Its ability to readapt to its original form no matter the amount of compression makes nylon carpet ideal. Nylon carpet retains its appearance even after a steam cleaning. You should steam clean nylon carpets at a minimum every 12 to 18 months and more often for higher traffic areas.


Huge Variety of Style, Patterns, and Texture

Nylon carpet has a wider variety than other carpets in terms of style, pattern, and texture. The more extensive assortment of nylon carpet options makes it a good match for homeowners who want full customization over their living space.



Nylon is an environmentally friendly choice for homeowners looking for a more sustainable option. Old nylon carpet is exceptionally recyclable, even in the production process. Manufacturers can reuse synthetic fibers as fishnets, water bottles, and washing machine components from upcycling nylon carpets.


Cons of Nylon Carpet



When compared to other synthetic carpets, nylon carpet is expensive. The synthetic fibers used to make nylon carpets from scratch are costly, translating to a higher cost per square foot. Recycling sustainable carpets from old materials isn’t cheap, so the recyclability and environmental benefits come at a cost.


Not Breathable

Like most synthetic fibers, nylon cannot regulate temperature like a carpet made from organic products can. Materials like wool stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while nylon does the opposite. Nylon tends to trap moisture, leading to issues like mold if you’re not careful.



Of all the carpets on the market, nylon is the least soft. The stiff fibers that make nylon so durable do not make it comfortable or snuggly. For people who prefer a cozy soft carpet, options like wool or cut-pile carpet would be ideal.


Static Electricity

When you rub your feet together on carpet, electricity forms through friction. Static electricity can give an unsuspecting jolt when running on a nylon carpet. If you live in a dry climate, static electricity is more likely to happen as there is no moisture to absorb the shock.


Average Age of Carpet

How long a nylon carpet lasts depends on the quality of its fibers. If you purchase a brand-new nylon carpet and place it in a room that doesn’t see too much foot traffic, it can last upwards of twelve to fifteen years. However, a nylon carpet with lower-quality fibers might only last three to five years. If you’re looking to invest in a new type of carpet, make sure to factor in the average lifespan of the carpet.


Where to Get Nylon Carpets

Now that you know these nylon carpet pros and cons, if you’re looking for a carpet to accommodate a bustling family of active children or outdoor animals, nylon would be a superb carpet for your needs. However, if you are looking for a soft, temperature-regulated flooring option, nylon likely won’t fit your needs.

At Carpets To Go, we can handle any of your carpet considerations. With almost 30 years of experience and a vast showroom of options, we’ve seen it all and can recommend the best carpet for your needs. Additionally, we offer a mobile showroom to-go. Call us today at 425-441-3658 for a free quote on nylon carpet!

detect mold in carpet

How To Detect Mold In Carpet

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Carpet is an ideal flooring option for many reasons. Its soft plushness makes for a comfortable experience and great insulation. However, because a carpet is a good insulator, it is highly prone to mold.
A few key signs of mold in a carpet make the identification process quick and easy. Here are a few tips on how to detect mold in carpets.
detect mold in carpet


How to Test for Mold in Carpet


Visual Inspection

What does mold on carpets look like? To test the carpet for mold, you first need to examine the carpet thoroughly. A visual inspection for signs of mold will show different things depending on the type of mold your carpet may have. Typically, mold spores discolor the carpet on the affected areas as green, brown, black, or white.


Check Underneath Your Carpet

When cleaning a carpet, a largely overlooked area is the underside of the carpet. A detailed inspection is necessary if you have padding between your carpet and baseboards. Mold-in carpets may reside on the bottom.


Odor Inspection

Mold growth is probably present if your carpet has an unpleasant musty odor. Odor inspections are necessary mold tests as healthy carpets do not retain bad smells. A bad smell is a sure sign of mold in carpets.


Home Testing Kits

Anyone can purchase home testing kits to detect mold in carpets. These tests include Petri-dishes, tapes, and pens that change color to reveal if mold growth is present. Most mold home testing kits require 24 to 48 hours to show signs of mold.


Hire a Professional

If you are having trouble determining whether or not your carpets contain mold, call in the professionals. Mold in carpets can cause various health issues and spread if left unattended, so don’t delay. A full-service flooring company knows the signs to look out for to detect mold in carpets and has industry-leading detection tools to find mold in hard-to-reach places.


The Risks of Molds in Carpet


Causes Health Problems

Mold in carpets can cause many health issues. People who are allergic to mold are at risk of developing respiratory ailments, and mold can even cause lung infections in immunocompromised children. Common reactions to mold in carpets include:

  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy nose


Mold is Visible Directly on the Carpet

If mold is visible directly on the carpet, you and your loved ones may be in harm’s way. If the mold is white, green, brown, or black and appears circular, a carpet mold test is necessary. You may need to replace the carpet not only to address the health risks but also to restore your home’s clean carpet.


Causes Odor Problems

A stinking carpet wafts musty odors throughout the home and will not stop without removal. Odor issues make for an undesirable living environment and taint surrounding structural items. If you detect signs of mold due to a pungent smell, call the professionals at Carpet To Go right away.


How to Detect Mold in Carpets

Follow these quick and easy steps to determine if your carpets contain mold.


Damp Carpet

Touch the affected area to sense dampness if you’ve wondered how to check for mold after water damage. If the carpet is damp to the touch, water damage has affected it.


Brown and Black Spots

Signs of mold in carpets often reveal themselves as brown and black spots. Black mold is hazardous and can be the reason for health issues in the home.


Foul Odor

Mold in carpet presents a musty odor that permeates the room. The rotten smell is a common trait of mold that chemical agents cannot effectively cover up. The best way to rid a home of odors related to mold is through carpet replacement.


Mold Under the Carpet

A hidden culprit of mold in the carpet is growth under the carpet. Mold spores thrive in containment areas, and the underside of a carpet is no different.


Discolored Carpet

Discolored stains on the carpet that appear at random are likely mold. A carpet mold test is the best way to determine whether mold is present.


Call the Carpet Mold Experts at Carpet To Go

Carpet To Go has provided unmatched service to the Seattle area for 30 years. Our team of professionals and expansive gallery give you the options you need to select your next carpet.

Carpet To Go adheres to the World Floor Covering Code of Conduct to ensure maximum professionalism. In addition, our inventory is always stocked with thousands of yards of carpet to ensure quick installation.

Are you still wondering how to detect mold in your carpets? Call Carpet To Go at 425-441-3658 to discuss the perfect replacement for you and your home!

How to Easily and Safely Remove Carpet

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Removing carpet is a relatively easy project that takes only a few hours. However, not many homeowners know how to remove carpet. Fortunately, learning how to pull out carpet is simpler than you think.

Do you have an old or worn-out carpet? You can revamp your space by pulling out your carpet yourself. All you need is the right tools along with some know-how.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through safely removing your carpet.

how to remove carpet


Reasons to Pull Up Carpet

You may have several reasons to remove carpet in your home. Some common reasons include:

  • Foul odor on carpet: Your carpet might have developed an unpleasant odor over time, lowering your home’s air quality. While some homeowners might want odor removal, others might opt for a fresh start by removing their carpet.
  • Old age: A carpet can last for years with proper maintenance. However, the carpet will gradually age and need replacing.
  • Allergens: You or someone in your household might be allergic to your carpet’s fibers. Replacing the carpet should resolve the problem.
  • Dirt and stains: Your carpet may have collected various stains and grime over the years. Some of these stains might be impossible to remove.
  • Outdated style: Some homeowners replace their carpets to modernize the look and feel of their homes. You may also want to refresh your space by removing your carpet.


Must-Have Tools and Items for Tearing Up Carpet

Before tearing up carpet, you must have the right tools for the job. You should collect the following tools:

  • Duct tape
  • Hammer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Heavy gloves and knee pads
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Locking pliers
  • Flat pry bar
  • Utility knife
  • Sharp-bladed floor scraper
  • Ring shank nails

Fortunately, acquiring these items is straightforward. Once you have them, you’re ready to learn how to remove carpet.


Easy Steps to Pull Out Carpet

These steps will teach you how to rip up carpet:


Step 1: Clear the Area and Put on Your Safety Equipment

Clear your working area and put on all your safety equipment. This equipment includes safety glasses, protective gloves, knee pads, and a dust mask.


Step 2: Take out the Baseboards

With the area clear and your safety gear on, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Carpet removal brings up dust and debris including dried mold and mites. After vacuuming, you can proceed to take out the baseboards.


Step 3: Remove the Carpet

When removing the carpet, start pulling it from one corner, ensuring you avoid the tack strips around the edges. If the carpet doesn’t budge, use your utility knife to cut a small square from the corner. Then, pull on the larger section.


Step 4: Cut the Carpet into Strips

Use your utility knife or a carpet cutter to cut the carpet into strips. Make sure the strips are sizes you can roll up easily.


Step 5: Get Ready to Take out the Carpet

After cutting, roll the cut section and use duct tape to keep it from unrolling.


Step 6: Remove the Tack Strips

Tack strips are narrow pieces of wood that a carpet installer nails to the subfloor. Use your flat pry bar to remove them.


Step 7: Remove the Padding

Most padding attaches the subfloor with stapling. So, removing it can be as easy as grabbing a seam and ripping.


Step 8: Remove the Adhesive

Use your scraper to remove the adhesive from the carpet.


Step 9: Remove the Carpet and Padding and Dispose of Them

Take the rolled-up carpet and padding to your disposal area.


Step 10: Make the Floor Shiny

Clean and buff the floor, preparing it for the new carpet you plan to install.


Need Any Professional Assistance?

Now you know how to tear up carpet. However, you may wonder whether you should remove it yourself or if you should get professional assistance.

Either option has its pros and cons. For instance, removing the carpet yourself saves you money but exposes you to potential risks. You could get hurt by the tack strips, damage the subfloor, or expose yourself to mold.

Alternatively, professional assistance costs more money. However, professional installation guarantees quality results.


You’re Going to Love the Way Your Carpet Looks with Carpet To Go

If you opt for professional assistance, enjoy the quality results you deserve by contacting Carpet To Go.

Carpet To Go is the leading flooring provider in Bellevue, WA. We offer many flooring options including tile, laminate, and Marmoleum. We deliver top-quality floor removal, installation, and refinishing services.

Knowing how to remove carpet is a valuable skill. However, our team’s expertise allows us to deliver unmatched results. Call Carpet To Go at 425-441-3658 to learn more.

How To Get Mold Out Of Carpet

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Homes in the Pacific Northwest are especially susceptible to mold infestation due to the continuously damp climate. Because mold carries the risk of causing various adverse health effects, it’s important to deal with mold as soon as you’re aware of its presence.

Continue reading to learn more about how to mitigate mold growth in your carpet as well as the telltale signs of mold, or get in touch with Carpet To Go to discuss your carpet questions with a professional.


How To Get Rid Of Mold In Carpet

How To Get Rid Of Mold In Carpet


The Dangers of Mold

Mold can negatively affect your health in a number of ways. Mold can release a toxic substance known as mycotoxins which can cause irritation in the eyes, throat, nose, and skin.

If you or another member of your household has any sort of immune deficiency, breathing in mold can also cause serious respiratory infections or aggravate symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

In some cases, individuals may be allergic to mold, which would result in even more health-devastating consequences.


Signs of Mold on Carpet

What are some common indicators of the presence of mold in your carpet? A few telltale signs that let you know that it’s time to inspect for mold growth in your carpet include:

  • Musty Smell. You may begin to notice that your carpet has a musty, stale smell. This is an indication that your carpet could be growing mold, and you should inspect to make sure that this isn’t the case.
  • Damp Carpet. Dampness can be an indication that there is moisture trapped beneath your carpet, which in turn could result in mold growth. If your carpet seems to be chronically damp, you should seek out the root cause and amend it as soon as possible.
  • Discoloration. If you have started to notice small discolored patches on your carpet, this is another indication that mold is growing. Discolorations may be greenish, black, or white.

remove mold from carpet


How To Get Mold Out Of Carpet: 3 Ways

So what is an effective way to remove mold from carpet?

If you would like to get rid of your mold problem, the following three sections outline ways that you can clean mold from carpet effectively.


How To Get Mold Out of Carpet Naturally

There are various natural remedies for getting mold out of the carpet.

One of the most popular methods is using a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. These substances are tough on mold and can also help to deodorize your carpet.

Using a spray bottle, apply the vinegar solution to the affected area and sprinkle baking soda over the top. Next, take a firm bristle brush and use it to brush the area gently. This will help to loosen the mold and detach it from the carpet fibers.

After you’ve done these steps, use a blow dryer to dry the area and use your vacuum to remove any residual baking soda from the carpet.


Buy an Antifungal Cleaner

Commercial carpet mold cleaner is often one of the most effective ways to treat mold. These can be picked up from most home good stores and generally come with instructions as to how they should be used.


Ventilate Relentlessly

Another way to get rid of mold from your carpet is to ventilate your home aggressively. Getting fresh air inside your home will reduce dampness and regulate temperatures — resulting in less mold growth.


Tips For Combatting Mold Growth In Carpet

Here are six tips for reducing mold growth in your home:

  1. Get a dehumidifier (and use it!).
  2. Clean your carpet often — make it a point to vacuum frequently.
  3. Dry your carpet thoroughly after each cleaning — don’t leave any damp spots!
  4. Allow the light into your home. Mold does best in damp and dark environments, so allowing the light in reduces your chances of getting mold.
  5. Use air filters in your home and replace them often, as they filter out dust and other particles that aid in mold growth.
  6. Choose moisture-resistant padded carpet over cheaply manufactured carpet.


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Best Pet Friendly Carpets

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Choosing the best carpet for your pets can be a tricky undertaking. As a proud pet parent, you want to prioritize the needs of your pet by choosing a pet friendly carpet; but, at the same time, you also want to choose a carpet that reflects your interior style and suits your practical needs.

This article will help you choose the best carpet for pets — a pet resistant carpet that will stand up to the wear and tear of your furry friend while also looking gorgeous in your home.

pet carpets


2 Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Carpet For Pets

Here are a couple of concerns that pet owners have when choosing a pet-proof carpet.


Harmful Chemicals

Some carpets have chemicals in them that could be harmful to your pet’s health. Carpets with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemicals can cause irritation to your pet or even neurological effects. 

As a pet parent, the health of your furry-family-member is paramount, so it’s important to take the time needed to choose the best carpet for your pet and home. Call up a carpeting service provider and ask about their range of carpets and whether VOCs are present. With a little searching, you should be able to find a carpet that is pet friendly, pet-proof, and gorgeous in your space.


Pet Accidents

Another thing to consider when choosing the best carpet for your pets is whether your pet is prone to accidents. Choosing a pet resistant carpet that won’t retain bad smells or stains can be difficult, but it makes such a big difference for homes with pets. 

Certain fibers (like wool or nylon) are more stain and pet resistant, making them more ideal for households with pets. Even if your pet isn’t prone to accidents indoors you should air on the safe side and choose a pet resistant carpet for your home. 

pet resistant carpet


Tips For Choosing The Best Carpet For Pets

Here are a couple of useful tips to keep in mind when choosing the best carpet for your pets.

  1. Consider choosing carpet tiles as they are easier to replace if you have a pet that is prone to indoor accidents.
  2. Choose a specific color and pattern that will help hide stains (avoid white carpets if possible!).


Pet Friendly Carpet

The reality is that some carpets are more pet resistant and pet friendly than others. To avoid choosing a carpet that isn’t best for your pets, below are listed two of the most pet friendly carpets.


Best Carpet for Pets: Wool Carpet

Wool is both durable and pretty stain resistant. Paired with the fact that it is both a natural and beautiful material, homeowners find that wool performs very well in households with pets. Your pet will have a comfortable surface to walk and sleep on and the best part is, your wool carpet won’t show too much wear and tear.


Best Carpet for Pets: Nylon Carpet

Nylon is a pet friendly and pet resistant carpet. It stands up to constant traffic from pet paws, is easy to clean, and doesn’t retain pet odors. Nylon is one of the best carpets for pets as it is durable and convenient to clean.

Carpet Flooring


What Type of Carpet Pile is Best For Your Pets?

This is another common question that homeowners ask when they are searching for the best carpet for pets. What type of pile is best and most pet friendly? In general, you should choose a pile that is relatively short as this eliminates the likelihood of your pet’s claws catching and your pet being injured.

Here are some carpet pile types that you should consider:

  • Saxony: a durable pile of Saxony is one of the best for pets as it conceals wear, scratches, and stains nicely.
  • Frieze: while less uniform than Saxony, frieze pile is still really great for pet households as it’s durable and excellent at hiding stains.


Contact A Reliable Service to Find The Best Carpet For Your Pets

If you have any more questions about which carpet is best for your pets or want to have a reliable carpet service install new carpets at your home, contact Carpet To Go today. We have a reliable team of carpet installation experts who are ready to answer your questions and help you get the best carpet for your pet household installed. 

We have a wide range of carpets to choose from and are proud to offer pet friendly carpets to homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about our inventory of pet friendly carpets, give us a call today.

Best Places To Eat In Bellevue, WA

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The dining scene in Bellevue is booming! With a wide variety of fine dining and casual eats for you to choose from. 

If you want to add to your list of places to eat in Bellevue Washington, this article is going to cover five of the best restaurants to be found near you.

restaurants in bellevue wa
Best Restaurants In Bellevue In 2021

Whether you’re looking for the perfect location for an upcoming business meeting or a romantic date, Bellevue restaurants offer some of the best food to be found and aesthetics that only serve to add to the atmosphere. And, in true Carpet To Go fashion, we will, of course, be sharing our experts’ tongue and cheek opinions about these restaurants’ flooring choices

So, without keeping your tastebuds (or feet) in any more suspense, let’s get into the five best restaurants in Bellevue, Washington!


Top Five Best Restaurants In Bellevue, WA Are:


best restaurants in Bellevue WA


1. Seastar Restaurant And Raw Bar

If you are in the mood for seafood, Seastar Restaurant in Bellevue Washington is the place to be. 

Offering a luxurious menu of various kinds of seafood delicacies, prepared in fine dining fashion, Seastar is guaranteed to impress your tastebuds. 

If fine dining and seafood is something you regularly crave, make a


Restaurants Near Bellevue Square

reservation at Seastar for a luxurious dining experience that can’t be rivaled by many other Bellevue restaurants.

Atmospheric review:

Atmospherically, Seastar boasts a formal vibe in both design and furnishings. It is a fine dining establishment so the formal atmosphere is anticipated. Seastar has light, natural wood colored upholstery and a deep, simplistic patterned carpet flooring to avoid distraction from the fine dining experience.

Google Maps: Seastar Restaurant Directions 


places to eat in bellevue


2. Resonate Brewery And Pizzeria In Bellevue Washington

If your passions include quality pizza and craft beer than Bellevue has you covered! 

Resonate Brewery And Pizzeria provides you with a tasty way to support the Bellevue community. Offering craft beer from local as well as regional brewers, Resonate Brewery will provide your tastebuds with refreshing drinks and tasty food to accompany it. 

Atmospheric review:

Resonate Brewery has a nice, industrial vibe with an open-space interior. Furnishings involve natural wood accented by black metal or steel with a minimal concrete floor to finish off the industrial aesthetic.

If you are looking for a nice as well as a lively restaurant in Bellevue Washington, Resonate is just the place for you.

Google Maps: Resonate Brewery And Pizzeria Directions


best food in bellevue


3. Wild Ginger In Bellevue WA

Looking for Asian fine dining in Bellevue? Wild Ginger offers a colorful menu inspired by numerous Asian cultures to tempt your palate. 

Bringing together recipes from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China, Wild Ginger offers Bellevue residents with a wonderful place to satisfy their cravings for Asian cuisine. 

Try a Wild Ginger Classic to get a feel for their cooking. We hear the Seven Flavor Beef or Fragrant Duck plate make excellent choices.

Best of all, Wild Ginger offers both vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Atmospheric review:

With a minimalist aesthetic and moody lighting, Wild Ginger would be an ideal restaurant for formal business meetings or romantic dates alike. With a mix of several different flooring types and the use of area rugs as accents, Wild Ginger offers a cohesive aesthetic that creatively blends Asian and Western interior design.

Google Maps: Wild Ginger In Bellevue Directions 


best food near me


4. Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

If you hope to combine ethnic Brazilian cuisine with a fine dining experience, Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse In Bellevue has some of the best food in the city. 

Utilizing Brazilian grilling techniques to make every dish superb, Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse has a menu that’ll make you want to return again and again. We recommend that you try the Full Churrasco experience, which allows you access to the Feijoada Bar as well as the Market Table.

Atmospheric review:

Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse offers a luxurious atmosphere with sparkling cutlery and fancy upholstery. Several different flooring styles are fused together to create a complementary aesthetic that adds to the overall fine dining atmosphere. 

Google Maps: Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse Directions


Restaurants in Bellevue
John Howie Steak Bellevue


5. John Howie Steak In Bellevue Washington

If you’re looking for places to eat in Bellevue WA and wish to merge fine dining with a superb steak, make a reservation at John Howie Steak. Done? Get ready to have a culinary experience for the books!

John Howie Steak boasts of mouthwatering cuts from three different continents and offers a pristine fine dining experience far superior to other steakhouses in the area.

If you are celebrating a special occasion and are looking for a really nice restaurant in Bellevue to help make the day even more delightful, make a reservation at John Howie Steak.

Atmospheric review:

Of course as with any fine dining establishment, the interior and aesthetic of John Howie Steak is formal and warmly lit. With large windows facing out on beautiful Bellevue, each table is delicately set for an intimate dining experience. To add to the feeling of luxury and comfort, the restaurant is finished off with a gorgeous carpet, that welcomes guests into the restaurant.

Google Maps: John Howie Steak Directions

Bellevue Restaurants
John Howie Steak

There you have it, the five best restaurants in Bellevue and how we would rate the atmosphere of the restaurant. Next time you’re looking for one of the best places to eat in Bellevue, try one of these five restaurants and you will not be disappointed.


Other Best Restaurants in Bellevue


restaurant near bellevue square


Restaurants Near Bellevue Square

If you need a respite from shopping and are looking for a good restaurant in Bellevue Square, here are four main street Bellevue restaurants for you to choose from.



Bellevue Pizza Places

Where can I find the best pizza in Bellevue? If you’re a lover of a good pizza pie, Bellevue has you covered. 

Two of the best Bellevue pizza places include:

  • Pagliacci Pizza: casual pizzeria serving a variety of delectable pizza pies.  
  • Zeeks Pizza: serves gourmet salads, pizzas, and a variety of beers on tap.


 bellevue asian restaurants Bellevue


Bellevue Asian Restaurants

Whether you’re in search of the best Chinese food in Bellevue or a restaurant serving fusion dishes, here are three mouth watering suggestions for the best Bellevue Asian restaurants:



Romantic Restaurants In Bellevue

If you’re in search of romantic, fine dining in Bellevue, the best seafood restaurants in Bellevue WA, or the classiest steakhouse, you won’t be disappointed.  

Some of the nicest old Bellevue restaurants include:  

  • Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar: serves premium seafood in an upscale, sleek environment. 
  • Bis on Main: classy, lounge-like environment serving a variety of dishes including gourmet salads, spinach risotto, and filet mignon. 



Indian Restaurants In Bellevue WA

If you’re in the mood for something spicy and satisfying, consider stopping by one of Bellevue’s Indian restaurants to order a delicious curry.

Some of the best places where you can grab an authentic Indian meal include: 

  • Cafe Bollywood: offering a wide variety of vegetarian and chicken curry options at reasonable prices. 
  • Chutneys: offering an authentic Indian menu, lunchtime buffet, and veggie samosas. 


breakfast places in bellevue


Breakfast Places In Bellevue

Are you a lover of breakfast food as most Americans are? Two of the best breakfast places in Bellevue are: 

  • Chace’s Pancake Corral: a casual breakfast eatery serving waffles, silver dollar-sized pancakes, and French toast. 
  • Belle Pastry: serving fresh-baked, grab-and-go French pastries in a cozy, European-inspired cafe setting.


Bellevue Lunch Spots

Regardless of what type of cuisine you’re in the mood for around midday, Bellevue has you covered, boasting a wide variety of delightful restaurants where you can grab a quick bite before returning to work.

Some of the best, casual Bellevue lunch spots include: 

  • Blazing Bagels: serving over 30 different kinds of bagels with a plethora of topping options.  
  • Gilbert’s on Main: cozy deli serving omelettes, soups, and sandwiches at an affordable price. 
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop: sandwich shop chain offering quick and affordable sandwiches, soups, and salads.


best coffee in bellevue


Best Coffee In Bellevue

Being half an hour away from the Emerald City (a place known for its coffee enthusiasm), Bellevue is saturated in the coffee department. 

Boasting specialty roasters and third wave coffee shops, you can enjoy a satisfying cup of brew on the go or during a work break. 

Some of the best coffee shops in Bellevue include: 

  • Third Culture Coffee: trendy, eclectic coffee shop serving light fare and artisan coffee.  
  • Mercurys Coffee Co: coffee shop chain offering baked goods, sandwiches, breakfast, and premium coffee. 
  • Bellden Cafe: bright, cozy coffee shop serving in-house baked goods and gourmet coffee.  


Bellevue WA Restaurants Downtown Overview

So there you have it, an expansive list of restaurants Downtown Bellevue WA.

Regardless of the type of cuisine, price point, or atmosphere you’re in search of, Bellevue WA has more than a couple of options for you to choose from. 

Happy eating! 


Looking To Improve Your Home Dining Experience?

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